Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Scary Ride Called Life

Yesterday, I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend of mine and she told me about her recent trip to an amusement park. She exclaimed that she had the maximum fun on rides she had felt too scared to get on in the beginning, and wondered if it wasn't the same when it came to life...It was a great thought and needless to say, here I am writing about the same thing…

I'm sure we weren't manufactured in batches in some factory up there...and according to my weird imagination, …it must have been something like this…Mr. God in all his glory, sitting on his throne would have declared that…”the next ride’s name is The Life. It can be quite scary but it will be a thrilling experience. There will be some real high climbs and then there will be some real steep dips. At times the ride will be bumpy; at times so scary you’d forget to shut your eyes tight and at other times so much fun that you’ll laugh so hard that it’d hurt. It will be frightening but it will be fun too...but then it’s up to you whether you want to go on this ride or not…”…And I firmly believe that you and I and all others around us are here because we (or our souls) thought we weren’t too scared to try this ride called Life.

And if we look into our pasts, I think that we would have been on quite some scary rides so far…starting from taking your first steps, the first day at school, learning to ride the bicycle, owning up to a mistake, talking to your crush, asking that pretty girl or cute boy out, choosing one option out of many, making a tough decision and sticking by it…it’s always been risky, right? And there might have been falls, bruises and fractures even, but when we look back, despite all the pain and blemishes, deep down in our hearts we know that we wouldn’t have been here, been what we are today, if we hadn’t decided to get on all those rides which looked too scary to board.

But then, have you ever wondered if somewhere down the line we got a tad bit too comfortable and decided that a safe life would be the best bet. I’m not asking you to jump in front of a train or try swimming through a lake full of alligators…you get me right? All I want to ask you is…when was the last time you decided to step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve always wanted to but never had the guts to…when was the last time you did something crazy because you felt like it of course it must have raised a few eye brows and got you a few frowns but had you grinning ear to ear any ways? When was the last time you lived a day like there wasn’t a tomorrow?

Oh yeah, I see those questions being flung right back at me…and I’m not ducking this time…because guess what the answer is…I don’t know! I don’t know when was the last time I decided to step over fear and do something my heart told me to…but I remember all the times I heard my mind tell me “No way, that’s far too risky” which made me step back from making a decision which would change life as I knew it…

I realize that in the last few years, from a young teenager who thought anything was impossible, I’ve metamorphosed into someone who’s happy to have shrunk and fit into the cocoon of mediocrity that I’ve spun around me…to keep me warm, safe…and ignorant of my potential. I don’t attempt to make any changes and allow the term “Routine” to have capsulized me.

I am not that someone who took the car out into the town all by herself to get the fear of driving out of her system, I am not that someone who boarded a bus because she felt like it, though she didn’t know where it was headed to, I am not the someone who complimented a random someone she met in a shop, I am not the someone who got on the stage to make a speech though she knew she was scared as hell of public speaking…at least I’m not that someone any more.  

But then is this non risk-taking, protected life that I want, or is it the life where I choose to follow my interests, my goals and my passion, living a full life…one day at a time? I think I’d want to say it’s the latter one…So What am I going to do about that? Probably to start with…face my fears one at a time… fear of darkness, fear of public speaking, fear of change….I’m going to try to get over them, one at a time…

So then, what are you waiting for? Get out, fight your fears and take that risk…go skiing, go bungee jumping, sing that song on a Karaoke night, hug someone, ask that cute neighbor out for coffee, write that book you’ve always wanted to, join for a new class, pick up a new hobby… do something, do anything that makes your heart do a little dance...Anything that’s going to make you smile…And do tell me how it went when I get back on after my own li'l adventure…

On that note, signing off…



  1. Great post, caterpillar. We truly do need to face our fears, even if slowly and one at a time. Because it's like you said, we've all faced certain fears in the past, in order to make progress and end up where we are in the present. If we stop moving, we stop living.

  2. Love it...
    it's very true....time to take back the adventure....I will be interested in hearing about your adventures and will certainly report mine back as well!!

  3. I love this post! Sometimes I feel just like this. I'm defs going to try to do something crazy, just for the thrill of it. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Way to go guys,it's time for the adventures...:)

  5. Brilliant advice :) It's so easy to let ordinary life and fears get in the way. Here's to grabbing every opprtunity with both hands, sounds like a new year's resolution.

  6. @Louba: Thanks...definitely a New Year's resolution to work on... :)

  7. I try to do an adventure a month--either a trip or something out of the ordinary. Lately they seem to be going hand in hand with overcoming my fear of heights: the Grand Canyon is my adventure for January.


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