Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday Ponderings: What Would It Take?

Hello everyone...I hope the weekend was good and everyone is well on their way of recovering from Monday Blues...heck, I was so miserable I matched the office outfit to my mood...need any more hints about the color of the dress? Guess not....!

Okay...so this week, the pondering has moved from Sunday to Monday due to having a jam packed weekend...there were loads and loads of clothes to wash, dry and fold thanks to my recent trip back home, and then there were a few experiments to pull off...in the kitchen, coz no one in their right mind would call my episodes in kitchen cooking....and then there were a few errands to run...in a nutshell, it was a very productive, and therefore, very short a weekend.

Okay...I see that I am digressing from the topic here...so getting back to it...here's the question for this Sunday...errmmm....Monday to ponder on....

What would it take for you to lie about something?

Fairly simple...yeah? And my answer....here it comes....I would lie, and have lied, when I have felt that it would save someone from trouble. I would not be able to pull off a lie because even a two year old kid can make out from all the squirming and twitching that goes with my fabricated tales that I am making THAT one up...so no prizes for guessing how successful I am when it comes to fibbing.

But then, I do manage to tell a white lie or two just to protect someone I care for...if I felt that it would help them, or get them out of trouble, or maybe, save a friend or family member from getting upset, then I would go ahead with a half truth, or perhaps just leave a few truths untold.

So that's about me....I know it's a weird question which is why I am really looking forward to reading your answers...

All of you take care and have an amazing week...



  1. Not that I like the idea but I have lied telling someone I liked their new hair do even though I thought it stunk. Basically I don't worry about doing it if it means I will make someone feel better and not use my opinion to make them suffer.

  2. I don't like lying. I have done it to not spoil a surprise or to get rid of a really bad date but that's the extent.

  3. i hate lying but like Barb i have done it to throw someone off the trail of a surprise party or gift but that's it. if you don't want an honest answer most people know don't ask me because i will tell you if those jeans make your butt look big or if i think someone is being an ass. anyways just my opinionof who i am.

    Everyday Life

  4. I guess I lie by omission by not saying how I feel about things sometimes if I believe it is not going to help. Really don't like lying though. Hope you are well and have had a good start to your week.

  5. I don't like lying now. I did lie a lot when i was younger. I was immature, wanted to impress my peers and yes, it does backfire. Being completely yourself is such a burden lifted.


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