Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Ponderings: What Moves You On?

Hello everyone...hope all of you are doing fine and happy and is having a good day or evening, as the case may be...one thing I would like to tell y'all is that I have decided to move Sunday Pondering to Monday, not because I choose not to ponder on Sundays anymore, just that I don't find enough time to post about my ponderings on Sunday...so having said that, let's move on...

The past week had been busy, and it's more or less the same this week as well...at least from the look of it...and this is about work...on the personal front, let's just say that I am trying...I am trying not to let my temper get the better of me, I am trying not to get discouraged, I am trying to be as valiant as possible and stay calm and composed....not easy, most of the time. 

Since I have talked about how I try not to let worries discourage me, the question for this week is this: What helps you move on....to plod on, to fight your way through difficulties so that you finally achieve what you want, whatever it is. How do you keep yourself motivated and stay positive even when the going gets hard.

For me, I normally try and set short term goals which are achievable, if it comes to something that is measurable. And once these goals are set, I try and occupy my mind with ways to achieve them...and if it's something that cannot be measured, I dream...I dream about how it feels to be in that place I want to be...because when you really really wish for something with all your heart, life has a way of tumbling it into your lap...or so I think...

And if it is something I can do nothing about...I try and think about it until I can reconcile with the fact that nothing can be done about it, and that helps to put it behind me and march on.

Okay....that's all that I had to say....now, I am looking forward to hearing from you and listening to what you have got to say. Please do not disappoint me...

Signing Off


Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Potpourri: Love

For a long time now, I have wanted to do this post...which is sharing with you images, posts, articles, poems and other stuff I learn while browsing through different web pages. But today...today, I woke up and decided that the need to share what I learn with you was too big to be contained any more and so, here I present, Friday Potpourri...a conglomeration of poems, images, quotes, thoughts, reviews, jokes...anything and everything that has caught my attention presented without any particular rule or order.

And today, what I present to you is a poem by a Sufi poet, Jalaluddin Rumi, which says...

Happy Friday, everyone!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday Ponderings: Good Deed For The Day

Hello everyone....you must have noticed that my laziness has reached an all time high and I did not do the regular post until today...well, it was one part laziness, one part busy week, and one part, tiredness that caused this delay. It was a busy weekend with my sister in town, and the freelance work has been keeping me quite busy these days. So, sometimes, even if I want to, I am not able to spend enough time on the blog. I am hoping to do something about it soon, but something tells me it is going to wait till I get hit with the next bout of inspiration.

Now, the question I wanted to ask today is based on the observations over the past few days, or rather, weeks. These days, we are quick to admonish the people around us and say that there's no humanity left in anyone anymore. There's only selfishness, violence and crudeness all around. The world's going down...it's never going to get better...and few of the recent incidents forces us to think that way as well....

However, I have  also experienced kindness from strangers whom I'd never meet again, from acquaintances who I barely spoke with otherwise, and encouragement from quarters unexpected.

So the question is this: would it make a difference if we turned to ourselves and take a moment to wonder what we could do to help the people around us, help the world and be the change we want to see. I know it's nothing easy but I also know that it is not impossible.

So today, let's start off doing one good deed a day, and you never know, like how many drops make an ocean, we might just be able to save the world, one day at a time. So, why don't you tell me what was your one good deed for the day.

Signing Off


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Ponderings: What Do You Do When The Day's Blue?

Hello there....first of all, I think I am going to move this Sunday Pondering to Monday coz that's what I have been doing of late....doing the post on Monday rather than Sunday....And the question today is thanks to the terribly horrific day I had today...

To start off, well, it was Monday...and I got late to work on a day we had a superior visiting, and I had to organize a little Welcome thing, which if you ask me, could be called as 'lukewarm' on a scale of hot to cold. Then, I had a difficult meeting which left me feeling drained and deciding conflict handling was not my thing. And if that wasn't enough, my sandals broke and I had to shuffle around like a hurt penguin until I decided to staple the sandal tops together so that I could get through the day with a little less shuffling. End of the day, I felt drained, had a headache, and felt that I was living a lie...like I was doing something that was beyond me.

Okay........I am done with my ranting over here, and so I think I better get back to the question...which is what do you do when you have a rough day?  I either try to talk to my friends, and if I am not in the mood to do that, switch off and focus on one thing that I think will keep me busy for the rest of the day. And if that also doesn't work, I try to get a good laugh...I know it sounds crazy but there have been times when I felt that laughter always help me feel better, however bad the situation looked. Sometimes, I just listen to some music; off late, I have decided that listening to Piano pieces are what I enjoy....and sometimes, sometimes I enjoy cooking...or writing...makes me feel deflated and relieved and freed somehow. 

And since I mentioned I enjoy listening to piano music, here's something I enjoy listening. It is by the artist named Yiruma and it always make me feel better....

Enough about me....it's your turn now....what do you do when you have a tough day?

And BTW, thanks for hearing me out.

Signing off


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday Ponderings: Your Favorite Day

Hello.....Good Day...hope everyone's doing well and is happy and safe in their corners of the world....things here are normal...well, as normal as it's going to get with all that's going on...I have been thinking and thinking some more about what to ask you guys in this post. I came up with nothing and decided that I will go with the question about what your favorite day is.

Now, when I say favorite day, it doesn't mean your favorite day in a week...for most of us, that's going to be Friday, I guess...at least for me, it is...what I mean by this question is which day would you call your favorite because it is the most memorable one for you...the one day you love to think back and reminisce about...the one day that leaves a smile on your lips and a spark in your eyes...the one day you wish you could rewind and play all over again if you could...

If I had to answer, I would say that one of my favorite days was my last birthday where my sister paid me a surprise visit. Prince Charming and she had planned it all out and gave me a very pleasant surprise which touched me immensely because she had traveled 6 hours overnight just to be with me for my birthday...and that was definitely a very happy day for me. Of course, there are many other days that I can call my favorite, but this is the one that popped first in my head and so I am going to go with it.

Pardon me if I don't sound lucid enough but I think lack of sleep does that to you...so I am going to log out right now and leave you to ponder on this question while I try and go get some sleep.

Signing Off