Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where Is She?

Dear friends,

It's a fact that I haven't been around since a long time has changed a lot since the time I started with this the beginning, there was a girl who wanted to write, who dreamed of having a book published some day and who thought her optimism and sense of humor will help her overcome most of the obstacles and worries...that feels like a long long time ago.

Right now, that girl is still reeling from the shock the death of a very dear relative delivered, is mourning over the death of her pet squirrel and is stressed and drained out completely, from work and otherwise. 

And the only thing that girl wants to tell you, the reader, right now is...Thank You! Thank you for stopping by, Thank you for being supportive, Thank you for just being around. 

The girl will return, she knows that in her heart, but she would not be able to tell you when, even if she wanted to. Hopefully, it won't take long. 

Until then, hugs and love

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday Potpourri: Blah, And Blah Some More!

Hello everyone...I hope all of you had a great week, and the upcoming weekend will be an even better one...A few of us have an extended weekend to look forward to...the same for me, and I'm so glad that I feel like doing the Happy Dance...

Last Friday, I couldn't update anything as a part of the new post thanks to my Internet connection going kaput...come to think of it,heck, I haven't been doing any writing off late...There's a lot going on right now, and sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming and sometimes I feel like all I need to do is just rant and blabber and get it out of my system...and that is what got me to this little web site called Blah Therapy.

What they do here is allow you to be either a venter or a listener and allow you to vent your frustrations or be a patient listener and allow another person to vent out. And another feature of this website is that it will be a complete stranger who will be talking with you. So, in another words, it is a website that allows you to communicate with someone when you need to, while at the same time allowing you to keep yourself anonymous.

The website is pretty easy to use and there isn't anything to be downloaded or I'd call it a neat little site. I tried it as a venter but haven't tried it yet as a listener, though I would like to.  In a nutshell, all I'm trying to tell here is that I like it...I like the idea, the website and the simplicity of design as well as use and thinks of it as a website with a difference.

Yet another similar website is Omegle but as per the person I talked with, the chances of meeting someone who's looking for online flirtation is quite high over there. 

So that's what I have for you guys for this Friday. So, why don't you go over and get or give some Blah Therapy and I will be back with a new question soon...

Until then, Happy Weekend!

Take care


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monday Ponderings: Stalled For The Week

Hello friends,

I apologize for the lack of action this week from my end but my Internet connection decided to call it quits sometime last weekend and I finally managed to get it back on track yesterday....

I don't have any questions for the week...rather, I am not in a mental state to quiz anyone about anything right now and I don't want to rant about it because it is not going to get any better. 

So....all I'm saying is that I can't think up anything to ask...not that there isn't anything...just that my brain refuses to work and come up with a good question to ask. 

So, once it gets back to functioning, I'll get back to you guys. 

Until then, Ciao. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Ponderings: What Moves You On?

Hello everyone...hope all of you are doing fine and happy and is having a good day or evening, as the case may thing I would like to tell y'all is that I have decided to move Sunday Pondering to Monday, not because I choose not to ponder on Sundays anymore, just that I don't find enough time to post about my ponderings on having said that, let's move on...

The past week had been busy, and it's more or less the same this week as least from the look of it...and this is about work...on the personal front, let's just say that I am trying...I am trying not to let my temper get the better of me, I am trying not to get discouraged, I am trying to be as valiant as possible and stay calm and composed....not easy, most of the time. 

Since I have talked about how I try not to let worries discourage me, the question for this week is this: What helps you move plod on, to fight your way through difficulties so that you finally achieve what you want, whatever it is. How do you keep yourself motivated and stay positive even when the going gets hard.

For me, I normally try and set short term goals which are achievable, if it comes to something that is measurable. And once these goals are set, I try and occupy my mind with ways to achieve them...and if it's something that cannot be measured, I dream...I dream about how it feels to be in that place I want to be...because when you really really wish for something with all your heart, life has a way of tumbling it into your lap...or so I think...

And if it is something I can do nothing about...I try and think about it until I can reconcile with the fact that nothing can be done about it, and that helps to put it behind me and march on.

Okay....that's all that I had to, I am looking forward to hearing from you and listening to what you have got to say. Please do not disappoint me...

Signing Off


Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Potpourri: Love

For a long time now, I have wanted to do this post...which is sharing with you images, posts, articles, poems and other stuff I learn while browsing through different web pages. But, I woke up and decided that the need to share what I learn with you was too big to be contained any more and so, here I present, Friday Potpourri...a conglomeration of poems, images, quotes, thoughts, reviews, jokes...anything and everything that has caught my attention presented without any particular rule or order.

And today, what I present to you is a poem by a Sufi poet, Jalaluddin Rumi, which says...

Happy Friday, everyone!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday Ponderings: Good Deed For The Day

Hello must have noticed that my laziness has reached an all time high and I did not do the regular post until today...well, it was one part laziness, one part busy week, and one part, tiredness that caused this delay. It was a busy weekend with my sister in town, and the freelance work has been keeping me quite busy these days. So, sometimes, even if I want to, I am not able to spend enough time on the blog. I am hoping to do something about it soon, but something tells me it is going to wait till I get hit with the next bout of inspiration.

Now, the question I wanted to ask today is based on the observations over the past few days, or rather, weeks. These days, we are quick to admonish the people around us and say that there's no humanity left in anyone anymore. There's only selfishness, violence and crudeness all around. The world's going's never going to get better...and few of the recent incidents forces us to think that way as well....

However, I have  also experienced kindness from strangers whom I'd never meet again, from acquaintances who I barely spoke with otherwise, and encouragement from quarters unexpected.

So the question is this: would it make a difference if we turned to ourselves and take a moment to wonder what we could do to help the people around us, help the world and be the change we want to see. I know it's nothing easy but I also know that it is not impossible.

So today, let's start off doing one good deed a day, and you never know, like how many drops make an ocean, we might just be able to save the world, one day at a time. So, why don't you tell me what was your one good deed for the day.

Signing Off


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Ponderings: What Do You Do When The Day's Blue?

Hello there....first of all, I think I am going to move this Sunday Pondering to Monday coz that's what I have been doing of late....doing the post on Monday rather than Sunday....And the question today is thanks to the terribly horrific day I had today...

To start off, well, it was Monday...and I got late to work on a day we had a superior visiting, and I had to organize a little Welcome thing, which if you ask me, could be called as 'lukewarm' on a scale of hot to cold. Then, I had a difficult meeting which left me feeling drained and deciding conflict handling was not my thing. And if that wasn't enough, my sandals broke and I had to shuffle around like a hurt penguin until I decided to staple the sandal tops together so that I could get through the day with a little less shuffling. End of the day, I felt drained, had a headache, and felt that I was living a I was doing something that was beyond me.

Okay........I am done with my ranting over here, and so I think I better get back to the question...which is what do you do when you have a rough day?  I either try to talk to my friends, and if I am not in the mood to do that, switch off and focus on one thing that I think will keep me busy for the rest of the day. And if that also doesn't work, I try to get a good laugh...I know it sounds crazy but there have been times when I felt that laughter always help me feel better, however bad the situation looked. Sometimes, I just listen to some music; off late, I have decided that listening to Piano pieces are what I enjoy....and sometimes, sometimes I enjoy cooking...or writing...makes me feel deflated and relieved and freed somehow. 

And since I mentioned I enjoy listening to piano music, here's something I enjoy listening. It is by the artist named Yiruma and it always make me feel better....

Enough about's your turn now....what do you do when you have a tough day?

And BTW, thanks for hearing me out.

Signing off


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday Ponderings: Your Favorite Day

Hello.....Good Day...hope everyone's doing well and is happy and safe in their corners of the world....things here are normal...well, as normal as it's going to get with all that's going on...I have been thinking and thinking some more about what to ask you guys in this post. I came up with nothing and decided that I will go with the question about what your favorite day is.

Now, when I say favorite day, it doesn't mean your favorite day in a week...for most of us, that's going to be Friday, I least for me, it is...what I mean by this question is which day would you call your favorite because it is the most memorable one for you...the one day you love to think back and reminisce about...the one day that leaves a smile on your lips and a spark in your eyes...the one day you wish you could rewind and play all over again if you could...

If I had to answer, I would say that one of my favorite days was my last birthday where my sister paid me a surprise visit. Prince Charming and she had planned it all out and gave me a very pleasant surprise which touched me immensely because she had traveled 6 hours overnight just to be with me for my birthday...and that was definitely a very happy day for me. Of course, there are many other days that I can call my favorite, but this is the one that popped first in my head and so I am going to go with it.

Pardon me if I don't sound lucid enough but I think lack of sleep does that to I am going to log out right now and leave you to ponder on this question while I try and go get some sleep.

Signing Off


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday Pondering: The Vacation Of Dreams

Hello everyone...I know that I keep switching the pondering to Sunday, Monday and back to Sunday....unfortunately, I suffer from Procrastinatia Absolutus and it so happens that inability to follow routine is one of it's fairly common yours truly keeps putting off the stuff to do to the next day and next and next...I'm only glad that I haven't decided to make it Tuesday Ponderings yet...

Speaking of Monday...I had a horrible bad that I wished I could just turn back and go home, curl under a duvet and stay there for the rest of the day. To put it in a nutshell, I got drenched on my way to office, had to stay at my desk most of the time thanks to it being a hectic day, got neck cramp and shoulder ache back home an hour late thanks to stuff I had to finish...which is why I had to think about the perfect vacation every ten minutes to keep my spirits buoyant,keep irritation at bay and try and not look like I would bite anyone's head off if they dared to come anywhere close to me...

So, here's what I planned for perfect would be where I'd get to stay in my bed and and read some more without having to step out until and unless absolutely necessary...that would be the first day....and then follow it up with a trip to beach...where I'll get to stay somewhere where I get to hear the sound of waves all day and night...and be able to take long walks along the beach, collect shells, read, lounge around and do nothing....and then, the next day, I would go exploring the small town close to the beach...looking at the stuff in shop windows and and smiling and nodding at the people as though I have known them forever....And the next day, go for walks again, and sit and look at the sea and the waves and just think, or dream and relax...In short, I want a vacation that's fun and relaxing. I don't think I'll be able to stop describing my Dream let me stop here and ask you what your dream vacation would be like....where would you want to go, and what would you want to do?

Waiting for the interesting answers...



Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: One Word For You

Hello everyone, I'm back with one of my questions again, hoping that all of you are doing well and had a wonderful weekend. I had a kind of good-not-so-good weekend. The good bit was that I got to meet my cousin after a long long time and we had a fun time together. Nothing major, just chatting and laughing like idiots, reminiscing about the old times.But it was good nevertheless.

The not so good bit was that in spite of looking forward to watching Harry Potter since a long, looooong time, I didn't get to watch the movie thanks to a pair of faulty 3-D glasses handed over at the Cinema which made us irritated, and leave, in that order, after the first 5 minutes of the movie....not a nice feeling, friends, definitely not a nice feeling...

Moving on, the question for today is not something I came up with originally, but based on an article a friend of mine forwarded to me on Friday. Thanks Score Card Guy, life savior... 

So the topic of the article, here,  is to find that one word that defines you as a person. It looks deceivingly easy...yup, deceivingly, because how are you supposed to come up with one word which sums up who you are? 

Well...when I first read the article,the first word I came up with was "Curious" because I am famous for my curiosity, and sometimes, the trouble it's gotten me into.

And then, the words kept popping up, "Dreamer", "Committed", "Gypsy", "Book Worm"...all those words which got me confused about whom I am, really? But I guess I am going to stick with "Curious" because I think that word defines me and is a reminder of how curiosity fires me to absorb everything around me, to search, to look, to see, to hear, to's perhaps the curiosity about the adventure I will go on each day that helps me cast away the disappointments of past and look into the future, eyes all shiny and bright....

Ahem...I think I here's my question for the day....what's the one word which according to you, defines you?

All ears...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday Ponderings: What Would It Take?

Hello everyone...I hope the weekend was good and everyone is well on their way of recovering from Monday Blues...heck, I was so miserable I matched the office outfit to my mood...need any more hints about the color of the dress? Guess not....! this week, the pondering has moved from Sunday to Monday due to having a jam packed weekend...there were loads and loads of clothes to wash, dry and fold thanks to my recent trip back home, and then there were a few experiments to pull the kitchen, coz no one in their right mind would call my episodes in kitchen cooking....and then there were a few errands to a nutshell, it was a very productive, and therefore, very short a weekend.

Okay...I see that I am digressing from the topic getting back to's the question for this Sunday...errmmm....Monday to ponder on....

What would it take for you to lie about something?

Fairly simple...yeah? And my it comes....I would lie, and have lied, when I have felt that it would save someone from trouble. I would not be able to pull off a lie because even a two year old kid can make out from all the squirming and twitching that goes with my fabricated tales that I am making THAT one no prizes for guessing how successful I am when it comes to fibbing.

But then, I do manage to tell a white lie or two just to protect someone I care for...if I felt that it would help them, or get them out of trouble, or maybe, save a friend or family member from getting upset, then I would go ahead with a half truth, or perhaps just leave a few truths untold.

So that's about me....I know it's a weird question which is why I am really looking forward to reading your answers...

All of you take care and have an amazing week...


Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Where'd You Go?

Hello everyone, yet another weekend gone by, but thankfully a longer one this time, for a lot of us...This weekend, I decided to visit my parents in hometown and that is where I am right now. Hometown, for me is Kerala, God's Own Country...

So, that's where I am right now...And I am staying close to my maternal ancestral house...the feeling you get when you get back to your home is kind of inexplicable...For me, when I come back home, it's like I have set the inner child in me free...the nostalgia, the familiarity of being somewhere I grew up, a place I feel I  have left a little of myself, being at a place that has seen me grown up fills me up with a nice and warm feeling. 

So the question for this Sunday is this...which is your favorite childhood spot you keep visiting or you would like to visit....a place that reminds you of your childhood memories, the mischief, the laughter and the fun times. The place where you can be yourself because you know you are never going to be judged!

Waiting to hear from you...

Signing off,


Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: What's Your Wish?

Hello everyone, 

Hope every one's doing fine and is safe...things are going well at my end so far...Things have been a little hectic and since I do not want to keep you guys in the dark anymore, let me just say that I have been trying to do a bit of freelancing work these days which is why you don't see me around as much any more. I am trying to get my routine adjusted so that I will be able to come visit your blogs occasionally, if not regularly, and will be able to do that, hopefully in a few days' time. 

Coming to the question for this's question is this...What is the one biggest dream you really really want to come true? The one thing that has been at the back of your mind since forever, a need you feel building everyday like embers fanned into a fire, something that can be rightfully called a burning desire....
For me, I realized some time back that it was the desire, or rather the need, to be a published author some day. There are multiple drafts, outlines and beginnings that I have written and then stored away, my tardiness and insecurity playing an equal role in stopping me from continuing with what I started...but some day, I know I will be able to make my dream come true...some day. 

Okay, enough said about's your chance to tell me now...

Looking forward to your answers....

Signing off


Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Ponderings : The One Who Left An Impact!

Hello everyone...I hope every one's doing well and is happy and safe, wherever you are....a BIG HUG to all of you...the weekend was a little hectic and a bit too short for my liking, but I guess that's how most of the weekends feel...

Coming to the question today...I have been reading Pride and Prejudice of late and I enjoy the book, especially as I feel like I can relate to the character of Elizabeth Bennet....not to a great extent, but a this question came up in my there a character out of a book or a play or maybe, even a movie that you feel you can relate to....a character you look at and says, "that's so much like me!"....

For me, that one character which I have always found I can relate to is Jo from Little Women. I read that book for the first time when I was thirteen, I think...but from then to now, if you ask me if I have ever found a character I can relate to, it's her...and then, when I read Twilight, I sometimes can relate to the main character, Bella, especially when it comes to her lack of hand-eye co ordination and absolute inability to walk without falling occasionally. But then, the first choice.....Jo always.

So, tell me if you have a certain character which you feel is a twin self of yours, or that looked like the author was inspired to create based on you. 

Waiting impatiently for your answers...

Signing off


Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Pondering : Fireman Or Princess?

Hello everyone,

I didn't realize that I hadn't put up this post until apologies! Now, when I check the stats, i don't know if it's an issue with the Blogger, most certainly looks like that, but I have been getting page views which is extremely extremely high when compared to the regular views...I don't think that this one entry per week Blog is so interesting to garner that kind of views. So at this point, I'm kind of baffled...So, please let me know if any of you have been facing a similar issue or if it's just me.

Now, getting back to the question for the know how you read a book and then think, "hey, that's what I want to be when I grow up?"...or maybe, you see someone and think that that's what you want to a kid, I am sure all of us would have dreamt of being a fireman, or train driver or a pirate or even a princess. How you were so captivated with what they did that you had sworn secretly to yourself that that's what you wanted to be.

So, the question is this: Who did you want to be when you were a kid? What was that one thing you wanted to be and you dreamt of as a kid? It can be as fantastic as a being a fairy or a pirate, or it can be something that caught your attention from the day to day world like perhaps, a doctor or a teacher.

I don't remember clearly what I wanted to be as a kid, but I had always dreamt of being able to travel around. And my cousins say that I was a bit of a story teller as well...and being a Princess....a tom boy Princess that is, would have been nice too....

As I grew up, I initially decided that I wanted to be a journalist,  and then ditched that plan in favor of being a teacher. Somewhere in between, I think I also wanted to be a pilot. And the fact is that I am in a field which is nowhere related to any of the professions mentioned above.

So yeah, these are the jobs I wanted to be in, and like always, I guess I was never satisfied with choosing just one of the that's it about me. But then if there's one thing that I've always been, right from the childhood, it's a dreamer.

Now that I am done with telling all about what I wanted to me, I'm looking forward to hearing your stories about who you wanted to be. Waiting to hear from you.

Until then, signing Off


Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Night Owl V/S Early Bird

Hello there...Happy Sunday to y'all...Hope every one's doing well...Work's been busy here and keeping me on my has kind of been hectic and doesn't seem like going to get better any time's the end of yet another weekend and I'm up late and so here's the question for this Sunday...

Are you a Night Owl or an Early Bird? No, really...which one of these are you....are you someone who can stay up as long as you want to but sleep like a log once you hit the sheets or are you someone who is an early riser who springs up along with Mr. Sun. And in either case, how late can you stay up or how early can you be wake up and be up and about?

What's that? What about me? Well, I am a night owl...I have always been one except for during my college days when I used to try and roll Night Owl and Early Bird into one...And when I stay up, I can go for close to two days without sleep...Yup, I've tried it alright!

So...that's about me...and my question....hoping to hear back from all my dear dear blog friends...

Signing off


Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Why Stop Yourself?

Hello everyone.....doin alright, I believe. The same here...except for a very irritating cold n headache which I pray I can get rid of somehow.

Last week, I asked you what you'd do if you knew that the world would end in 24 hours. There was a common thread in most of your answers, which was that you would tell your loved ones how much you loved them. Also, a few of you said that you'd have fun and have a glass of wine to celebrate the last day. 

Now, the question here is, why do we have to wait for the last day to tell our loved ones how much we love them, to have that glass of wine and enjoy ourselves and live rather than survive?

The question today is more of a rhetorical one, I I sign off with this: Cease to survive and start living. Live, love and laugh.

Signing Off


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dream Post: Inspiration

Hello there...

Starlight here asked me to write a guest post based on inspiration...So here's my very first guest post...Am super excited about, go read and let me know if you like it....

Have a good week, y'all


Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: What Would You Do?

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and is safe, in you little corner of the world. I have been doing good and have been kept busy with a few assignments that came up recently which explains my extended absence. I intend to revive the blog starting this week and I am making this announcement hoping that I would at least keep my word if I tell you guys about it....because I've tried telling myself that I'll do it over the last few weeks and have continued to conveniently postpone it since I am way too lazy. 

And now that the announcement is over, here's the question for this Sunday....what would you do if you knew that the World would come to an end tomorrow night. There, that gives you 24 hours I my question to you is what would you do in these 24 hours which leads to the end of the World...

My answer....well, I think this time I'm going to pass on the answer right now...doesn't mean that I will not answer the question...I asked it after all...but just that I won't answer it now...

Hurry up, tell me, what would you do?
Looking forward to your answers...



Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Where Would You Stop?

Hello everyone....nope, I'm not back...nope, I don't know when I will be back...and yep, I know it's Monday already...!!! 

Okay, now that we've agreed on all that points, I will proceed. Things are crazy here, and sometimes it takes quite an effort to try and stay aloof, and also, more importantly positive. There's been a lot of travelling, a bit of arguing, a lot of laughs, a bit of frown too...but I think it'll all turn out right in the end and that thought helps me stay okay. 

Now, when all these things worry me, just to get away from all of it, I kind of get my brain to rewind to a different time period....hey, I'm not talking about flying cars and dinosaurs over here, just the times I've had more fun than favorite thoughts are always around the time I was in is fun to think about all those fun things I've done with my friends, the laughs, the merrymaking and the carefree life of a teenager. And it's quite surprising for the reserved and cautious me in present to look at the daredevil, outgoing me in the past. And sometimes, I wish I stayed there for a bit longer, till everything just fixed itself. 

So my question for you, dear friends, is this: If you had a chance to rewind through your life and pause at one point...mind you, just one point, where would it be? 

As you've seen, I've already told you my what's left for me to do is to wait anxiously to read through your answers...

So, until then...



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday....ermm...Monday Ponderings: What Makes You Like Her?

Hello everyone...

I know, I know....I'm late....but hey, I make the I can break them too, right?, moving on....Belated Mother's Day to all those wonderful Moms out there....and thank you....for everything because like the saying goes, "God couldn't be everywhere, so he created mothers".

Since it was Mother's Day, it's only fair to ask something related to Mothers...which is, what is the one thing that you and your mother have in common...the one thing that gets people to say "Like Mother, Like Daughter"... A particular habit, an interest of some sort, a hobby...something that binds you two together...

What about me? Well, I believe that I get my creative streaks from my Mom...she's someone who's creatively inclined...who paints, who sings and has a very aesthetic bent of mind...also, she made our house a home...a place to go back to when something worries you,a place that makes you feel like everything is going to be alright in the end.

So that's about me...what about you? Waiting to read your answers...

Until then, signing off...


Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Who'd You Be?

Hello friends...I am back, and I hope, this time for a longer time. It had been a difficult week for me, but things are better now. I faced the loss of someone I looked up to last Sunday, and am going through the recovery process. It wasn't a family member or a friend, but a spiritual Guru I followed. As I am not interested in sharing any further details, moving on...if you notice, this Sunday post has been moved to Monday, thanks to my unpredictable Internet connection...but then, what can I say, except for that I'm glad it's back!

Now, the question for today is something I borrowed from Prince Charming...which is this: Assuming that there's something called a re-birth, who or what would you want to be born as the next time, with the condition that you cannot choose to be yourself?  

My answer...I'd say I would want to be someone brave and strong, caring and understanding, someone with an unlimited reserve of patience and good thoughts to share with everyone...I think, next time, I'd like to be born as my maternal Grand Dad. I don't know why I came up with this answer...his image was the first thing that came up to my mind when I thought of an answer for this question... though I have never met him. Never known him either...but still, I chose him to be the person I want to re-born as...strange!

Well...let me not digress...I am waiting for your answer to this question...

Hoping to hear from you folks soon...

Signing off


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Stalled!

Hello to all my dear friends...

I know that of late this is the only day in a week I post something...but today I choose to remain I remain silent because I wouldn't be able to ask or tell you's with a heavy heart I sit down and write this; someone I held in high regard, respected and admired is no more...

The only question I can ask you right now is how to cope with the loss of a dear one...because I don't know how. I have never been able to face and accept the reality called death and stands helpless when death claimed yet another one of my dear ones.

I will be back when I recover from my grieving...

Signing off


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Be Loved v/s Give Love

Hello to everyone in Blogosphere...I am in the middle of a vacation with was good, peppered with a few untoward incidents, but then I choose to remember only the good parts of this short vacation. That is my excuse for not being around this week...I hope I won't have to come up with another excuse next week and will be able to come visit all of you...

Now, the question for this Sunday is this: Which one do you like more, to be the recipient of love or to be the giver of love...? Of course, I understand that no one is forever a giver or a receiver, but I'm just wondering which role do you enjoy more? The Giver or The Receiver? 

Now, I know that I'm supposed to answer this question myself before I pass it on to you...I thought long and hard about it, and I saw a huge debate going on between the altruistic Giver and the pampered Receiver...and here's what I finally realized...

I normally enjoy being the Giver...I derive a sense of satisfaction from the fact that the people around me feel happy and cared for in my presence...however, I also like to be pampered once in a be the one looked after, the one who can put her feet up and relax and enjoy all that attention! Honestly, which girl wouldn't want to feel that way once in a while! 

So I'd say I am a mix of both...with the balance slightly tipping in favor of Giver...So then, what about you, friends? 

Hoping to hear from you soon...



Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Why This Name?

Hello to all my dear friends out there...I hope all of you had a great weekend. Also, a big Hello to all my new friends....thanks a ton for deciding to stop by...

It was a bit of a busy weekend for me...I went to the Cinema to watch the movie Rio and once back, decided that I was capable of cooking up a, if you remember, I can barely manage to get a dish out of the kitchen without burning, over salting or getting it into a sticky mess, so storm indeed it was...but miracle of miracles, I managed to get not one, but three recipes right today....that's a surprise!

Okay...I guess I am digressing...right! 

Coming back to the topic at hand, I am curious today as to what was the inspiration behind your blog's name? I've seen a lot of blog names out there which make me go..."Drat! Now, why didn't I think of that name?"

My answer to this question is this...I had started a blog a few years ago but had to go with a name that just came to my mind at that instant and which didn't sound all that great...from the point I quit updating it, I wanted to start another blog and stick to updating it regularly...I wanted the new blog to be an online journal (kind of) for me, and so decided to go with the title 'Musings N Confessions'...

Though, these days, I've noticed that I don't write a lot about be absolutely honest, I don't think I write a lot at all....which is something I hope to rectify soon. I think I'm digressing back to the question, please please please tell me....why did you choose the name you chose for your blog? 

Waiting expectantly,


Addendum: Thank you for all the comments....and it's really very interesting to know the reason for choosing your blog name...I see that a few of you are quite curious as to why I chose Caterpillar as my name...well, honestly...that wasn't my first choice...I went with Lazy Loon or something like that...but then, later, when I sat down and thought about the name, I decided I didn't like it much, and then suddenly 'Caterpillar' popped into my mind from nowhere...the more I thought about it, the more it made sense...I'm a foodie who loves to eat...:), I am a li'l lazy,I'm a bookworm who devours books...and I feel that all of us are beautiful butterflies, just that I don't feel I am there I chose Caterpillar...something like...'on my way, not there yet' kinds. There, now you know why I chose to be Caterpillar....:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

And The Procrastinator's Back!!!

Hello there....if the title didn't make it clear enough...yours truly is back....don't know when I'll be hit with the next bout of Procrastinatia Absolutus...but I'll try and duck before it hits the next time...I promise...

While I was gone, lost in the land of dreams, two wonderful wonderful friends of mine decided to present me with awards...but being hit by Procrastinatia really really bad, I failed to do my bit and graciously accept the awards and pass it on....bad, bad me again....! But then, it's better late than never, they say...(don't they?) without further I go...

First, I was awarded the Blog With Substance by Pencil Girl here...

she thinks that my Blog has substance....mwuaah, mwuaah and mwuaah some more, girl....and thanks a ton for the Award...I insist that you go visit her coz she has a very entertaining blog going out there...

And then, I was awarded The Versatile Blogger award by a great friend of mine, Starlight at Crazy Thoughts who runs a blog filled with inspirational posts and creative gems.

and I was over the moon and doing the 'Skip n The Hop' quite nicely until I noticed Prince Charming looking at me with an expression which most likely seemed to mean 'She has lost it!' Thanks, Starlight, for giving me this award....*hugs* comes the rules..which is to share seven random facts about myself...I had done it earlier here, here and here....but believe me when I say that it doesn't get any easier...So, I've cheated and combined the rules for both the awards which allows me to get away with sharing only seven random facts about myself...(as though THAT makes it easy!)...So...the first random fact is that...

1. I have got a baby squirrel as a pet...I have had him for a week now and is yet to find a name for him.

2. Patience is a virtue....just not one of mine.

3. I enjoy dancing quite a lot though I'm a bit too shy to show off my dancing skills in I think that makes me a bathroom dancer!

4. I hate, hate, hate having to get onto any raised podium...under any circumstance...though, back in college, that didn't really stop me from participating in a lot of on-stage activities. "How?", you'll know soon...

5. I am a foodie...and huge foodie...who is struggling with the basics of cooking.

6. I recently heard Price Tag by Jessie J and has been humming that obsessively ever since.

7. I'm myopic and have worn spectacles for quite some time...and it was quite convenient when I had to be on stage...coz all I had to do was remove my spectacles and Ta Da!!!, nothing but blurred objects in front of me..., that I'm done with the random's time to pass on these awards...

I'd like to hand over the Blog with Substance award to the following bloggers who make me wish I could write half as good as them...the words capture not just your attention but your heart too....

Moving on, next comes The Versatile Blogger award...and as the name suggested, I had to hand over these awards to some of real versatile bloggers who'd give Mr. Chameleon a run for his money....

and may I present you with the Versatile Bloggers...

Hey....what are you doing here still? Go meet these amazing people and enjoy those great blogs. 



Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: How Long Before I Call You A Friend?

Hello everyone,

I mentioned that I am back to blogging, but I have remained a lazy and neglectful of my blogging responsibilities....(bad, bad me!!!). I wonder if I should take a break from blogging at times, but feel that I have gained too many friends out here whom I do not wish to lose touch with. Although, I haven't met any of you in person, I feel that I've got a bunch of friends in virtual world who know me better than people who've known me for a long time in the real world. Which brings me to the question for this week...

How long does it take for someone to be called a friend? How long before you stop looking at that familiar stranger as that...a stranger, and call him or her a friend...someone you joke and laugh with, someone you share your worries with, someone you'd be yourself with... 

My answer? For someone like me, who consider herself a social misfit, it normally takes a very very long time before placing enough trust on someone to call them a friend. But one thing is for sure...I'd call someone a friend if they made me laugh...are unassuming and little self deprecating...One thing I have noticed is that in virtual world, I've shed my shyness and found friends in no time at all. So I'd say that for me, the time to call someone a friend would depend upon how soon they'll make me laugh...or smile...that's when I'd let my guard down and call him or her a friend. 

On that note, I'd like to thank all of you once again...for the friendship you've shared with me....for making me so welcome, for making me feel not like a social misfit but a friend....Thank You! 

And I ask long before you call that someone a friend?

Signing Off


Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Music To Your Ears

Hello everyone...I am back, and ain't I glad I am...when I said a few personal things came up, I didn't stop to think about the ambiguity of the apologies....everything is fine at my end of the world...I had my parents visiting us the last week and got a little busy spending time with them and chaperoning them around the city. It was easily one of the weeks that will easily make it to the top ten list. 

But now that they have gone back, I am missing them a LOT...and have been miserable, sulky and acting like a spoilt brat...Prince Charming has been quite accommodating and has been putting up with my mood swings quite well....Well, I'm digressing from the topic I believe...

So here's the question for this Sunday...what's that one sound you'd say is music to your ears...

For me, right now, I'd say it's the noisiness of a house full of people...the clatter and the chatter and the sounds of a house with people who love you...

I'd also add to the list the sound of raindrops hitting earth, the sounds of birds chirping, the sound of waves hitting the shore, the sound of a baby laughing, the sound of a loved one at the other end of the line...So many sounds that make me thankful to be here and be alive. 

So that's it from me this Sunday, my friends.

 Waiting expectantly for your answers...

Signing Off


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Are You Scared?

Hello everyone....once again, wishing all of you an awesome Sunday. Many of you might have noticed an absence on my part since last few days...I haven't been able to visit all your blogs or give due attention to this blog, due to a few personal things that have come up. Please accept my apologies and bear with me...I will try and be back as soon as things settle down....

Coming to the Sunday question...I was wondering what to ask and was about to give up when this question crossed my mind: What is your biggest fear? 

For me, one of the biggest fears in being lonely. Not alone, but lonely...the feeling of being cut off even when a part of the crowd, the feeling that I might be forgotten. 

One of the minor fears is the fear of unexplained fear that makes me get a panic attack every time there's a power failure...and that is something I have been trying to get over.

So tell me, what's your biggest fear? The fear you wish you could leave behind as you walk forward, a fear you wish you could shed if possible, a fear you wish you could crush beneath your feet during your journey of tell me, what's your biggest fear?

Waiting to hear from you.

Signing off...


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Who's That Woman?

Hello everyone....hope it's been a good weekend for all of you so far....The question I want to ask this Sunday was not one I had to really think hard to come up with...This question comes to you in the light of the 100th International Women's Day that was celebrated on March 8th, 2011.

And the question would be:Who's the woman who has inspired you the most?
For me, it has been more than one woman actually...and it's those certain qualities of theirs that made me place them on a pedestal and look up to them. So here is the list of women who I look up to:

1. Grand mom: My grand mom (on father's side) was considered to be quite the modern woman with respect to her approach to life and various situations in life. She was the patient one, the grand mom who'd feed you, listen to you and talk to you as a friend, rather than as an elder. She was the first one to know about our relationships, and in her quite special way made all of us feel special. She was someone who told us we were loved a lot....without words.

2. Mom: She has always been the aesthetically inclined home maker, the amazing cook, a dutiful wife and a very loving mom. I started looking up to her once I got married because that's when I realized how much effort she had put into making our house a home. She's fiercely protective of the people she love and always, always tries to make sure every one is taken care of.

3. Mother in law: She's one of those strong women I've met in my life. She has gone through a lot of ups and downs but has never let that stop her from finding happiness in the small things in life. She is someone I look up to for her patience and positive outlook towards life.

So now, it's your turn to tell me who that woman is who has inspired you....Waiting for your answers.



Friday, March 11, 2011

The Stranger At Work

Sarah swiped her ID card and walked in knowing that he would be there, waiting for her perhaps. She chewed nervously on her lower lip, feeling the strong, sweet taste of her morning black coffee send a sudden jolt to her taste buds. As she walked by his desk, she glanced sideways, her face averted and her body held stiff. She almost stopped walking when she realized that he wasn’t there before hurrying to her desk; she was late. 

Sarah didn’t know him, or his name…it was just yet another familiar face she saw on her way to her cubicle…The tall, lanky frame of a guy in his late twenties who stood at his desk with his headset on and explaining something to yet another employee who had called in with a question. She had never really noticed him, until one day she felt his stare boring into the back of her head when she had stood up at her was the feeling that someone was watching her that made her turn around…From then on, she had found him looking in her direction...he had never been the first to look away…it seemed like she was under constant surveillance… his eyes seemed to follow her everywhere she moved…even when she walked up to the coffee machine for her regular cup of coffee. It freaked her out a little, yet she would walk with her head held high, forcing herself to not look at him, to avoid embarrassing both of them, if not just her. 

The only times they shared a smile was when they crossed each other in the corridor between their department and the exit…They had worked in the same department for close to a year but had never had a conversation which extended beyond a mumbled “Hello”. Another quality of his that had struck Sarah was that he was polite, chivalrous too…one of those few guys who still believed in holding the doors open for a girl…someone who smiled when he saw you…the guy who would send a lengthy birthday wish to an acquaintance just because... 

She had never really tried to get to know him beyond the cursory exchange of pleasantries. Sarah remembered commenting to best friend at work that she found him and this habit of his a little unsettling and weird…did she think he was a lecher? Not really as what struck her the most was the dreamy quality of his stare…it was as though he looked her way and got lost in thoughts, forgetting to look away…did she think he was a freak… almost always as she caught him staring her way and sensing herself getting uncomfortable, almost squirming, while trying to get away quickly from under that fixed gaze. 

On way back with her coffee, Sarah stopped by his desk with a new found confidence his absence instilled in her…she smiled at his cubicle mate wondering if she remembered her…they had had a brief conversation at the office party last year…

“Hey…lucky you…you have the whole cubicle for yourself”, she exclaimed, hoping that the girl would recognize her, and provide her with the much needed information.

“Yeah….at least until the next person comes in…whenever that is”, the girl replied with a smile. Sarah smiled back, telling herself that the sudden knot in her heart she felt wasn’t real. She walked back to her desk, convincing herself that the sudden sinking feeling she felt was not disappointment…just relief setting in that she wouldn’t have to worry about the unnecessary attention now. 

So then why was it that the news of his resignation left her feeling a little upset? Why did it make her feel that she had not made an attempt to know him as a person, and why did it make her feel a tad irritated that she had not got a chance to wish him well or say a proper good bye to him. Maybe, it was because like anyone else, she was comfortable with familiarity…of faces and circumstances…and to know that yet another one of those familiar faces had vanished off reminded her about the uncertainty of life itself, she argued with herself. She refused to believe that over a period of time, that fixed look had made her feel that she mattered to someone, however infinitesimal it was. She realized that those silent stares had made her feel cared for, in a strange way. 

As she sat at her desk, trying to immerse herself in work, Sarah wondered what he must have seen…..what she had seen in her off handed manner was a tall, skinny guy looking at her in a thoughtful manner; never breaking the stare even when she stole glances to see if he had looked away. What had he seen…had he seen someone with slouched shoulders and hands stuffed in her pocket to hide her discomfort rush past…or had he seen someone who was so lost in her own thoughts, smiling and frowning at the same time and staring blankly into the empty space, or had he seen someone with her nose in the air, always wearing a frown and walking as though she owned half the world. It left her wondering what must have caught his attention so much. She felt infuriated that she’d never know the answers now.

As Sarah stepped out of her cubicle, she looked back at his desk, knowing that it would be empty, and that there wouldn’t be a set of eyes that would escort her from the door to her desk every day from now on, and that that knowledge made her miss him while wishing that he would be happy with whatever he chose to do with his life.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful, fabulous, amazing women out there...Your friendship and words mean a lot to me and I'm truly thankful for having all of you in my life. 

Here's a card I got Prince Charming to make for me, which I'm sharing with all of you...

Here's a poem I had written some time back which I'm posting celebration of this special day.

Let Me Be Free

  Let me be free, Cries a voice within,
Mind in shackles, numb with pain.
Encaged in convictions, hands bound tight,
Not by self, but by strangers around, might.
Born in the form on Venus, I were,
A shame to the parents, waiting for an heir.
A burden I was bound to be,
“A curse”, they said, unheard of pleas.
A Son, they hoped for, to hold high, the name,
To bring home, pride, elation and fame.
Alas, born was a daughter, what a shame!
To send her away, decked, end of the game.
A daughter, mother and wife, just, they said I was to be,
A girl, to think otherwise, a shame it’d be.
Woman, a toy to play with, they say and then leer.
My pleas, ruthless, arrogate, they jeer.
Coy, demure, humble; a picture perfect frame,
Have been made, my race for, so they claim.
Pawned for a game, traded for penny,
A victim forever; assaults, abuse many.
“No! ” I cry out, in my new found voice.
Not just that, Woman, icon of strength and poise.
A daughter, wife and mother, I would be,
Yet my dreams, fulfilled, I wanted to see.
To live my dreams, to reach for the stars,
To hold my head high, to walk without fears.
A daughter who serves, a sister who loves,
A wife who cares, a mother who bears.
Women, many roles played in life,
Bestower of love, the family – crux, she strives.
Smiling through the tears, forgiving the worst,
Woman she is, you can trust.
Bound in shackles, yet I smile.
A woman I am, in tears, I will smile.
A bearer, carer, achiever, I, forever will be,
Woman I am, let me be free.