Thursday, October 28, 2010

Live And Let Live

Here's something I had written a while ago but never got around to posting. I thought this might be a good addition to the here goes:

Over the weekend, I watched a movie titled “The Boy in the striped Pajamas”, based on the novel by John Boyne. The movie unravels the friendship between an unlikely pair of kids, one a German, and the other, a Jew who meet each other across the barbed fence of an extermination camp for Jews. Set during World War II, this movie portrays the young German’s confusion, his budding friendship, and his mental turmoil about the right and the wrong when he befriends a Jewish boy at about the same time his tutor professes Jews to be bad, malignant and downright worthless.
The movie was a touching one, but it triggered a series of thoughts in my mind. How could a country’s Government expect to hoist a country to the supreme throne of glory and success when the base stones laid were that of hatred and prejudice?  How could a leader dream to seat his country on the peak of victory by darkening the minds of its citizens with rabid animosity towards fellow human beings just because their beliefs were different from theirs? In the bid for the perfect race, the basic qualities of humanity, tolerance and acceptance were trampled upon without any regret or guilt. Much talking has been done about the oppression and inequality faced by Jews at the hands of Nazi Government, the extermination camps, mindless killings and the Holocaust.
But while busy passing judgments and scorning yet another one of those people out there, ever thought of pausing for a second and wondering whether we are following the same principles as the Mein Kampf man ourselves... We are hostile towards someone because of his nationality, we don’t like someone because of his religion, we hate someone because of the color of his skin and we absolutely loathe someone because he thinks differently from us. And yet, we do not bat an eye lid before passing judgment about the vileness of someone who killed thousands of people because they chose to follow a different path of faith.
This is not an article in support of a person who decided to wipe out a major portion of humanity, but a pleading to not transform yourself into a clone of his. The words we utter, the thoughts of hatred we carry might not physically kill someone, but it does kill the happiness of that someone, it kills their faith in tolerance, if not acceptance and most importantly, it kills the goodness in you in a silent way.  When we call someone a freak because they choose to be different from the normal, when we spat against someone because they choose to follow a particular faith and throw one of those sarcastic comments at someone just because they don’t belong to your idea of ‘perfect race’, remember that you are not being any different from the one you scorned and declared to be the enemy of human race.
So, before you decide to voice out how much you hate that girl for being a tad too smart for your liking or how big a loser that guy is because he chose not to mingle with the popular crowd but with his set of favourite authors, think about this... the careless words you just strewed might be a counteractive venom which will turn you into a hateful bully, and create your own custom made personal hell for you...
So folks, let’s take a good look at ourselves and promise ourselves to “Live and Let Live” and follow that every single day of our life.


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