Saturday, January 31, 2015

Top Three - Bucket List

So, Blogadda along with MaxLife insurance came up with the #SecondChance activity where they asked what would be the three things I would do if I had a chance to. Now, even before Blogadda had asked that question, I had been doing some introspection and asking me what I wanted to do with life if I had nothing stopping me; so this contest came at the right time. So, here is the list of three things that I would do if I had enough bank balance and guts to call it quits and take the second chance offered to me.

1. Shave my head: I am vain and lot of my vanity is attached to my mane! It rhymed even! Thick, long and lustrous hair is something I used to have. Please notice the past tense. What I have now is limp, long and graying hair which I hold on to because I am not brave enough to let go. Why so, you may ask. It is because it almost feels like my hair is more like cricket where everyone around me has an opinion about it. How long it should be, how thick it should be, should I colour it or leave it to be.  Plus, I am not brave enough to let go of my vanity and my fear of "what people will think". I am quite self conscious and hates drawing attention to myself. So a perfectly round and clean shaven head is going to have just the opposite effect. I don't think I am equipped to handle the amused, accusatory or surprised glances that might come my way. Neither am I ready for the questions that will accompany the looks, said and unsaid. However, if I could, I would pick up the trimmer right now and have a go at it. Just so that I can feel the freedom that stepping out of a stereotypical image. Also, it wouldn't hurt to be free of all the packs, oils and creams I have to use just to make sure that I don't keep shedding like a Pomeranian puppy.

2. Travel like a gypsy: The first thing I would do once I am done shaving my hair off will be packing my bag. You see, travelling across India has been one of the top most items on my ever growing bucket list. Since hypothetically, I have a bank balance that never dips, I can quit my job and update my profile to say vagabond and set off on a journey from one tip of India to the other. I would spend this time to immerse myself in the experiences I would gather on my way as souvenirs of my adventure. Rather than do a touch and run, I would stay around and enjoy what each place had to offer before moving on. And once this was done, I would spread out my map and look at the nearest countries I can march into.

3. Publish a book: Once I am back from my adventures, I would start working on that book that I always plan to write but never get around to doing because life gets in between. I would write about everything I ever wanted to write, weave stories and tell my experiences and have at least one book published in this life time. I would also find a work from home opportunity, be it a job or business, and make sure that I spend some precious time with my darling baby before she grows up and flies away from the nest!

So that's the top three things that I would do if I had a second chance, people. Thank you, Blogadda and MaxLIfe insurance for giving me an opportunity to voice out the dreams or hopes I have and hope to achieve some day.

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance

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