Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Ponderings: What Moves You On?

Hello everyone...hope all of you are doing fine and happy and is having a good day or evening, as the case may be...one thing I would like to tell y'all is that I have decided to move Sunday Pondering to Monday, not because I choose not to ponder on Sundays anymore, just that I don't find enough time to post about my ponderings on Sunday...so having said that, let's move on...

The past week had been busy, and it's more or less the same this week as well...at least from the look of it...and this is about work...on the personal front, let's just say that I am trying...I am trying not to let my temper get the better of me, I am trying not to get discouraged, I am trying to be as valiant as possible and stay calm and composed....not easy, most of the time. 

Since I have talked about how I try not to let worries discourage me, the question for this week is this: What helps you move on....to plod on, to fight your way through difficulties so that you finally achieve what you want, whatever it is. How do you keep yourself motivated and stay positive even when the going gets hard.

For me, I normally try and set short term goals which are achievable, if it comes to something that is measurable. And once these goals are set, I try and occupy my mind with ways to achieve them...and if it's something that cannot be measured, I dream...I dream about how it feels to be in that place I want to be...because when you really really wish for something with all your heart, life has a way of tumbling it into your lap...or so I think...

And if it is something I can do nothing about...I try and think about it until I can reconcile with the fact that nothing can be done about it, and that helps to put it behind me and march on.

Okay....that's all that I had to say....now, I am looking forward to hearing from you and listening to what you have got to say. Please do not disappoint me...

Signing Off



  1. This is the easiest question in the world. My husband and children, without a doubt. There is so much I can't do anymore, but I want so much to see the youngest [almost 14] graduate and go to college. I don't know if I will make it, but their daily needs [all of them] that only "Mom" can do keeps my broken ticker keep pumping. I want to see a grandchild. I want to see my husband retire after years of hard work.

    So easy - they make all the stupid little problems and the big ones, so insignificant that I smile every single time they come down the stairs, into the room or through the front door.

    I call it the "best part of my day." Every single day.

    Facing death sooner than later makes this a no brainer.

  2. i've had a long spell of things not going how i thought they might go. i also like to dream about how i would like to see things go, what path i would like to see my life on, and what kind of outcome i would like to see.

    when life really gets me down (and it has a lot), i listen to gospel music - usually "older" style music, not rock gospel. i love old southern gospel, the oak ridge boys, statler brothers, etc. i also just listen to favorie CDs over and over again. i read. i pray.

    i dream. sometimes, i get really pissy and then i knock some sense into myself and remember that there's always someone out there who has it much worse than i do.

    then, i go on.

  3. Well, my method is simple and established several thousand years ago.
    I pray.................kt

  4. I like that that you say {as|like} my friend thanks


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