Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Time!

Dear God,

One thing’s over and here comes the next…I have the Office Year End party…tomorrow…and I don’t know what I’m going to do…doesn’t make sense? Let’s try again…

For normal people…Party spells F-U-N…for me, it spells F-R-O-W-N…or that’s the look on my face by the time I step out of my house…Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy a good party…it’s just that I wait to work on a few basics until the last moment…and then, when it finally hits me that the party is happening the next day…or worse still, on the same evening...I run around like a chicken with its head cut off…

So, what are the basics you ask…here goes…

First one…what to wear? I see every other girl in my department discussing this question a week prior to the party, all gushing and giggling and making plans and I go ‘pooh pooh’ and roll my eyes…I somehow operate under the firm belief that ‘The Dress’ would have miraculously found its way in and would be waiting for me when I open my over stuffed wardrobe on the D Day …or maybe the day before (if I’m feeling extraordinarily grown up and responsible)…and when I do open that wardrobe of mine and survive the apparel avalanche, I see that it hasn’t appeared…yet! And then begins the hunt….I wade through the clothes, try a few on…sweat, swear and threaten to kill anyone who’d choose to come anywhere near me…and then get out and go buy something new to wear because I don’t have anything appropriate. 

Now buying the dress isn’t an easy task either because I’m what I call ‘pleasantly plump’ and others call ‘on the heavier side’. And so trying on outfits after outfits until I find something nice becomes an interminable act of torture…all this happens if I realize that I haven’t got anything to wear on the day before party…if it’s on the day of the party…I choose to wear whatever catches my eyes first and walk out…be it a coat or a curtain.

The next thing is to transform my hair from a frizzy looking bird’s nest to normal looking,almost impossible a tast…I’m scared to even think about the effort it involves…if you don’t know why…you need to take a look at this post…my hair has a mind of its own…and quite a willful mind at that…so, any step taken to make it look presentable is met with strong disapproval…and leads to a fight between me and my hair which leaves me exhausted…

And then there’s makeup. If I’d spent half the time I did on rolling my eyes at the ‘girl’ girls, I’d know the difference between a lip stick and an eye shadow…and how to use them. In order to help the absolute idiots like me, the cosmetics people should come up with color by numbers charts which must be given along with their products…

Getting back to the point…by this stage, I become hysterical…I apply and then rub off, apply and rub off, apply and rub off some more until it comes to the point that if I’d keep at it any more, my face would look like a very ripe tomato. 

By the time I’m done with the dress, hair and makeup, I’m already swearing under my breath…anyone with an ounce of self preservation would choose to step out of my way…I start looking more like a disgruntled bear than a human being…And the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I promised I’d be there…

If all this wasn’t enough, there’s still the crowded room I got to walk into. I walk into the party  and immediately think of turning around and making a run for it…since that isn’t an option, I try to blend in with the walls and curtains as much as possible while making very entertaining small talks about the weather, recession and inflation with people I haven’t seen before. Once I find one of my friends, the saviors, I relax because I know that I’ll survive the party and maybe even enjoy it. 

This year has been not much different…I asked my sister for advice the best she could come up with was a bandanna and cloak …would keep my hair out of my way at the least…I hung up on her because she wouldn’t stop laughing at the mental picture…not very helpful… 

After much digging through the wardrobe, I’ve found a wrap around skirt and bought a knitted top to go along with it…Prince Charming says the skirt looks a bit like bed sheet but I don’t care… Makeup and hair…I’ve no idea yet what I’m going to do… as long as I don’t end up looking like The Wicked Witch…I think I’d be alright…

Surprisingly, I’m also looking forward to the party as I’m going with my best friends from work…and that’s comforting…I know that I don’t have to walk in alone and latch myself to some random person whom I think I know...I think it will be alright…I hope it will be alright…I hope it turns out to be an evening of captivating conversations, friendly laughs and pleasant memories. 

The Anxious Party Goer


  1. I completely agree with you....we actually could be the same person getting ready for the same party....I was so bad one year going to my hubby's christmas party that we actually stopped at a store on the way to the party because I hated what I had on! You will be great...and if anything like me- will have an awesome time once you relax a bit!

  2. he he..pretty mess'd up hm??
    relax Cat!!
    it's not as difficult as it seems..cut away all d junk n chill!!
    its gonna b fyn.

  3. @Colenic:lol...Thanks colenic...the hope's that I'll be able to relax
    @Aayushi: terribly mess'd up...:D thanks

  4. Phew Cat! I felt quite exhausted myself reading all that, so I can't imagine what it actually does to you!! I loved the bit about your sister laughing on the phone. My daughters are like that with me. Anything goes wrong, and they are into hysterical laughter. Not very helpful, is it?! Very funny post, but I do hope you get to enjoy the party!

  5. Yeah Cat I got tired just reading all you had to put up getting ready. I do hope it turns out better than you thought it would. Sometimes it is so wonderful being a guy.

  6. @Thisisme: You're's absolutely exhausting, but I'm done...and guess what, I even managed to have fun at the party.
    @Odie: You're right...there are times when I feel it would've been better to be a guy... :)

  7. hahaha. i had a great laugh reading this post!:p i actually suffer the same hair problems! :'(.lol i bet you had fun at the party.. :)

  8. i have to agree with you on the whole trepidation thing. my hair is the other direction though - thin, fine, straight. i long for curls that don't cost me $75 every three months (which is why it's very straight right now).

    have fun at the party!

  9. @Maria: I understand about the hair... I had fun at the party though... :)

    @Teresa: I'd do anything for straight can have my curls...

  10. I was just about to ask if the party was fun when I read your response to Maria! That's what I get for taking a while to get around to catching up on blogs! :)

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. @ANichols: :) Yup, enjoyed the party this year....


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