Monday, June 3, 2013

Past Musings: Accident At Work

Oct 2nd, 2009

Dear God,

Never ever do that to someone… I saw her in pain and I was shocked. I couldn’t think for a minute and I haven’t recovered from it even now. I would like a hug. I did get one from a colleague, but somehow I am missing H. If he was around, he would have held me close.

I am also a wee bit proud that I did everything right and got help immediately, but I will never ever grudge her for anything silly. I was upset with her yesterday, but I had forgotten the whole thing and had come to have a Happy Friday…and look at what happened, it’s a Freaky Friday now. I am so freaked out even now. I can still see everything in my mind…the blood, her pain, the way she screamed out…it's all etched out in my brain and seems like it wont leave me alone. I am missing H so much right now.I wish I could go back home.

There’s such an eerie silence in our team today. it’s just me, the boss and A and all of us are lost in our own world. The only sound that breaks the silence once in a while is A's sniffing and coughing.
How is it that when something horrible happens to someone u don’t like, you feel kinship to that person and it feels like you would do anything; including giving them a hug for being fine….or is it just me and my obviously tied in knots mind. I think it might be me…
But right now, the relief is so big that I could give her a bear hug for being fine…Thank you, Thank you for keeping her fine.