Sunday, July 27, 2014

A White lover's Essential Black list

There's this quote which goes "You can have any colour as long as it's black" which is a paraphrase derived from one of Henry Ford's quote. Black is a colour that signifies power, mystery, beauty and charm. So then how could I resist when Blogadda gave a chance to speak about the top 5 things I wished to possess and why.

I am not someone who would pick out something just because its colour is black. However, there ARE a few items I would want to possess...something new, something old, and something...well, black of course.
1. Homemade kohl my grand mom used to make: As kids, my mom always lined our eyes with homemade kohl our grand mom sent along. Pitch black in colour, glossy with a whiff of camphor, this kohl when applied gave a burning feeling followed by coolness.  This is the kohl my grand mom used to laboriously prepare for us. She used to credit our long lashes to the castor oil used in the mix, and told us that the camphor would help to cool our eyes.  We stopped using this kohl and replaced it with eye liners and commercial kohl a long time ago. Now that I am a mom, I wish I had her around to pass on these recipes as well as her wisdom.

2. My dad's black Scorpio: My dad bought his first Scorpio SUV in 2004, when I was still in college. It was the first time we had bought an SUV for our personal use and I was impressed by the intimidating look of the vehicle and the awe it inspired. From then, we have gone on many trips since then in that black Scorpio. I have always wanted to buy the vehicle off him in case he sold it. I had even dreamed of going on an All India road trip in that Scorpio. However, the vehicle was sold last year due to the heavy maintenance expenditure incurred every time it was serviced. As much as I wanted to buy it, I let practicality rule over emotions and let the vehicle go with a heavy heart. There are many decisions we make and then regret making; and this was one such decisions of mine. So, the next item on my items in black would be this.

3. Black pearl: An original black pearl is considered to be an extremely rare gemstone. Having said that, I want to own piece of jewelry made using black pearl. I have a habit to always placing everyone else's needs before others. This is something I don't mind but once in a while, I would want a reminder that I should love myself and take care of myself as well. The black pearl would be a gift to myself to remind me that I should love myself and that I am as special and unique as the pearl itself.

4. Black Labrador: I have always been a dog person and honestly believe that a dog is indeed man's best friend. I live in a rented apartment and cannot afford to own a dog currently. However, my dream has always been to have at least one dog. I wrote a story some time back and I wrote about a protagonist who owned a dog. The first image that crossed my mind was that of a black Labrador puppy named Rufus. Ever since then, I have wanted to have a Rufus on my own, and some day soon, I hope I will.

5. Black Trench coat: I live in India, a place where a trench coat isn't exactly a necessity. However, after watching heroines traipsing around in trench coats of all kinds in a multitude of romantic comedies, I have it decided that I must own a chic black trench coat. The pragmatist in me has already decided that I will use my trench coat as an LBD and kill two birds with one stone.

Of course, there are other items or rather experiences which has black playing a prominent place which I would love to recreate. These include the times I have sat with my uncle and talked under star studded night sky, the innumerable times when my cousins and I have spend the power cut time in dark listening to our grand mom's stories and the nights spend listening to the rain outside my bedroom windows. But of course, these are top five items in black that a white loving I would want to possess.

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