Saturday, January 31, 2015

The War Against The Lone Pimple!

So, I saw this contest about Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash and went, "hmm, I could write this one!" though I am not really someone who gets a lot of pimples. I am more of a whiteheads, blackheads girl you see. So the whole pimple scenario was not very familiar to me. I looked at the guidelines, scratched my chin and decided to give it a go in a few days; there was plenty of time left. The next day, I woke up and reached up to scratch my chin, and hey presto, there it was...a pimple that had come just in time to show and tell how it felt to have one. Maybe it was that chocolate cake I had had for dessert the previous night, or perhaps it was the scrambled eggs for breakfast. But whatever the reason was, there sitting like the crowning gem on my chin was a plump pimple.  

Now this was one of the rare weekends I had decided to step out of the self imposed exile and here I had a pimple that made me look like the witch with wart. It was too late to do anything about it and thus started my frantic search for anything, anything, that would help make it look a little less obvious. So here's all the home remedies I tried and how they fared.

1. Ice: The first item I tried on my face was a cube of ice from the freezer. I had read that ice would help bring down the redness and inflammation, and so went at it with a vengeance. By the point I had decided that the ice was enough, I have to report, I had very little feeling left in the lower jaw. The pimple was still there, a little subdued, but still there alright.

2. Toothpaste: Now this is one home remedy I had heard a lot about and decided to put to test. In spite of the raised eyebrows of my husband, I applied a generous amount of toothpaste on the pimple and started the wait. I have to report that making a goatee out of toothpaste and staring at it intently every five minutes doesn't help remove the pimple.

3. Garlic: I was getting a little desperate as the time to step out started approaching. So I went for the more drastic measure of rubbing a freshly cut clove of garlic on the pimple. The garlic is apparently anti viral, anti fungal, antiseptic, antioxidant and anti - everything-bad but that really doesn't help reduce its pungent smell. Which is why I decided enough was enough after five minutes of rubbing a really smelly garlic across my chin.

A pimple elicits multiple responses from those around me. Some of them giggles and goes, "It's all the hormones!", whatever that means. A few look at you like you did some major crime by allowing a pimple to come up on your face. And yet a few others tsks tsks at you as though that pimple would bring the world to an end. 

I wasn't ready to give up so soon; I wasn't giving up my fight, I was just taking a break. That's the phrase I kept repeating to myself as I dabbed  concealer onto the pimple in an attempt to hide it.  That's when the idea struck me! I promised myself to get the Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash, which with its real neem leaf and tea tree oil extracts, sounded promising. This face wash that promised to fight germs, pollution and oil, thereby helping to have clean, pimple free face was going to be the new ammunition I brought into this war.  The war against the lone pimple is still on!!! Very soon the vile thing's going to know who's the boss around here!

This blog post was written as a part of Indiblogger contest conducted in association with Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash. This website provides tips and articles on skincare and maintaining clear skin. 

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