Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: What's Your Wish?

Hello everyone, 

Hope every one's doing fine and is safe...things are going well at my end so far...Things have been a little hectic and since I do not want to keep you guys in the dark anymore, let me just say that I have been trying to do a bit of freelancing work these days which is why you don't see me around as much any more. I am trying to get my routine adjusted so that I will be able to come visit your blogs occasionally, if not regularly, and will be able to do that, hopefully in a few days' time. 

Coming to the question for this's question is this...What is the one biggest dream you really really want to come true? The one thing that has been at the back of your mind since forever, a need you feel building everyday like embers fanned into a fire, something that can be rightfully called a burning desire....
For me, I realized some time back that it was the desire, or rather the need, to be a published author some day. There are multiple drafts, outlines and beginnings that I have written and then stored away, my tardiness and insecurity playing an equal role in stopping me from continuing with what I started...but some day, I know I will be able to make my dream come true...some day. 

Okay, enough said about's your chance to tell me now...

Looking forward to your answers....

Signing off


Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Ponderings : The One Who Left An Impact!

Hello everyone...I hope every one's doing well and is happy and safe, wherever you are....a BIG HUG to all of you...the weekend was a little hectic and a bit too short for my liking, but I guess that's how most of the weekends feel...

Coming to the question today...I have been reading Pride and Prejudice of late and I enjoy the book, especially as I feel like I can relate to the character of Elizabeth Bennet....not to a great extent, but a this question came up in my there a character out of a book or a play or maybe, even a movie that you feel you can relate to....a character you look at and says, "that's so much like me!"....

For me, that one character which I have always found I can relate to is Jo from Little Women. I read that book for the first time when I was thirteen, I think...but from then to now, if you ask me if I have ever found a character I can relate to, it's her...and then, when I read Twilight, I sometimes can relate to the main character, Bella, especially when it comes to her lack of hand-eye co ordination and absolute inability to walk without falling occasionally. But then, the first choice.....Jo always.

So, tell me if you have a certain character which you feel is a twin self of yours, or that looked like the author was inspired to create based on you. 

Waiting impatiently for your answers...

Signing off


Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Pondering : Fireman Or Princess?

Hello everyone,

I didn't realize that I hadn't put up this post until apologies! Now, when I check the stats, i don't know if it's an issue with the Blogger, most certainly looks like that, but I have been getting page views which is extremely extremely high when compared to the regular views...I don't think that this one entry per week Blog is so interesting to garner that kind of views. So at this point, I'm kind of baffled...So, please let me know if any of you have been facing a similar issue or if it's just me.

Now, getting back to the question for the know how you read a book and then think, "hey, that's what I want to be when I grow up?"...or maybe, you see someone and think that that's what you want to a kid, I am sure all of us would have dreamt of being a fireman, or train driver or a pirate or even a princess. How you were so captivated with what they did that you had sworn secretly to yourself that that's what you wanted to be.

So, the question is this: Who did you want to be when you were a kid? What was that one thing you wanted to be and you dreamt of as a kid? It can be as fantastic as a being a fairy or a pirate, or it can be something that caught your attention from the day to day world like perhaps, a doctor or a teacher.

I don't remember clearly what I wanted to be as a kid, but I had always dreamt of being able to travel around. And my cousins say that I was a bit of a story teller as well...and being a Princess....a tom boy Princess that is, would have been nice too....

As I grew up, I initially decided that I wanted to be a journalist,  and then ditched that plan in favor of being a teacher. Somewhere in between, I think I also wanted to be a pilot. And the fact is that I am in a field which is nowhere related to any of the professions mentioned above.

So yeah, these are the jobs I wanted to be in, and like always, I guess I was never satisfied with choosing just one of the that's it about me. But then if there's one thing that I've always been, right from the childhood, it's a dreamer.

Now that I am done with telling all about what I wanted to me, I'm looking forward to hearing your stories about who you wanted to be. Waiting to hear from you.

Until then, signing Off


Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Night Owl V/S Early Bird

Hello there...Happy Sunday to y'all...Hope every one's doing well...Work's been busy here and keeping me on my has kind of been hectic and doesn't seem like going to get better any time's the end of yet another weekend and I'm up late and so here's the question for this Sunday...

Are you a Night Owl or an Early Bird? No, really...which one of these are you....are you someone who can stay up as long as you want to but sleep like a log once you hit the sheets or are you someone who is an early riser who springs up along with Mr. Sun. And in either case, how late can you stay up or how early can you be wake up and be up and about?

What's that? What about me? Well, I am a night owl...I have always been one except for during my college days when I used to try and roll Night Owl and Early Bird into one...And when I stay up, I can go for close to two days without sleep...Yup, I've tried it alright!

So...that's about me...and my question....hoping to hear back from all my dear dear blog friends...

Signing off