Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ground Rules

Am back!!!

Alright... no drum rolls, no spot lights, but that's alright...coz I am back...

Just in case if any one out there was wondering where I had vanished to...I had gone back home, and it was good, as always. There was lots of stuff to do which also means that there wasn’t any time whatsoever to relax, but then when you're home, you're home and that's all that matters. While on my trip back, I decided to lay some ground rules to use in my blog the following is the list I came up with, which is not extensive:

1. I have planned NOT to name anyone Mr. A, B or C coz its plain boring. So, instead I am going to call them a name each based on characters from books, cartoons, movies or fairy tales. So then, you will see frequent references to Prince Charming (mine of course!), Mr.Spock (One of my best friends),Winnie the Pooh (my sister and best friend rolled into one), Jiminy Cricket (a very wise younger friend), Pocahontas (a colleague/friend of mine who tends to go red in the face when she gets angry), Yogi Bear,Dennis the Menace and Olive Oyl (all colleagues of mine) and Big B (for my boss of course). There are many more names to be shared, but then since  can already hear the faint crack of patience snapping, I decided to cut the list short.

2. I want to (Note:i said I want to, NOT I would!) write an entry every day though I am not too sure of the success, what with me having skipped 3 days already from the day I promised I would make an entry regularly.

3. I will try not to make it a ranting blog, which again, I cannot be too sure of because…well, I like to rant…I am a pro when it comes to ranting…umm, and worrying…!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Embarassing but true

I had promised myself that I would blog every day, at least for a month and broke the promise on the very next day. I tried fishing for excuses ranging from sprained fingers to a hectic day but came up with none, and so shamefully accept that I was plain lazy...
And I hope this confession will force me to take responsibility for my tardiness and remind me what I had set out to do....

Also, a little trivia that I found:
Also, did you know that women buy sexier clothes when they are ovulating... Okay, dont roll your eyes yet....it wasnt me, I promise...it was the conclusion of a research by University of Minnesotta.
Check out the complete article here:

So does that mean that if I decide to buy a pair of stilletto heels in place of flat sandals (however lean the chances are of THAT  happening), that would mean that I am ovulating? Now that's interesting! :)

The Trail

She was trapped in the middle of the forest.... the forest so dense that the greenery around her scared her instead of making her happy. The dark green curtain around her hid light from her... the tiny patches of light seemed inadequate to guide her way... she felt lost, afraid... the unfamiliar noises made her jump.... she wanted to scream, but realized that she couldnt. She walked aimlessly, too afraid to cry, too afraid to call out for help... the darkness of the forest setting in on her....
Until she saw a small path leading into a clearing....the small patch of sunlight she saw made her cry out in happiness...those rays seemed more precious to her than the most precious of stones... and at the end of the clearing was a path, a trail that seemed to be leading somewhere, sunlight guiding the way.... somewhere away from this dark forest which she had decided to walk into...
She looked back at the forest behind her, indecision tearing her apart, and took the first step towards light....and walked forward, without a second glance behind, stepping on to the barely there path, washing herself in the beautiful rays...following the trail, the trail that will take her away from the dark, dark forest and into sun light, into happiness....into hope.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How I ended up here!

Hello readers....

I had no intention of starting another blog because it has been proved beyond doubt that I can never, ever remain committed to any interest for more than a few days and see it to its end...The statement "Jack of all trades, master of none" was coined keeping me in mind for sure... and I have a blog in tumblr with the same name anyways: http://musingnconfessions.tumblr.com/
I was just trying to check if this blog address was available on Blogger, n while clicking away on the Continue button, little did I fathom that I'd end up with two blogs in place of one... when I couldnt muster up enough earnestness to update one blog. Dear me!!!
But then, whatever's done is done....so then, better get on board and try and be a bit more of a responsible blogger this time around....
Oh God, I cant get this humming n my head turned off...."two blogs to update.....two blogs to update....two blogs to update.....", it's getting louder.....eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!