Monday, December 27, 2010

Mr.Spider's Tales

My first ever attempt at writing a poem dealing with fantasy characters...something like a fairy tale I guess...looking for constructive criticism.
On a dark, dark night,
Against a starry, shimmering, sky.
A web of stories, wits,
Mr Spider spins on.
To tell you, to rock you asleep,
To take you away, far away to the land of sleep.
The rhythm of words, charming
He spins on and on, in the dark, black night...
The story teller, his tales show you,
Valleys and streams, in the land of dreams.
'Purest of forms', he croons,
'Fairest of them, faster than air,
Horns as strong as hardest white stone,
Unicorns, my dears, we should all be'.
'May purest of thoughts adorn your mind,
May your actions, fair, speak for you'.
Fast by mind, strong at heart,
Unicorns, my dears, we should all be.
On a dark, dark night,
Against a starry, shimmering, sky,
A web of stories, wits,
Mr.Spider spins on.
“Colorful, oh so colorful”, Mr Spider smiles,
'Long living, incense and pearls fed on.
Burning to ashes, yet springing back to life,
Phoenix, darlings, we should all be'.
'Let joy and love color your lives,
May fair thoughts, deeds and hopes, you feed on.
May failures, burn you to cinders, yet spring you to life,
A phoenix, darlings, we should all be'.
On a dark, dark night,
Against a starry, shimmering, sky.
A web of stories, wits,
Mr Spider spins on.
'Wasp like wings, fluttering, flying,
Giggles, sound of bells, so joyful', he winks.
'Nimble, skipping, sprinkling golden dust,
Fairies, sweet beings, we should all be'.
'May your dreams, flying, be your guiding light,
May sound of laughter never leave your heart.
Helping hands, favors, fairy dust, give without haste,
Fairies, sweet beings, we should all be'.
On a dark, dark night,
Against a starry, shimmering, sky.
A web of stories, wits,
Mr Spider spins on.
'Kind eyes, seeing all, yet smiling, trusting,
Harp in hand, feathered wings, joy giving'.
'Beacons of lights they shine, shadows thrown behind,
Angels, precious gems, we should all be'.
'May kindness, not hatred, adorn your eyes,
May light at heart, sweet words, you share,
Forgiveness, give foes, let malice fall behind,
Angels, precious gems, we should all be'.
On a dark, dark night,
Against a starry, shimmering, sky.
A web of stories, wits,
Mr Spider spins on.
To tell you, to rock you asleep,
To take you away, far away to the land of sleep.
The rhythm of words, charming
He spins on and on, in the dark, black night...
With the first rays of sun, he vanishes,
With the promises of stories, enchanting, yet to unveil,
The story teller, his tales wake you,
To a day, your day, to write your story anew.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Wishing all my Blogger friends a Merry Christmas....Have fun, make merry, be safe....



Friday, December 24, 2010

A Short Update

It's time for my vacation, the few blissful days off work when I get to wake up and not fret about having to get to Office...

The regular fare is to divide this time off between stays at my parents' and in-laws'...this year, it's not going to be any different...and I'm glad I get to spend this time with family.

It tends to get a bit hectic with shuttling between places with a lot of friendly visits and other personal to-do lists thrown in...but I kind of enjoy it as well...

I might not be around as much as I'd want to but I'd like everyone to know that I'll try to drop in and say 'Hi' as usual...when I'm not having a fun time with my nephew and niece... 

So then, have a fun time, everyone...and enjoy the holiday season...



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Wow Moment any other day, I sat down to read through the blogs I frequent and was reading Christine's amazing post about Change...I also saw that she had been awarded the Honest Scrap Award...I read the random facts about her and found that we share a fear for spiders...I continued reading and reached at the point where she had mentioned the list of bloggers she had passed on the Award to...I saw a name that looked familiar before I moved on to the next one on the list,...and then I came back and read out the Blog name again...and again...and went wide eyed and said...'Wow'....because that was my blog's name...

This is the very first Award my blog's got and I'm really really happy that it's hard to stop hopping.. And honored and touched that she chose my blog...Many thanks, Christine!

Now...from her post, I also got to know that the tradition is to share five random things about myself and pass it on to five deserving then,'s the five random facts about me...I have tried the 'sharing random facts about me' thing earlier and I know it can be difficult...!

a. I'm a dreamer...If I'm alone, I tend to zone out and get lost in my thoughts...I tend to do that occasionally even when I'm not much so that I've been titled "Lost Soul" in my office and friends' circle.

b. I believe that a person's zodiac sign, birth date, favorite color and handwriting are little windows which let us peek into his or her personality. I've read a few articles, collected a few books, but never seriously worked on dissecting a person based on all of these things. And never would...I just don't think it's fair.  It's just something I do once in a while to see people looking all surprised and go "Really?"...

c. I love the color blue and Meg Ryan movies...that was pretty random now, wasn't it?

d. For someone who calls herself a tomboy, I'm someone who gets all teary eyed at the drop of a hat...a touching song, a happy ending, a nice story, even a few memories is enough to switch on the fountains behind my eyes.

e. The biggest fear of mine is being lonely. I don't mind being alone, I can entertain myself quite well with my day dreaming and soliloquies. But I cannot bear to think of being lonely...ever.

Phew....that was tough...I've been around for Twenty Seven years but you ask me to tell Five random things about me and I go blank...sheesh!'s time to hand over the Award...I wish I could cheat and give it away to all of you, but after much deliberation, here are the list of bloggers I've decided to hand over this Award to: 

These blogs show some strong, funny, positive thoughts that will make you laugh, sit back and think and be thankful...So....why don't you visit them and say a 'Hi'...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

And The Winner is...

Hello Friends, 

So the Give Away is officially closed, and the winner has been chosen...thanks to and Prince Charming who agreed to do the Randomizing thing for me...

So, without further ado, let me announce the winner....(drum rolls please!)

It's Louba at ....She's a strong person and has a lot of positive thoughts to share.

Congratulations Louba...please mail me your mailing address at uniquedownload(at)gmail(dot)com so that this Live Love Laugh bracelet can find its way to you...

Thank you everyone, for the participation, amazing support, good words and friendship shared....I'd also like to say that I'm coming up with a second Give Away real soon...

Please check out this shop at Etsy...she's a real creative person and has some nice stuff out there that you guys will like...

Have a great Sunday!

Reblogging: Girl Power, The Moon and the Prayers

I saw this post here and I thought it would be a good idea to re-blog it...It's for Jane as she's going through a difficult time...I think it's something I must do.  So here goes:
  • What if each night you look at the moon for, say, 15 seconds and send positive thoughts to Jane and to others who you know are going through harsh times?...  
  • What if you post this concept on your blog or speak to your friends?...
  • What if your followers blog this concept and speak to their friends?... 
  • What if hundreds of women look at the moon each night and send off their thoughts?
  • What if women needing support received these hundreds of thoughts?...
  • You see, we all have the same moon, don't we?..
  • Girl power. 
  • Can we do it? 15 seconds a day? Pay it forward?
  • I say we can. It can only help. It can connect us all. It can be global..
  • So what do you say?...
  • Start blogging the concept girls or make a pact with your friends 
So, I'll see you when the moon comes out tonight...

Signing off...


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Time!

Dear God,

One thing’s over and here comes the next…I have the Office Year End party…tomorrow…and I don’t know what I’m going to do…doesn’t make sense? Let’s try again…

For normal people…Party spells F-U-N…for me, it spells F-R-O-W-N…or that’s the look on my face by the time I step out of my house…Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy a good party…it’s just that I wait to work on a few basics until the last moment…and then, when it finally hits me that the party is happening the next day…or worse still, on the same evening...I run around like a chicken with its head cut off…

So, what are the basics you ask…here goes…

First one…what to wear? I see every other girl in my department discussing this question a week prior to the party, all gushing and giggling and making plans and I go ‘pooh pooh’ and roll my eyes…I somehow operate under the firm belief that ‘The Dress’ would have miraculously found its way in and would be waiting for me when I open my over stuffed wardrobe on the D Day …or maybe the day before (if I’m feeling extraordinarily grown up and responsible)…and when I do open that wardrobe of mine and survive the apparel avalanche, I see that it hasn’t appeared…yet! And then begins the hunt….I wade through the clothes, try a few on…sweat, swear and threaten to kill anyone who’d choose to come anywhere near me…and then get out and go buy something new to wear because I don’t have anything appropriate. 

Now buying the dress isn’t an easy task either because I’m what I call ‘pleasantly plump’ and others call ‘on the heavier side’. And so trying on outfits after outfits until I find something nice becomes an interminable act of torture…all this happens if I realize that I haven’t got anything to wear on the day before party…if it’s on the day of the party…I choose to wear whatever catches my eyes first and walk out…be it a coat or a curtain.

The next thing is to transform my hair from a frizzy looking bird’s nest to normal looking,almost impossible a tast…I’m scared to even think about the effort it involves…if you don’t know why…you need to take a look at this post…my hair has a mind of its own…and quite a willful mind at that…so, any step taken to make it look presentable is met with strong disapproval…and leads to a fight between me and my hair which leaves me exhausted…

And then there’s makeup. If I’d spent half the time I did on rolling my eyes at the ‘girl’ girls, I’d know the difference between a lip stick and an eye shadow…and how to use them. In order to help the absolute idiots like me, the cosmetics people should come up with color by numbers charts which must be given along with their products…

Getting back to the point…by this stage, I become hysterical…I apply and then rub off, apply and rub off, apply and rub off some more until it comes to the point that if I’d keep at it any more, my face would look like a very ripe tomato. 

By the time I’m done with the dress, hair and makeup, I’m already swearing under my breath…anyone with an ounce of self preservation would choose to step out of my way…I start looking more like a disgruntled bear than a human being…And the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I promised I’d be there…

If all this wasn’t enough, there’s still the crowded room I got to walk into. I walk into the party  and immediately think of turning around and making a run for it…since that isn’t an option, I try to blend in with the walls and curtains as much as possible while making very entertaining small talks about the weather, recession and inflation with people I haven’t seen before. Once I find one of my friends, the saviors, I relax because I know that I’ll survive the party and maybe even enjoy it. 

This year has been not much different…I asked my sister for advice the best she could come up with was a bandanna and cloak …would keep my hair out of my way at the least…I hung up on her because she wouldn’t stop laughing at the mental picture…not very helpful… 

After much digging through the wardrobe, I’ve found a wrap around skirt and bought a knitted top to go along with it…Prince Charming says the skirt looks a bit like bed sheet but I don’t care… Makeup and hair…I’ve no idea yet what I’m going to do… as long as I don’t end up looking like The Wicked Witch…I think I’d be alright…

Surprisingly, I’m also looking forward to the party as I’m going with my best friends from work…and that’s comforting…I know that I don’t have to walk in alone and latch myself to some random person whom I think I know...I think it will be alright…I hope it will be alright…I hope it turns out to be an evening of captivating conversations, friendly laughs and pleasant memories. 

The Anxious Party Goer

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's That Time Again!

Dear God,

It’s that time of the year again…the time of heartaches and heart breaks, the time of palpitations and sweaty palms (for me of course)… time for expectations and disappointments…it’s the time of the year when the Office Santa called Appraisal Meeting comes knocking on our doors…

 It’s the time of the year when they take you high in the sky telling you how great an employee you are and then drop you hard on the ground with your past insolences, idiocies and mediocrities flung back in the face…it’s the time of the year when the Bell Curve will decide whether you’ve been a good girl or a naughty boy and give you your gifts…

It’s around this time of the year I always end up suffering from a special sort of amnesia…it’s a seasonal thing, you see…it makes me forget all the important, positive things I’ve done during the year…the finished projects, the awards, the appreciations…everything is wiped off the slate…but…I remember all the bad bits…every one of them…as clear as it happened just yesterday…the deadlines missed, the mistakes made, the reports overlooked…all of it keeps playing in a loop in my head…amazing transmission… The mere thought of having the appraisal discussion makes me feel like I’m back in school…and it feels like the time for the report card, in all its gory glory, to be handed over to Parents. 

I see my colleagues preparing themselves for these discussions earnestly and I’m left gulping for air…Maybe…just maybe, that’s because I’ve no clue what I’m going to talk in there. I see them going in for their discussions all prepared to fight the lion and beat him too and I panic. I panic because I know that when it’s my turn to step into the arena, I’d gladly let the lion paw me without even trying to fight my case. 

Normally, I take an “Off to the Dentist” approach to these meetings…the sooner they get over, the better…At least, I don’t have to walk around with the feeling of the whole animal kingdom let loose in my stomach…But this year, I’ve tried a different approach…I’ve tried dilly dallying it until it’s come to the point where I’m the only one left to have the discussion. I’ve been trying to push the date for the discussion until it cannot be postponed any further…

I’ve gone through my reviews and I know that my manager has more good things to say about me than I have… (Bless you, Big B)…I know I don’t have any reason to be nervous and I keep telling myself that it will be fine… but I know that I’m going to have a severe case of sweaty palms and brain shut down the moment I step in for my discussion. 

And I have a fair idea why I’m dreading this meeting…it’s because however hard I try to prepare myself to argue my points, the minute a counter argument comes up, I’m going to forget what I wanted in the first place…The minute I smell confrontation in the air, my brain’s going to freeze and I’m going to give in…And I’m going to forget why I wanted that promotion or why I wanted that raise…or why I was even in the room having the discussion…Dear God, how am I ever going to convince Big B about any of it when I cannot convince myself that I can fight for what I want.

I’ve got The Meeting today…I’m dreading it but at the same time, what I’m really really hoping for is that the Ghosts of Appraisal Past and Appraisal Present will help me realize the need for me to go there and take the bull by the horns and emerge victorious…I hope, I hope…sigh…!

The Worried Employee

Addendum: The meeting is officially over...the traitor called brain did the regular shut down (nothing new)...but due to timely the form of constantly reminding myself to speak up, I was able to speak about my career aspirations and expectations. Whether I get what I asked for is another story, but I'm glad I spoke up and told Big B what I had on my mind.

Thanks to every one of you for the tips, advices and good wishes. mwaaaah and hugs....I'm real happy it's over...for this year at least!

Reblogging: December 21st Prayer for Peace

I saw this post over here and decided to reblog here goes:

Winter Solstice occurs at 6:30pm eastern time on December 21st. 

The Northern hemisphere is at it's darkest point in space and from that time onwards the days begin to get longer and the light gets stronger and stronger.

Let us all join together in whatever form of Prayer resonates with you at this time for at least 10 minutes and offer a prayer of peace and gratitude. 

Studies have shown time and time again that when groups of people gather together and focus their hearts on such a goal that the effects on society are measurable and profound. The more people who participate, the larger the impact. 

Our world is beset by so many troubles. We have so much potential to do good, especially when we raise our hearts together!

So at 6:30 pm Eastern time (3:30 pm Pacific) let's all do a little bit of what we can do together by setting aside just 10 minutes to offer a prayer for Peace and all that peace entails.

Please pass this along.  Reblog. Tweet. Facebook it.  This is such a great opportunity for a moment to put something worthwhile and positive out into the Universe.