Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday Ponderings: Your Favorite Day

Hello.....Good Day...hope everyone's doing well and is happy and safe in their corners of the world....things here are normal...well, as normal as it's going to get with all that's going on...I have been thinking and thinking some more about what to ask you guys in this post. I came up with nothing and decided that I will go with the question about what your favorite day is.

Now, when I say favorite day, it doesn't mean your favorite day in a week...for most of us, that's going to be Friday, I guess...at least for me, it is...what I mean by this question is which day would you call your favorite because it is the most memorable one for you...the one day you love to think back and reminisce about...the one day that leaves a smile on your lips and a spark in your eyes...the one day you wish you could rewind and play all over again if you could...

If I had to answer, I would say that one of my favorite days was my last birthday where my sister paid me a surprise visit. Prince Charming and she had planned it all out and gave me a very pleasant surprise which touched me immensely because she had traveled 6 hours overnight just to be with me for my birthday...and that was definitely a very happy day for me. Of course, there are many other days that I can call my favorite, but this is the one that popped first in my head and so I am going to go with it.

Pardon me if I don't sound lucid enough but I think lack of sleep does that to you...so I am going to log out right now and leave you to ponder on this question while I try and go get some sleep.

Signing Off



  1. Pooldad and I agreed it is the day we met on our first date. It was a blind date - and we both still can't agree who was more impressed with their luck. giggle

    16 years later - best day ever.

  2. It sounds a bit soppy but it's my wedding day. My brother in law had a heart attack two weeks before the wedding and we didn't know if he would be ok - he was and he made it to the ceremony. The fact that he was there made a speacial day even more so. We laughed and danced all day with our closest friends. Brilliant :)

  3. The first time I met Paul. I'll never forget it :)

  4. There are two special days for me. First is 2nd of August 2000 when my sisters were born (yep, they have 11th birthday today, I'm so excited). I will never forget the day when I became a big sister :)
    The second is 1st of May 2009 when Mr Starlight and I went on a trip to Venice and officially announced our relationship.

  5. @SkippyMom: That's so sweet...

    @Louba: I agree...brilliant....

    @Hazel: Sweet...I'm dying to hear the story now...

    @Starlight: That's so sweet...wish them a very happy birthday for me please...

  6. 5th September, my wedding anniversary
    29th April & 12th December, the days my sons were born.
    These will always be the most wonderful days to me

  7. Truly inspirational!
    Thanks, Cat! :)

  8. Definitely the day I met my late hubby and then the day I married him and then the day I remarried him 10 years later.

  9. there are too many to just narrow it down to one...

    the birth of each of my kids: april 14, 1978; april 27, 1981; september 24, 1986

    the days i met and married my husband: august 1, 1984 and august 20, 1984

    the birth of my each of my grandchildren: april 20, 2003; sept 3, 2007; july 27, 2009; august 30, 2010

    my 50th birthday: august 29, 2006


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