Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's All So Quikr!!!

Remember how it used to be when you had to buy something, and you didn't know where to look? You had to  through umpteen shops, look through catalogues and bargain with the middlemen. The same holds true in case you are a seller too. It is sheer good luck that used to help you buy that piece of furniture you were looking for. More often than not, the said good luck was evasive as well. Not any more. Advent of internet has brought about eternal supply of good luck to all the buyers and sellers. Quikr is here, and as the name suggests, it brings about quicker, more efficient and effective option for the buyers and sellers to connect. Quikr makes it as easy as clicking pictures and uploading them onto the website and connecting with the buyers. Quikr has introduced the quikr chat which provides added advantage to both the buyers and sellers. Here are a few reasons why quikr chat has added to the benefits of Quikr.

Instant and even paced communication: Quikr chat allows the buyers and sellers connect instantaneously instead of waiting to call and wait for a reply. It is even paced so that you don't have to spend all your time making calls or fielding calls from prospective buyers. Quikr chat allows you to ensure you don't get ensnared in the multiple queries you might get for your ad, many of which might not be genuine buyers.

Conversation history: Remember the times you make a phone call and forget to save the number. Yeah, those are the times when you will spend all your time scrolling through the call logs and returning calls to strangers, ultimately feeling stupid when you end up talking to yet another telemarketer who had tried to sell you a credit card. Quikr chat retains the complete chat conversation history so that you can go back and refer. Also, it offers the chance to get further details and clarify any questions you might have about the product on sale without having to make multiple calls.

Maintaining track of multiple requests: With the Quikr chat, you can screen the multiple requests you receive from the buyers and decide on the prospective buyers to go with. This makes for easy communication between the sellers and genuine buyers without having to rely on telephone at all.

The complete picture: Quikr chat allows the buyers to upload multiple pictures of the product on sale so that the buyers can see the product from every angle before making a decision to buy it.  This feature ensures that you are not travelling around the town checking out the product on your precious weekends. Rather, you can check out the product sitting in the comfort of your home before you decide whether to buy it or not.

Quikr, alongwith the Quikr chat, goes a long way to ensure that buying or selling is made a seamless and effortless thing to do. In short, you can start selling and buying stuff without breaking a sweat from now on thanks to Quikr.
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