Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Car!

It is a different thing to be a singleton, quite another to be married, and yet another thing to be a family with a kid. During each phase, your needs, wants and priorities change. Where one could have gotten by riding pillion on the bike or taking the bike, it becomes essential to own a car. However, when you choose a car, it is essential to ensure that it suits your needs and wants from a vehicle. Tata has introduced Bolt into the market as an Indian made car in reply to the multitude of foreign manufacturers' cars. Having designed keeping in mind the Indian terrain and requirements, this car is surely going to give its competitors a run for their money.

I got a chance to go visit when Bolt was displayed in the campus of the technology park where I work. Here are the few features that I liked about this car, and which makes me feel that it would be suitable both for users from all walks of life.

1. The overall look and feel of the car: The car looks quite compact and sporty in look. This car's design looks sleek and elegant and offers five different colour variations. With the Tata Bolt, you don't have to compromise style for comfort. The interiors of the car , all black, are equally well done and stylish. 

The car in itself is quite roomy and gives adequate leg space; especially in the back seat; which is not the case with all hatchbacks. All the tall lads and ladies, no more bending and folding your legs into origami shapes to accommodate them inside the car.  The roominess is displayed not just in the leg room department but also in the dashboard holding capacity. If you are single, stuff juice, soft drinks, chips and chocolates; and if you are a parent use it as the holding space for the n number of bottles, toys and other parenting paraphernalia.

2. Navigation feature: Before I get into the feature, let me tell you that both my husband and I are terrible when it comes to directions. So much so that we have got lost on our way to the office my husband joined the first time he took me there; after three months of working there! So, the navigation feature that uses the smart phone built in GPS is a blessing in disguise for the likes of us. This vehicle also comes with blue tooth connectivity, SMS read out, picture viewer and video playback from the SD card, all with the touch sensitivity feature.

3. Boot Space: Another feature that makes me like Tata Bolt is the boot space and the flexibility offered while using it. It has ample boot space that allows you to have all your baggage in. Additionally, this car gives you the flexibility to rearrange the back seat so that you can choose to have the whole back seat or the single seat folded in in order to accommodate the additional baggage you might have.

4.  Multi drive feature: Tata Bolt comes with three engine modes that you can switch between while driving. The default mode, otherwise called the City mode that provides sharper throttle response. Economy mode allowing for smoother power distribution and driving. This mode can be used when you are focusing on fuel efficiency, good mileage and fuel efficiency. The sports mode on the other hand is more aggressive and gives a power surge and brings in the maximum engine usage. For me, a lot of this is Greek and Latin, but I do understand one thing and that is: fuel efficiency, fuel efficiency and fuel efficiency.

5. Steering ability: Tata Bolt comes with electric power steering which can be used comfortably while driving within the city or on long drives. It allows for easy and smooth manoeuvring because of its lightness while within city limits. However, it is well connected and ensures substantial stability when on a long drive as well. In other words, Bolt comes equipped with a speed sensitive steering which responds well to the slow drive within city or a higher speed drive on highways.

In a nutshell, I think that Bolt is a car that doesn't compromise on quality or features but still comes at an affordable price.  So whether a party freak or a family guy, Tata Bolt is a car to consider if you're the kind who goes "Get.Set.Bolt".

This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.

As a part of the contest, I am supposed to upload a picture of mine. So, here's the picture of yours truly at the Bolt display arena. See how I got blurred when even the camera fixated on the smashing dashing Bolt, J

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