Friday, December 17, 2010

Reblogging: December 21st Prayer for Peace

I saw this post over here and decided to reblog here goes:

Winter Solstice occurs at 6:30pm eastern time on December 21st. 

The Northern hemisphere is at it's darkest point in space and from that time onwards the days begin to get longer and the light gets stronger and stronger.

Let us all join together in whatever form of Prayer resonates with you at this time for at least 10 minutes and offer a prayer of peace and gratitude. 

Studies have shown time and time again that when groups of people gather together and focus their hearts on such a goal that the effects on society are measurable and profound. The more people who participate, the larger the impact. 

Our world is beset by so many troubles. We have so much potential to do good, especially when we raise our hearts together!

So at 6:30 pm Eastern time (3:30 pm Pacific) let's all do a little bit of what we can do together by setting aside just 10 minutes to offer a prayer for Peace and all that peace entails.

Please pass this along.  Reblog. Tweet. Facebook it.  This is such a great opportunity for a moment to put something worthwhile and positive out into the Universe.


  1. Well worth re-blogging. I've done the same! Have a good weekend.

  2. There is power in prayer and I am sure there is a large network of praying people out there. Thanks.

  3. I agree..a cause worth re blogging.


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