Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Hidden Alcove

My very first attempt at a story...I am never a patient writer who'd write a story attempting to write it in parts, following Starlight's example.

This was her place of retreat....her secret world, her respite from the busy, busy world around her.... this was the hidden alcove she called her own... the place she could slip into and stay in as long as she wanted, gazing out through the windows framed with ivy,cushioned in her favorite pillows of all hues, the soft curtains tickling her face in the gentle breeze and the fallen leaves descending and settling around her feet perched up on the window seat. She could see up to the bottom of the garden outside,the cherry tree with its blossoms, the little pond and the flower beds. She could hear the chirping of the birds that stationed themselves on the berry tree outside her window. She could feel her mind at peace..she was back home, she was where she belonged.

This alcove, hidden away in the attic was her favorite hiding spot. This was her magical place, her own hiding spot, her sanatorium, her treasure chest. This was where she cried her heart out when she was upset and laughed out loud when she thought up something completely amusing. This was where she had dreamed about her first crush, replayed her first kiss and nursed a broken heart back to life. It was seated in this alcove, she had planned on what she wanted to do with her life and whom she wanted to spend it with. It was here she came to when something distressed her beyond words, when she wanted to revel in the smallest of her achievements or she felt the first twinge of excitement about anything she cared about.

She heard the tinkling of metal bells which woke her up from the reverie...She did not remember having those bells there... She did not remember how she got here. She realized that her mind was trying to find its way through the hazy mist that seemed to cloud it. She felt uneasy and nervous. She knew she was supposed to remember something, though she couldn't put her finger on what was nagging her.  Her brows knit together in concentration, she tried to think harder; she knew she was forgetting something important.

She felt a warm and wet touch on her palm, and turned her head around to find Rufus, her black Labrador nudging her with his nose, wagging his tail excitedly.She couldn't help but smile at him...his excitement was infectious, his love unconditional...He was her constant companion, and the only one who had access into this alcove. He loved following her around and whined pitifully any time she chose to step out without him by her side. He had remained a faithful friend always, up until the day he chose to give up on life, she realized with a start, as she continued looking at Rufus, who was looking up at her with earnest eyes and rapidly wagging tail.

It didn't make any sense to her...

(To be continued...)


  1. Well written, very lovely. I want more... soon please!

  2. Good job. Starlight has also inspired me to put some of my fiction on my blog. I've got a few stories rolling around in my head.

    Look forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks guys...let me be honest, I have no clue where this story is heading...I'm trying to find out what happens myself... :(

  4. wow this is a nice story... please write the continuation the soonest you can! hehe.

  5. @Maria: I'm trying, I'm trying...:)


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