Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Post To Say I Love You

I read this post here and was moved to writing and dedicating this post to my better half...normally, half the time we are too busy with the regular stuff (I look at that as the excuse to not appreciate pathetic!) and the other half of the time, I joke around, tease him and generally walk around as though it's no big deal...I've always found it hard to be even remotely romantic and generally find it hard to verbalize the softer feelings within...The only emotions that I have managed to express accurately so far are anger, sarcasm, maybe even humor and laughter...everything else looks corny to me and makes me swallow half my words and look sheepish...

So, in this post I'm going to try and thank Prince Charming for all those things he do for me...(Oh God, I feel like I'm going to jump off a cliff)...This was something I had posted earlier in one of my earlier (now redundant) blogs and yep, I'm cheating... but goes:

Here is a note for the man I call...

1. A hardcore unromantic

2.Absolutely insensitive

3. Even cruel when I'm feeling particularly sadistic

4. Absolutely egoistic

5.Totally unbearable

6. Selfish and self centered

7. Stubborn

8. Stuck up

9. Inflexible.

10. Careless with keys, purse, your gadgets and what not.

11. Forgetful when it comes to remembering the anniversary and birthday dates.

12. A huge spender who throws away money,so on and so forth.....

A note to say that I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart....

I love you for the way you hold me when you sleep.

I love you for the way you hug me when I am back home after a tough day.

I love you for the tender kiss you plant on my forehead when I am sick.

I love you for taking care of me as you would take care of a baby.

I love you for protecting me when I feel scared.

I love you for telling me its all right, and in your words, "its not the end of the world".

I love you for telling me that it will all be fine one day, even if you don't believe so.

I love you for making me laugh till my stomach hurts.

I love you for being proud of me and making me proud about myself.

I love you for giving me a choice and telling me that "Its your choice, and I wont force you into it..."

I love you for being the unconventional husband who cooks when I am watching my favourite movie.

I love you for making my heart beat faster with the wet kisses you plant on me.

I love you for giving in at the end of fights and letting it happen my way.

I love you for travelling 24 kilometers just to get me the gift I had in my mind for my sister.

I love you for trying and making my birthday perfect, just the way I wanted it to be, Birthday cake and et all...

I love you for telling me that I am the the most beautiful woman even when I am hard on myself for being the couch potato.

I love you for living with my not so small quirkinesses and eccentricities, starting from Kite flying to playing with squirt guns to blowing soap bubbles when at home.

I love you for urging to call up my parents, even when I forget to do so.

I love you for just being there when I need someone to talk to...

I love you for not judging me and saying its all right even if I have disappointed you.

I love you for helping me dream my dreams and encouraging me to live my dreams.

I love you for giving me the bear hug when I cry and for kissing away my tears.

I love you for the 'Sorry's that come when my eyes brim with tears after the temper tantrums you throw.

I love you for the sweet messages you send when I am away from our home.

I love you for letting me be myself when I am with you...

I love you for taking care of things for my family even when I forget to check back with them.

I love you for standing by and letting all my whims and fancies happen just because I choose I want to.

I love you for being the Stable one when I choose to be erratic, impulsive and careless.

I love you for all the favors you choose to do for my friends because I asked you to.

I love you for worrying about me even when I'm not.

I love you for all the times you have chosen to drive straight after work so that I can go visit my parents.

I love you for being the great friend you have been for the10 years and standing by my side when everyone decided to walk out of it. 

And though not the last reason, I love you for being the wonderful husband you have been for the last 1958 days...(that's 5 years, 4 months and 13 days) 

All I want to tell you today is that I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart, and I celebrate having you in my life...!!!

(Phew....that wasn't that difficult....I suggest all of you to try doing it...feels all warm and nice inside)


  1. I really like this post :) SOunds like you have a wonderful man. There is a poem that says at the end "Maybe Love is not about finding the perfect person; it's about learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. When you do what you can, love will do what you can't"

  2. This is a lovely post! Sometimes we have to be a bit corny and show our loved ones why we love them. I also wrote a blog post about Mr. Starlight a while ago, You're welcome to read it:

  3. sooooo sweeet! i'm not married yet so i can't dedicate this to someone..hmmm but i surely will do one day! :)

    you're so lucky to have you husband because as a qoute in grey's anatomy goes: " You are the luckiest person in the world when the person you love decides to love you back." and obviously with your description, your hubby does love you sooo much! :)

  4. thanks everyone....yup, he's not the perfect guy, but he's perfect for me I guess... :)

  5. Hey caterpillar! Thanks for checkin out my blog. I am now reading and following yours! PS- I have a hard time being all romantic too, I'm with ya there haha, good post.

  6. This is lovely, I know exactly what you mean about your man being not quite perfect, but perfect for you! I'm so happy you've found someone so great.

  7. It is not always easy to articulate nice things for people we take for granted.. good for you, you did it!! may the love be there always...

  8. @Suchismita: It's so true that we take the most important people in our life for granted.....thanks for visiting my blog and commenting... :)

  9. Lovely have inspired me to write one for my under appreciated one :)


  10. I cant say anything but d cheesy "I loved it!"

  11. Enjoy every moment of your life !

  12. Oh wow. I love it that you've captured the ol' "double-edge sword" conondrum of love: thank god we have people in our lives that have flaws as well as beautiful sides. Your post is exactly what love should be: a daily celebration (whether expressed or not) of the bad, the average, the good, and the excellent in our partners :) I shall follow you. I like this voice.

  13. @Wendy: Thank you....your words are absolutely true and definitely encouraging... :)


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