Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Have You Heard Of The Transferkars?

Have you heard of the Transferkars?
The ruckus they throw, dear me, those neighbours.
They jump, they kick, they fight and roll.
Just to gain power o’er the elusive remote control.
Papa needs his dose of evening serials,
Dada, his shows follow forest trails.
Dadi must watch her fav’ chokeslam,
Mommy must cheer for her soccer team.
Kajal swears that “Winter’s coming”,
Missing G.O.T, oh dear!, most unbecoming.
Transferkars, they jump, they kick, they fight and roll.
Just to gain power o’er elusive remote control.

One fine evening, I knock @ their door,
“Please! Stop this madness!”, I implore.
“Before you bring your apartment down”,
“Let me tell you how we solved our TV misfortune”.
“My baby wanted to watch her cartoon”,
“Her granny couldn’t miss the serials @ noon”,
“Her papa wanted news apprised every hour”,
“Her Grandpa insisted, I must see the umpire declare a “Four!”
“Well, I had my movies & shows, of course”,
“But how’d we watch, just one TV, cause of remorse”
“We were anguished, tormented, troubled & dejected”
“When we met Rahul, your son, I swear, such a smart kid”
“He advised, matter of factly, Get Tata Sky+ Transfer!”

“Getting it set up, it’s such an easy affair!”

“Your fav’ shows, on PVR, record”
“Transfer to mobile or tab, have it stored”
“Watch it when you want to, your choice”
“You can carry it with you, so now, rejoice!”
“HD picture quality, Dolby digital + sound”,
“Live TV, Paused, Recorded, Rewound”
“500 GB Hard disk, 625 hours of content, it can hold”,
 “Video on demand, lo and behold”,
1 Optical S/PDIF, 2 USB ports,
3 tuners and Ethernet option, it supports,
“on your device, download Tata Sky mobile app”,
“Transfer your shows on iOS and android, asap.”
“Uhmm…, Aunty, You do have Wifi?”
“Yes”, I nod, the little genius!, my my.
“Register your device on the this free app”,
“And it’ll all be done”, oh he deserved a clap.

I paused for effect, Transferkars waited, intent.
I knew I had them, with a little push, they would relent.
“Right now, we have running, cartoons, news and the channel TLC”.
“All thanks to Tata Sky+ Transfer, you see!”
Grandpa has his tablet, Grandma, her TV,
Papa has his smart phone, the tab with cartoons for the baby.
 “Me? Well, I’ve got my phone, of course, silly!”
“I’m waiting for Holmes & Watson, Elementary!”
“We watch what we want, when we want, where we want”
“Thanks to Tata Sky+ Transfer”, blatantly I flaunt.

Transferkars, looked on, mouths agape in wonder.
Slowly it dawns on them, dear oh dear, their blunder.
Mobiles, they draw out, Grandpa and Mom,
The laptop, Kajal brings, from her room.
The TV, to Grandma, they hand off,
Papa Dileep hugs his laptop, what a relief.  

Papa gets to watch Diya or Baati hum,

When Dadi watches wrestling, bam bam!

Dada, on phone, is immersed in treasure hunt,

While Mummy watches interceptions, touchdown and punt.

Kajal lament over the Starks and swoon over Jon Snow,

While the little Master Chef watched ways to get perfect pie dough. 

Transferkars, look at them, full of glee.
Mobile entertainment, they enjoy, peacefully. 
Serials, sports, drama and cookery,
All they watch, in great comradery.
Have you heard of my neighbours, theTransferkars?
The (second) smartest family on the block, of course!
This entry was written as part of #TataSkyTransfer contest ( in association with Indiblogger. 


  1. Winter is coming... Swoon over jon snow.. lol this is such an enjoyable post.. Easy flow of words.. Love the rhyming.. All the best :)


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