Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Music To Your Ears

Hello everyone...I am back, and ain't I glad I am...when I said a few personal things came up, I didn't stop to think about the ambiguity of the apologies....everything is fine at my end of the world...I had my parents visiting us the last week and got a little busy spending time with them and chaperoning them around the city. It was easily one of the weeks that will easily make it to the top ten list. 

But now that they have gone back, I am missing them a LOT...and have been miserable, sulky and acting like a spoilt brat...Prince Charming has been quite accommodating and has been putting up with my mood swings quite well....Well, I'm digressing from the topic I believe...

So here's the question for this Sunday...what's that one sound you'd say is music to your ears...

For me, right now, I'd say it's the noisiness of a house full of people...the clatter and the chatter and the sounds of a house with people who love you...

I'd also add to the list the sound of raindrops hitting earth, the sounds of birds chirping, the sound of waves hitting the shore, the sound of a baby laughing, the sound of a loved one at the other end of the line...So many sounds that make me thankful to be here and be alive. 

So that's it from me this Sunday, my friends.

 Waiting expectantly for your answers...

Signing Off


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Are You Scared?

Hello everyone....once again, wishing all of you an awesome Sunday. Many of you might have noticed an absence on my part since last few days...I haven't been able to visit all your blogs or give due attention to this blog, due to a few personal things that have come up. Please accept my apologies and bear with me...I will try and be back as soon as things settle down....

Coming to the Sunday question...I was wondering what to ask and was about to give up when this question crossed my mind: What is your biggest fear? 

For me, one of the biggest fears in being lonely. Not alone, but lonely...the feeling of being cut off even when a part of the crowd, the feeling that I might be forgotten. 

One of the minor fears is the fear of unexplained fear that makes me get a panic attack every time there's a power failure...and that is something I have been trying to get over.

So tell me, what's your biggest fear? The fear you wish you could leave behind as you walk forward, a fear you wish you could shed if possible, a fear you wish you could crush beneath your feet during your journey of tell me, what's your biggest fear?

Waiting to hear from you.

Signing off...


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Who's That Woman?

Hello everyone....hope it's been a good weekend for all of you so far....The question I want to ask this Sunday was not one I had to really think hard to come up with...This question comes to you in the light of the 100th International Women's Day that was celebrated on March 8th, 2011.

And the question would be:Who's the woman who has inspired you the most?
For me, it has been more than one woman actually...and it's those certain qualities of theirs that made me place them on a pedestal and look up to them. So here is the list of women who I look up to:

1. Grand mom: My grand mom (on father's side) was considered to be quite the modern woman with respect to her approach to life and various situations in life. She was the patient one, the grand mom who'd feed you, listen to you and talk to you as a friend, rather than as an elder. She was the first one to know about our relationships, and in her quite special way made all of us feel special. She was someone who told us we were loved a lot....without words.

2. Mom: She has always been the aesthetically inclined home maker, the amazing cook, a dutiful wife and a very loving mom. I started looking up to her once I got married because that's when I realized how much effort she had put into making our house a home. She's fiercely protective of the people she love and always, always tries to make sure every one is taken care of.

3. Mother in law: She's one of those strong women I've met in my life. She has gone through a lot of ups and downs but has never let that stop her from finding happiness in the small things in life. She is someone I look up to for her patience and positive outlook towards life.

So now, it's your turn to tell me who that woman is who has inspired you....Waiting for your answers.



Friday, March 11, 2011

The Stranger At Work

Sarah swiped her ID card and walked in knowing that he would be there, waiting for her perhaps. She chewed nervously on her lower lip, feeling the strong, sweet taste of her morning black coffee send a sudden jolt to her taste buds. As she walked by his desk, she glanced sideways, her face averted and her body held stiff. She almost stopped walking when she realized that he wasn’t there before hurrying to her desk; she was late. 

Sarah didn’t know him, or his name…it was just yet another familiar face she saw on her way to her cubicle…The tall, lanky frame of a guy in his late twenties who stood at his desk with his headset on and explaining something to yet another employee who had called in with a question. She had never really noticed him, until one day she felt his stare boring into the back of her head when she had stood up at her was the feeling that someone was watching her that made her turn around…From then on, she had found him looking in her direction...he had never been the first to look away…it seemed like she was under constant surveillance… his eyes seemed to follow her everywhere she moved…even when she walked up to the coffee machine for her regular cup of coffee. It freaked her out a little, yet she would walk with her head held high, forcing herself to not look at him, to avoid embarrassing both of them, if not just her. 

The only times they shared a smile was when they crossed each other in the corridor between their department and the exit…They had worked in the same department for close to a year but had never had a conversation which extended beyond a mumbled “Hello”. Another quality of his that had struck Sarah was that he was polite, chivalrous too…one of those few guys who still believed in holding the doors open for a girl…someone who smiled when he saw you…the guy who would send a lengthy birthday wish to an acquaintance just because... 

She had never really tried to get to know him beyond the cursory exchange of pleasantries. Sarah remembered commenting to best friend at work that she found him and this habit of his a little unsettling and weird…did she think he was a lecher? Not really as what struck her the most was the dreamy quality of his stare…it was as though he looked her way and got lost in thoughts, forgetting to look away…did she think he was a freak… almost always as she caught him staring her way and sensing herself getting uncomfortable, almost squirming, while trying to get away quickly from under that fixed gaze. 

On way back with her coffee, Sarah stopped by his desk with a new found confidence his absence instilled in her…she smiled at his cubicle mate wondering if she remembered her…they had had a brief conversation at the office party last year…

“Hey…lucky you…you have the whole cubicle for yourself”, she exclaimed, hoping that the girl would recognize her, and provide her with the much needed information.

“Yeah….at least until the next person comes in…whenever that is”, the girl replied with a smile. Sarah smiled back, telling herself that the sudden knot in her heart she felt wasn’t real. She walked back to her desk, convincing herself that the sudden sinking feeling she felt was not disappointment…just relief setting in that she wouldn’t have to worry about the unnecessary attention now. 

So then why was it that the news of his resignation left her feeling a little upset? Why did it make her feel that she had not made an attempt to know him as a person, and why did it make her feel a tad irritated that she had not got a chance to wish him well or say a proper good bye to him. Maybe, it was because like anyone else, she was comfortable with familiarity…of faces and circumstances…and to know that yet another one of those familiar faces had vanished off reminded her about the uncertainty of life itself, she argued with herself. She refused to believe that over a period of time, that fixed look had made her feel that she mattered to someone, however infinitesimal it was. She realized that those silent stares had made her feel cared for, in a strange way. 

As she sat at her desk, trying to immerse herself in work, Sarah wondered what he must have seen…..what she had seen in her off handed manner was a tall, skinny guy looking at her in a thoughtful manner; never breaking the stare even when she stole glances to see if he had looked away. What had he seen…had he seen someone with slouched shoulders and hands stuffed in her pocket to hide her discomfort rush past…or had he seen someone who was so lost in her own thoughts, smiling and frowning at the same time and staring blankly into the empty space, or had he seen someone with her nose in the air, always wearing a frown and walking as though she owned half the world. It left her wondering what must have caught his attention so much. She felt infuriated that she’d never know the answers now.

As Sarah stepped out of her cubicle, she looked back at his desk, knowing that it would be empty, and that there wouldn’t be a set of eyes that would escort her from the door to her desk every day from now on, and that that knowledge made her miss him while wishing that he would be happy with whatever he chose to do with his life.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful, fabulous, amazing women out there...Your friendship and words mean a lot to me and I'm truly thankful for having all of you in my life. 

Here's a card I got Prince Charming to make for me, which I'm sharing with all of you...

Here's a poem I had written some time back which I'm posting celebration of this special day.

Let Me Be Free

  Let me be free, Cries a voice within,
Mind in shackles, numb with pain.
Encaged in convictions, hands bound tight,
Not by self, but by strangers around, might.
Born in the form on Venus, I were,
A shame to the parents, waiting for an heir.
A burden I was bound to be,
“A curse”, they said, unheard of pleas.
A Son, they hoped for, to hold high, the name,
To bring home, pride, elation and fame.
Alas, born was a daughter, what a shame!
To send her away, decked, end of the game.
A daughter, mother and wife, just, they said I was to be,
A girl, to think otherwise, a shame it’d be.
Woman, a toy to play with, they say and then leer.
My pleas, ruthless, arrogate, they jeer.
Coy, demure, humble; a picture perfect frame,
Have been made, my race for, so they claim.
Pawned for a game, traded for penny,
A victim forever; assaults, abuse many.
“No! ” I cry out, in my new found voice.
Not just that, Woman, icon of strength and poise.
A daughter, wife and mother, I would be,
Yet my dreams, fulfilled, I wanted to see.
To live my dreams, to reach for the stars,
To hold my head high, to walk without fears.
A daughter who serves, a sister who loves,
A wife who cares, a mother who bears.
Women, many roles played in life,
Bestower of love, the family – crux, she strives.
Smiling through the tears, forgiving the worst,
Woman she is, you can trust.
Bound in shackles, yet I smile.
A woman I am, in tears, I will smile.
A bearer, carer, achiever, I, forever will be,
Woman I am, let me be free.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: The Imprint Of A Smell

Hello there...I hope you've all had a great was a fun weekend through and through for was my nephew's birthday and I got to spend a lot of time with him...It has been a weekend of retrospection too as I got some time for myself...and I baited out one of those thoughts running in my mind which I decided to post as the question for the, here's my question for you this week....

Do you relate smells or scents to certain feelings or memories? Does that sudden whiff of some smell take you back to a certain period of time, a certain incident that made you happy or a bit sad or a certain emotion that fills your mind? Do you have a favorite smell, something that gets you relaxed and blissful in an instant?

For me, there are different scents that fill me with memories...the scent of coffee reminds me of a certain cousin of mine who's a coffee junkie while invigorating me at the same time. The smell of vanilla reminds me of my mom's custard pudding, and her favorite perfume. The smell of oranges make me thirsty for a tall glass of orange juice with ice while the smell of freshly baked bread makes me hungry...The smell of first rain brings out the pining lover in me and the smell of a rose reminds me of my husband's first gift. The smell of incense makes me peaceful and the smell of a fresh book reminds me of school days...

Well...before I go on and on, let me stop and get myself ready to hear your answers to the question....and is that the smell of coffee the breeze has brought me...I think I need one right now...

Waiting to hear from you...

Until then....signing off...


Saturday, March 5, 2011

And The Truth Is....!

Hello again…I had mentioned four lies and one truth in my previous post as a part of handing over the Memetastic Award and I see that there has been a lot of deliberation as to which one is the truth…So without further delay, let me enlighten you with the truth, as well as the lies, or the half truths….

1. I enjoy watching horror movies….Not! I am someone’s who’s scared of darkness…and also someone who can conjure up the worst of scenarios and images in my head while alone…now, put them both together…you think I’d dare to watch a horror movie ever…? No ways! However, I have read horror novels, and my husband does enjoys regaling us with “it really happened” horror stories while we have friends over…and guess who stays awake all night worried about the shadows playing across the wall and the windows creaking in the breeze...yeah, that'd be me.

2. Giving away my gold chain to a stranger: True. I remember that I was around seven years old. I was playing with my cousin outside our house when this friendly stranger walked up to us. He asked us about our names, the school we went to and such other things. And then, he asked me casually if I would let him take a look at my chain.  I gave him my chain…and he put it in his pocket and walked away. We didn’t know how to react and so chose to continue with our games. Later, when my mom realized that I didn’t have my chain with me and the elders started to search for it, I remembered that I had given my chain to the stranger and told so to my mom. My parents were shocked and amused at the way I explained the situation to them…and ever since then, I’ve been the butt of jokes that start with “What’s your name?” coz apparently that was the stranger’s first question to me.

3. Roller coaster rides? No, thank you. I’ve never really enjoyed heights or roller coaster rides. Sure, I’ve got on a few rides along with my it an attempt to look brave, and I know this…the feeling I get when the train does a downward plunge, like my heart is going to jump up my throat…not nice. And the way my face freezes in the middle of a scream and won't unfreeze for a long time…not nice at all.

4. I wasn’t a nerd while in school. I was the care free, careless student who couldn’t care what test she had until she stepped into the class on the day of the test. I became one when I got into college. And yes, the reputation has stuck with me from then on.

5. And the last one….well, seems like most of you did know that this is not true. And guess what, you’re right. I started wearing glasses when I was around thirteen and now, it’s the first thing I grab off my bedside table when I wake up every day.

Also, a few of you did guess which one was a true fact, so Yayy!!! to all of you…you guys are Sherlock Holmes material....

Now that I've confessed the truth, it's time for me to do some blog hopping. Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

On that note, Signing Off


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Raining Awards......Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Would you believe me if I said I was bestowed upon with two awards in a day's time...yep, that's right, I was bestowed upon with two awards last by Random Something over at A Random Something and by Bothered at Things That Bother Me...Thanks a ton for the awards, both of you..hugs!

 Random Something awarded me with the Memetastic Award.

I had seen this award doing the rounds sometime and really liked the rules...which is to tell y'all 4 lies and one truth and the let you guys decide which one is the truth. Hmm...quite interesting...! But then since I am not a very creative liar, I really had no clue what to come up with....I've tried my here goes:

1. I enjoy watching horror movies and reading horror stories and novels. When we have friends sleep over, we always stay up late, telling ghost stories and scaring each other....Aaaah, fun times!

2.When I was a kid, one day, as I was playing with my cousins, a stranger walked up to us and asked me if he could take a look at the  gold chain I was wearing. I gave it to him and resumed our games while he walked away with it safely deposited in his pocket.

3. I have always enjoyed  roller coaster rides. I enjoy the strange feeling in the pit of stomach just when the roller coaster takes the downward plunge.

4. I was always a nerd while back in school. And the reputation has still stuck with me.

5. more, one more, one more...I am the one person in my family who doesn't have spectacles. Somehow, I've managed to get by without one though my father have always worn specs, my sister had to get them while back in school, and my mother had to get specs for reading as well. it's your turn to tell me which one of these is the truth...I guess...isn't that how it works?

Now to the second part of the award....the handing it over part...
I've chosen the following wonderful people to hand over the award...I'd like to see what would be the five facts they'll come up with....

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Hokay, now that we have got over with the first award, let's move to the second one...It's the Stylish Blogger Award....and here I throw some more kisses in the air...mwuaaah mwuaah mwuaah....!

I am skipping the sharing the seven random facts about myself because I did it earlier here.

So, I'm going to go on and hand over the award to 15 amazing bloggers who I insist, you must, must, must go visit. 

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