Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dabur Baby Massage Oil - Review

I am the mother of an active one year old and the first year of motherhood has been one of new experiences and learnings for me. I have received advice from so many quarters which left me wondering which ones to follow and which ones to avoid. Finally, I picked out the advices  that made sense, tried them out, adopted the ones that worked and avoided the ones that didn't. One advice that I wasn't too keen on in the beginning was with regards to the oil massage. My mom was insistent that oil massage was made a part of my baby's bath time routine ever since she was an infant. Though I was hesitant in the beginning. the benefits of oil massage made me ensure that it is continued even now. My baby enjoys her bath time quite a bit and I enjoy it along with her because of the bonding opportunity it provides for us.

I was provided an opportunity to review Dabur baby massage oil recently and this is a post to outline my experience with the oil. Here are the few aspects that I am reviewing the product on.
1. Packaging: The oil comes in a well packed bottle which is leak proof and easy to handle. It also makes it easy to carry while travelling. This is essential for me as I travel frequently between my hometown and Bangalore.

2. Oil clarity and fragrance : The oil looks light and clear and has a pale amber like colour. It doesn't look heavy and doesn't leave a residue. The oil has a mild and pleasant fragrance which isn't overpowering. The oil's fragrance didn't make my daughter uncomfortable and both of us were happy during and after the massage.

3. Ingredients used: The oil is a mix of sesame, olive, almond and jojoba oil. Each oil comes with its own benefits and helps improve the overall muscle strength and contributes to skin smoothness if used regularly.  

4. The feel of the oil: The oil was smooth and easy to handle and was not difficult to wash off. After the bath, her skin definitely felt soft and moisturised. I tried applying the oil after bath as well and it worked well on damp skin as well. The oil didn't feel sticky or heavy and only left the skin smooth.
5.  Post massage feel: The oil appeared to suit my baby and she was relaxed after the massage. Once the massage was done, she slipped off into her mid day nap effortlessly.

I was happy with the product and felt that it was reasonably priced. The oil contained natural ingredients and has been dermatologically tested. It has been manufactured by a trusted brand and appears to hold good its promises. 

However, since the oil was tried only once, I am giving Dabur baby massage oil a rating of 4 out of 5 for now.

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