Monday, December 13, 2010

My Very First Give Away

Okay...I've wanted to do this Give Away for some time..and before getting into the details about the Give Away, I'd like to Thank Bag Lady for having inspired me to do this post...this post, and the subsequent post of hers got me a lot of readership. So, thank you Bag Lady!

I had promised myself that I'd do a Give Away once I had 25 followers...I apologize for the delay...but then can you expect any better from the Queen of Procrastination?

Also, a BIIIIIIG Thank you and an even BIGGER Hug for everyone who has taken the time to read this little blog, comment on it and decided to follow me....You have no clue how much I value these friendly messages. For someone who considers herself a social misfit in real life, it's a pleasure to be able to fit in in the Blogosphere.

Now...let's get to business...

What I chose as the Give Away is a  Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet with the words "Live Love Laugh" inscribed on it. It looks like this:

And how would I choose a winner....let me be frank...I'm as clueless as you are..but then let's try to establish the rules, shall we?

a.) it's one entry for commenting on this post and telling me one thing you love about yourself.
b.) one entry for following me on Twitter. 
c.) one entry for posting a link to this Give Away on your blog

I tried to come up with a condition for a fourth entry but couldn't come up with one which was nice or witty then, you know what to do, right?
and BTW you're free to follow me if you'd like to (I'd love it......) and who the lucky one is will be announced coming Sunday...

Enjoy the weekend guys...



Addendum: Apologies again for being the complete idiot I am, but then Barb here graciously helped me  on getting my first Give Away organized. So, Thanks a ton, Barb!


  1. one thing i like about myself? the ability to see the positive despite what is going on in my life....great idea for a giveaway...

  2. Oh I absolutely love this idea....almost as much as I love your blog. I am planning to use that motto on my wedding invitations, I saw it on some fancy notelets and though it summed us up just perfectly. One thing I like about me, I never forget how to laugh :)

  3. You are welcome for reading and commenting, and thanks to YOU for doing the same on my blog! One thing I love about myself? Hmmm. I guess my efforts to always see those "silver linings" in life, no matter how many clouds and storms have been thrown my way.

  4. I love reading your blog and this giveaway is a lovely idea. The bracelet is very lovely!
    One thing I love about myself?... That's tough one... I love my honesty.

  5. Beautiful bracelet! Thank you so much for the mention - I love that you're picking up new followers. Such a great community feel on the web, isn't it?

    I love... that I am really good at wrapping presents. Comes in very handy at this time of year!

  6. yay i covet the bracelet! can it be mine please?lol. i enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you more. for some reason i find relating to you so easy :)

    i love my sense of humor. :p

  7. Thank you for the responses guys...must say, I'm pleasantly surprised...

  8. Still open, yes? Cause that bracelet it cuute. :)

    Let's see. I love that I try really hard not to judge people the first time I meet them. I think that's a pretty good thing to do.

    Thanks for this cat! (Can I call you Cat? teehee.)

  9. Hey Dani...yep, the Give Away is till open...and yep, you can call me Cat...I kind of like that... :D

  10. Hi there Cat. I am a new follower and loving your Blog! (Yes, I know, they all say that!!). I have a little plaque at home with the same saying as on your wonderful give-a-way bracelet. What do I love about myself - gosh, that's always a hard thing to say out loud. I guess I love it that I always try to put others before myself.

  11. Hi Thisisme....It's a great thing to be able to put others before yourself...

  12. Hi Cat, I am a new follower and appears we have some of the same friends so that is awesome. The thing I like about myself is that I am always Odie, not trying to be what I am not. Hope you are having a great week and you are welcome at my blog any time.

  13. Hi Odie...thanks for dropping by....and it's difficult to always try and be oneself...It's nice to know these nice things about everyone...:)

  14. what a beautiful bracelet!

    it's hard for me to find something about myself to love. that's not just modesty speaking; it's the truth. i guess the best thing about me is that i'm always ready to believe and see the best in people. i don't hold grudges. i give freely and i love deeply.

  15. Hi Teresa...I had visited your blog and must are a very strong person...

  16. @caterpillar - thanks for visiting and leaving comments. i admit i do have a few challenges. maybe no more than some, just different.

  17. Nicely done. Just for that consider me entered! What do I like about myself? I like that I am a really good grandma.


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