Saturday, January 24, 2015

Who Am I?

There are a million pieces that make one an individual. Miniscule bits that draw a picture when pieced together. They go beyond labels, beyond definitions and are more of ideas, ideals and values that you hold close to your heart. Here are a few things that define me as a woman:

1. An optimistic dreamer: Yup, I'm a dreamer. So much of a dreamer that I have the habit being lost in my thoughts and dreams occasionally. However, I can gladly say that I am quite an optimistic dreamer. All my dreams are happy ending and all my thoughts are tinted with optimism. This is not to say that I am the bright eyed smiling girl all the time. Yet my thoughts are mostly aspirations, hopes and things I want to achieve.

2. Armchair traveller: If I look into my diary from when I am fifteen, I'd see "travel the world" as one of my bucket list items. However, I haven't been able to for a multitude of reasons. However, I have decided not to let that get to me and live vicariously through articles, TV shows and blogs pertaining to travelling; for now at least.

3. A ram with a pinch of bull: I am an Aries who was born mid April, close to the Taurus sign. And so I call myself a ram with a pinch of bull. I am headstrong and impulsive but I am also reserved and patient. I don't relate to either zodiac signs in any way and seems to be a curious mix of both.

4. Equalist: I believe in women empowerment and freedom of expression for women. However, I don't think I am a feminist. I am more of an equalist who believes that men and women are two sides of a coin and so deserve equal status, rights and responsibilities. That ways, I believe in the "ardhanareeshwari" concept.

5. Ambitious and resourceful: I have always been ambitious. I am not aggressive, just ambitious. I would also like to believe that I am resourceful and prepared to face any unexpected incidents or situations.

6. I forgive easy and never forget: Forgiveness comes easy to me, forgetting a slight not so much. I don't forget even the slightest scorn, backstabbing or insult that might have been thrown at me. However, I choose not to stress myself out plotting revenge. I choose to forgive, but I also choose not to forget.

7. Spiritual without a religion: I was born a Hindu and am married to a Christian. I continue being a Hindu and consider myself spiritual. However, I believe that I am more spiritual than religious and do not really confirm to rules.

8. DIY fan: I am a great fan of DIY projects and people who have the interest and ability to finish the projects that they take on.  I enjoy watching and reading about these projects and feeling proud for the DIY-ers. However, I prefer to look on from a distance and never involve myself in the projects. I just don't have the attention span for it.

Add a little craziness to the cocktail above and that's me in a nutshell....defined by values but above all labels!
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