Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Wow Moment

Today...like any other day, I sat down to read through the blogs I frequent and was reading Christine's amazing post about Change...I also saw that she had been awarded the Honest Scrap Award...I read the random facts about her and found that we share a fear for spiders...I continued reading and reached at the point where she had mentioned the list of bloggers she had passed on the Award to...I saw a name that looked familiar before I moved on to the next one on the list,...and then I came back and read out the Blog name again...and again...and went wide eyed and said...'Wow'....because that was my blog's name...

This is the very first Award my blog's got and I'm really really happy...so happy that it's hard to stop hopping.. And honored and touched that she chose my blog...Many thanks, Christine!

Now...from her post, I also got to know that the tradition is to share five random things about myself and pass it on to five deserving bloggers...so then, first...here's the five random facts about me...I have tried the 'sharing random facts about me' thing earlier and I know it can be difficult...!

a. I'm a dreamer...If I'm alone, I tend to zone out and get lost in my thoughts...I tend to do that occasionally even when I'm not alone...so much so that I've been titled "Lost Soul" in my office and friends' circle.

b. I believe that a person's zodiac sign, birth date, favorite color and handwriting are little windows which let us peek into his or her personality. I've read a few articles, collected a few books, but never seriously worked on dissecting a person based on all of these things. And never would...I just don't think it's fair.  It's just something I do once in a while to see people looking all surprised and go "Really?"...

c. I love the color blue and Meg Ryan movies...that was pretty random now, wasn't it?

d. For someone who calls herself a tomboy, I'm someone who gets all teary eyed at the drop of a hat...a touching song, a happy ending, a nice story, even a few memories is enough to switch on the fountains behind my eyes.

e. The biggest fear of mine is being lonely. I don't mind being alone, I can entertain myself quite well with my day dreaming and soliloquies. But I cannot bear to think of being lonely...ever.

Phew....that was tough...I've been around for Twenty Seven years but you ask me to tell Five random things about me and I go blank...sheesh!

Now...it's time to hand over the Award...I wish I could cheat and give it away to all of you, but after much deliberation, here are the list of bloggers I've decided to hand over this Award to: 

These blogs show some strong, funny, positive thoughts that will make you laugh, sit back and think and be thankful...So....why don't you visit them and say a 'Hi'...


  1. Awww, I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog. What a lovely early Christmas gift :-)

  2. Yay - you deserve it! I also cry at films, books, songs........!

  3. hey there, congratsulations on ur award!
    and from the randam facts you have given out, i think we both have a lot in common.

    p.s. thanks for visiting me.

  4. Many congratulations on your award, Cat, you certainly deserve it and I agree with your choices to also get an award. I also agree with you, when you are asked to name 5 or 10 things, it is a lot more difficult than you would think!

  5. That sure was sweet of you. Thank you so much.

  6. Not only do you deserve this award - but you put some of my favs on your list. Thanks for blogs I didn't know. Now I have even more reading. YAY!


  7. Thank you so much!! That was very sweet. I love the lists of random things but have never been asked to do it myself.....I will have to think on this one a bit...

  8. Congrats, you really deserve it and I'm very very happy for you :)
    I'm also a dreamer and afraid of being lonely; it's nice to have something in common with you.

  9. Thank you for the blog visit and comment! Thought i'd return the visit. Congratulations on the award. Hurrah! I'll be back to read more!

  10. @A Cappelli: You're welcome...the pleasure's all mine..

    @Louba: Thanks....it takes very little to get me to cry... :)

    @runawaybride: Thanks....glad to know we share the same interests...

    @Thisisme: Seriously, it took me a whole day to think up five facts...about me...can you believe that...

    @Odie: You're welcome... :)

    @SkippyMom: Thanks.....and Welcome Back...so glad to see you back online...

    @Colenic: You deserve the award... :)

    @Jumble Mash: Thank you... :) :) :)

    @Starlight: Thanks...and Congrats to you too...nice to know we have a few charecteristics in common... :)

  11. Cat I have a question: I wanted to put the award on my blog but I go to design I don't know how to add your award. The only option I saw was to remove the one I already have there. Could you email me with some help?

  12. You are quite welcome, caterpillar! It was my first award too so I know your excitement! You like Meg Ryan movies huh? I watched "City of Angels" the other day, bet you know that one! And I shall have to check out those blogs you awarded later on today or tonight!

  13. thanks for passing me the award. sooo sweet of you!:) and reading the 5 random things about you, i realized we share a lot in common. being a dreamer,having talks with our own selves, admitting to be tomboyish but being very emotional at the same time, adoring meg ryan!well almost everything! lols. no wonder why i'm so drawn to your blog :)

  14. @Christine: Yup, watched City of Angels recently....it had a very touching climax...

    @Maria: You're welcome....great minds do think alike... ;)

  15. @Odie: I'll mail you once I figure out how to do that...

  16. I really identified with you while reading your five facts. I could just cut and paste it for my own response and it would totally have worked. But hopefully I will come up with some that are entertaining and authentic. Thanks for sharing.

    Another tomboy who cries at everything

  17. @Dad: Yep....Yayy it is.... :)

    @Shopgirl: As I said, great minds think alike.... ;)

  18. Thanks for the award! I've posted my five random things and will be posting my five recipients shortly. Thanks for the kind words!


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