Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Healthy Baby, Happy Home!

The last time Dabur had run a blogging contest on how a healthy child makes a happy home, I didn't know what to write. That's not to say that I don't understand or appreciate the sentiment. It is just that I didn't have much of a personal experience to draw from. I am a new mom and my baby girl had been healthy except for an occasional cold or a slight temperature once in a while.

However, all that changed in the last week. Everything was normal up until Sunday evening. That's when I noticed that my baby was running a temperature which seemed to be rising instead of dipping as evening set in. Her body was hot to touch and she seemed to turn crankier by the minute. And that was just the beginning of a five day viral fever attack my nine month old had to suffer through.

We hurried her to the paediatrician early next morning and was given the diagnosis that it was just a "normal" viral fever and it shall pass. We gave her the medicines as prescribed and kept checking her temperature. We tried to keep her warm in sweaters and woollens and tried to feed her frequently. She refused food, cried and threw a tantrum every time we gave her the medicines and grew crankier by the minute. After another night of tossing and turning, her temperature had soared to a 103 degrees F.  We got the same advice when we contacted the paediatrician. The fever would pass; but in the meanwhile we had to get her temperature down - sponge bath every few hours, breastfeeding frequently, medicines administered at frequent intervals. We followed every instruction to the T and did everything as instructed. Those two nights were when I learned what worrying out of your mind actually meant.

The house that normally woke with her had slept. There were no shrieks, no laughter and no crawling around and gibberish talks. The toys remained untouched as she continued sobbing and lying listlessly in turn. The food remained untouched, water was spit out and she refused to feed. She refused to be set down on the bed, was too restless in our arms and was too hungry to go to sleep. When she did sleep, she slept for so long that I wondered if I should go back and wake her up. I don't think I had ever prayed so fervently previously.

On the third day. her fever broke; and with it came a sense of relief. Her temperature dipped and came back to normal gradually. She resumed feeding and agreed to have a few mouthfuls of baby food occasionally. As a precautionary measure, I continued with the sponge bath and medicines for another day. On the fourth day, she seemed to have recovered adequately to throw her toys away and smile sweetly.

Maybe I had over reacted. Maybe it was just a simple viral fever as the doctor had said. Yet it truly brought home that the fact that she made our house a home. It was her laughter, her naughtiness and her energy that kept our home in the perpetually happy state. I understand what my mother meant when she spoke of the sleepless nights she had spent by my bed when I fell sick. She would know, I was a constantly sick child. I would never undermine all that my mom had and still does for me.

And indeed, I do agree that it is  a healthy child who makes a happy home!
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