Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Freedom to be for my baby

I saw this cartoon strip somewhere which compared rocking a baby to sleep to wrestling a 20lb bag of snakes. Well, that holds good in our household, not when rocking her to sleep, but trying to get my spirited toddler to wear her diaper and clothes, especially so after a bath. My daughter believes that clothes are not a real necessity and chooses running out of the bathroom to allowing me to dress her.
The one thing I do to lure her is to promise her time in her bath tub. On many occasions, I have resorted to bath tub and water to get things done. Below are few situations where I have gone with the idea of allowing my daughter go without clothes and enjoy to her heart’s content while I managed to get my work done. 

1.      Meal times: I have mentioned time and again on my blog that my daughter is a fussy eater. Slipping a spoon of rice or vegetables into her mouth which doesn’t get sputtered right out is a great feat. The one solution that always work to make meal time easier is filling the bath tub with water and allowing her to enjoy splashing around. By the end of the meal time, I normally look like I had a shower myself. Yet, as long as I’m sure that she has had a proper meal without having to resort to cartoons, I’ll take it. Sometimes, just to add an extra dose of fun, I add in a little bubble bath liquid and watch her getting fascinated with the bubbles and foam. 

2.      Exploring herself: As my little girl is growing up, she has started getting fascinated with her body. She keeps looking in the mirror and touching her body and seems gleeful and surprised in turn. I have read that at this age, toddlers tend to explore their bodies and it is pretty natural. I have also read that you are not supposed to shame them in such situations and that is what we follow at home.
3.      Swathed in cream: There have been those few occasions when I thought it would be safe to leave my daughter and the baby lotion bottle alone for a few minutes. Never will I make the same mistake! I have found my freshly out of bath daughter looking more or less like the yeti, covered in baby lotion from head to toe. The few times I did find her, I’ve let her be thanking my stars that I didn’t leave my kajal or lipstick around her.

4.      Canvas for painting: When my parents come to visit, they showed my daughter how to use a pen. They drew flowers inside her palms and she walked around showing off the artworks to anyone who would look. She had discovered her favorite toy, the pen. Any time she manages to get hold of a pen, she goes to town not on paper but on her body. So, sometimes I find a toddler with abstract drawings all over her body at the end of ten to fifteen minutes’ silence.

Of course, there are messes to be cleared, there are clothes to be changed, baths to be given …but then these are the times I see my kid giggling, screaming and thoroughly enjoying herself. So then, sometimes I just let her be the kid she is. 

Now I hear that the new Pampers Premium care pants have been introduced which are extremely soft and comfortable and allow the babies maximum freedom to monkey around in comfort. I am looking forward to buying a pack to use for my little monkey while she tries to step out into the balcony to play in the rain.

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  1. Haha, the new age challenges! But I so hate that they seem to grow up so quickly :(

    1. Yeah, I agree....time literally flies...I still cant believe my baby's 1.5 years already.

  2. Lol.. kids are challenging and fun these days :P Lovely post. :)


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