Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Ideal Valentine!

As an Asus Zenfone owner, I can give you multiple reasons as to why Asus is the ideal valentine for me, you or anyone out there. Here goes:

1. Great looks: Well, not to say that we must go on looks alone, but it does matter to some extent. Not one to disappoint, Asus Zenfone comes with a sleek and elegant look and is equipped with Survived laminated display. The display is 1280x800 HDS and has a pixel density of 294ppi. So, all that you see and experience is brighter, clearer and truly vivid. Speak about impeccable grooming!

2. Brain Power: Asus Zenfone comes with 64 bit memory ensures that the processing is faster and smoother. This phone comes equipped with Intel Atom Multi Core Z2580 processor which accounts for the speed and smoothness with which it operates. The 3D Performance of Asus Zenfone ensures seamless running of movies and games without any interruptions.

3. Sustainability: Of course there is beauty and there is brains, but what if it doesn't last long? Asus Zenfone ensures that you can continue using your phone for a long long time because of the high battery life. The low power processor as well as the power efficient antenna design ensures  that you can watch videos, make calls, play games and Whatsapp to your heart's content without being worried about a dying battery.

4. Sensitivity: The Asus Zenfone comes with super fast touch responsiveness. This phone's touch sensitivity comes at 60 ms which ensures that you don't spend all your time scratching across the phone's surface but rather spend all that time enjoying images, videos and games. The increased display sensitivity ensures that you can operate the phone even with your gloves on.

5. Tough exterior: What is beauty without brawn when it comes to the ideal Valentine? Asus Zenfone comes equipped with Gorilla Glass 3 which minimizes susceptibility to scratches. The Native Damage resistance technology ensures that this phone's display has improved surface densification and reduces chances of lateral cracking.

6. Simplicity: If you have ever used Asus Zenfone, you will know that this phone takes the term "simplicity" seriously. This phone comes packed with multiple apps and gadgets which can be easily accessed with the swipe of a finger. There are no complicated finger swipes or paths to go through to ensure that you access the apps, contacts, messages or movies.

7. Output quality: Asus Zenfone comes equipped with a high quality camera which in turn produces high quality images. It comes with pre defines modes that provides the users flexibility to click pictures using HDR, Night, GIF animation or auto modes. In addition, there are pre designed filters that can be used on the images as well.  The SonicMaster technology ensures that the sound output produced by Asus Zenfone is top class.

All in all, Asus Zenfone is truly the most ideal Valentine anyone can hope to find for herself! Belated Valentine's Day wishes, everyone!


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