Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: One Word For You

Hello everyone, I'm back with one of my questions again, hoping that all of you are doing well and had a wonderful weekend. I had a kind of good-not-so-good weekend. The good bit was that I got to meet my cousin after a long long time and we had a fun time together. Nothing major, just chatting and laughing like idiots, reminiscing about the old times.But it was good nevertheless.

The not so good bit was that in spite of looking forward to watching Harry Potter since a long, looooong time, I didn't get to watch the movie thanks to a pair of faulty 3-D glasses handed over at the Cinema which made us irritated, and leave, in that order, after the first 5 minutes of the movie....not a nice feeling, friends, definitely not a nice feeling...

Moving on, the question for today is not something I came up with originally, but based on an article a friend of mine forwarded to me on Friday. Thanks Score Card Guy, life savior... 

So the topic of the article, here,  is to find that one word that defines you as a person. It looks deceivingly easy...yup, deceivingly, because how are you supposed to come up with one word which sums up who you are? 

Well...when I first read the article,the first word I came up with was "Curious" because I am famous for my curiosity, and sometimes, the trouble it's gotten me into.

And then, the words kept popping up, "Dreamer", "Committed", "Gypsy", "Book Worm"...all those words which got me confused about whom I am, really? But I guess I am going to stick with "Curious" because I think that word defines me and is a reminder of how curiosity fires me to absorb everything around me, to search, to look, to see, to hear, to's perhaps the curiosity about the adventure I will go on each day that helps me cast away the disappointments of past and look into the future, eyes all shiny and bright....

Ahem...I think I here's my question for the day....what's the one word which according to you, defines you?

All ears...



  1. To name just one is hard so I will say strong. I've been through many of lifes hard knocks and came back even stronger. Another would have to be passionate and not in the romantic sense only. I'm passionate about everything even when I argue. Sorry your movie day turned out so rotten.

  2. Oh it is much harder than you think at first! On the basis that it is a word to describe where and who I am now and that it might change depending on cicumstances I'd say....Evolving. Just now is a period of growth and change for me. x

  3. I guess after thinking about it my word would have to be "dependable". I am 64 and never miss work while the young whipper snappers whine and miss a lot of work for whatever reason.

  4. survivor when things are at there worst i always seem to survive

  5. A tough one. I guess I have to say loyal - to family, friends and values. (Sometimes it's confused with stubbornness!)
    BTW< I hope you got a refund for the movie? :S

  6. Pessimistic.

    I don't want to sound like an "emo" (yes i do) but I always complain, I never believe in myself (or others) and I always expect the worst case scenario.

  7. I am going with curious too. I am a sticky beak. I want to know...everything.

  8. That's another tough one. I would go with vibrant but that's not the only word that popps on my mind.

  9. That's quite a hard question, to just come up with ONE word! But - I'm going to go for 'caring'.

  10. Confused... Not always not every minute, but at some point every day Im confused about something.

  11. Indecisive.

    I always have trouble deciding what I want to do, eat, wear, where I want to go etc. Plus, I couldn't decide on which word I thought best describes when I realised that indecisive would be perfect coz I couldn't decide on any others! Sigh.


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