Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The eccentricities that make me

I was going through this blog entry  and was mighty inspired by the topic Bag Lady chose...ten things I'd like to share about myself.... She even mentioned that she would come by and read if I wrote this entry...since, I am in dire need of a few readers (just to appease the vain blogger in me who thinks that she's the next best thing since toasted bread and is a budding writer waiting to be discovered) I thought "Heck, why not!"...it's just 10 random things about me....it's not going to be that hard right.....wrong!!! No sooner had I decided to write this blog entry that I realized an ever familiar wall growing big and then bigger, blocking my view of my brain...and so here I am sitting and racking my brain so that I can tell you 10 things about me... 10 lines/paragraphs in which I have to hold your attention, be witty, charm you and also throw in the surprise element....easy.... berry berry easy....

Okay, here goes..

1. I sometimes feel like I am a guy trapped in a girl's body....Don't get me wrong..... I am a girl, I am a tomboyish girl... I am just not a woman. You ask me to do the maths, handle the finances, fix a light bulb, go fight a lion bare handed..I might just to do that.... but you ask me to wear a pair of stilletos and I will go all pale and dead looking, as though you asked me to walk up to the gallows...on second thoughts, I think I'd choose the gallows. Ask me to pick a shade of lipstick and I'd look at you as though you asked me to crack the DNA code... talk to me about the latest dress in fashion and I'd look at you like you are talking gibberish.... net net, me = woman = lost cause.

2. I enjoy reading. I enjoy reading so much that I forget to pay attention to what's happening around me. So if I were to be left alone with a book in a busy street, the chances are that....
a. I'd be lost
b. I'd be robbed ( and have no clue even if THAT would happen)
c. I'd be hit by a car and still have my nose buried in the book.

3. I do not use ink pens ever because of the tendency to leave ink blotches all over the paper. The reason: sweaty palms.Attending interviews, meeting new people, walking into a room crowded with people, merely thinking about sweaty palms (like now)....anything can trigger this off....and then it's hard to stop....

4. The term 'Procrastination' was invented keeping me in mind. If I'd have a reason to skip doing something, I'd skip.... If I can't find a reason to skip doing something....? I will invent one... as simple as that...

5. Which brings us to the next random thing about me.... I will begin with my new diet and exercise plan tomorrow... It's a different thing that the tomorrow's not yet here and I am expectantly waiting for it to arrive... waiting, waiting, still waiting for "Tomorrow"

6. I consider myself to be witty and I credit that to my father.  As I always say, my sense of humor is hereditary.... it was a pass down from my father... When I am too stressed, my emotions work in the reverse....I end up laughing loud when I am too stressed...and leave a few eyebrows raised...

7. I believe in fairies, pixies, goblins, leprechauns and Santa Claus. I believe in wishing upon shooting stars and eye lashes, finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and three's a charm saying.

8. I hate darkness and panic if I end up alone when it's dark. I have an uncharacteristic fear of darkness. The daily ritual that I follow while at home alone at night is to switch on almost all the lights and TV so that there's light and sound to keep me company. I am trying to bring down this fear bit by bit.

9. My hobbies are, mostly, seasonal... So I am a candle making, glass painting, guitar playing, poetry writing, photo taking Jack who is a master of none. Thank God I didn't try knitting.

10. I have a younger sister and I am very possessive about her. The sole right to criticize,  taunt and irritate her lies with me and I am willing to share it with no one.  

Well....so there, that's 10 things about me.... writing it was as easy as a trip to the Dentist... but then, I've finally managed to pull through.....so then, it's time to tell me a few things about you.... As Bag Lady mentioned, I'd love to come over and read about it..... and comment too.....

So till then, so long....


  1. Thankfully I don't have to worry about sweaty palms, but my husband does. One time something happened that made me annoyed with him (I can't remember what it was) and to get back at him I said, "your hands aren't sweaty" because I knew that then they would start to sweat. Bad wife.

  2. @ Cecilia:I agree, bad bad wife.... but then you really can't help it at times... I wish my husband had sweaty palms too..:)

  3. Hi there (and here I am!)

    I love these. Some of the best 10 things I've read. I feel like I know a teensy bit more about you!

    I too am all about the procrastination, I love to read (I get through about a book a week. Quicker if it's a really good or really trashy one) and I don't like the dark.

    I'm planning to do a round up 10 things post. Would you mind if I included a link to yours?

    Bag Lady

  4. Hello Baglady.... your comment has left me with a gleeful grin.... something like this... :D :D :D... Thank you for the comment, and of course, you can include a link to my entry as well.... thanks again....

  5. I love this! I am absolutely the same with a book, I can zone anything out and am probably a hazard to myself while reading unless cuddled up securely on the couch :)

  6. I am on the same page as you on #1, 2 (for me, I would just be lost), and 8. Please come and pay me a visit if you have time. http://theangeldiary.blogspot.com/

  7. A great list - thoroughly enjoyed this. Oh - and you should try knitting...

  8. lol.... yeah, i should try that some time soooooon.... :))

  9. Hey Caterpillar :) Thanks for your comment! You wrote a nice blog about yourself it was fun reading it and finding out some interesting things about you. I'm with you on 2, 4 and 10. Also a bit on the darkness thing...

    You're welcome to follow me if you'd like :)

  10. hi caterpillar. i found my way here through Bag Lady's blog, when she mentioned you're the queen of procrastination i was like, "hmmmm we one thing in common!" in fact a few months back i posted about the things i procrastinate on and i did procrastinate before finally writing about it.lol and about reading, well i love reading so much too. i get so engrossed in a book that I ignore the real world. hehe.

    i love this post. i'm a new follower now! :)

  11. 2, 5, 6 ,7 ...are more or less what i will write if i write another 10 things about me!.
    And your blog title, couldnt be more intriguing! Love it! Instant fan! :)

  12. so...what is your sign? Am intrigued...and obviously u know am a horoscope freak! :D

  13. Hi,read about you on baglady's blog.You can be assusred i will be back.

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    Thank you.


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