Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: What's Your Wish?

Hello everyone, 

Hope every one's doing fine and is safe...things are going well at my end so far...Things have been a little hectic and since I do not want to keep you guys in the dark anymore, let me just say that I have been trying to do a bit of freelancing work these days which is why you don't see me around as much any more. I am trying to get my routine adjusted so that I will be able to come visit your blogs occasionally, if not regularly, and will be able to do that, hopefully in a few days' time. 

Coming to the question for this's question is this...What is the one biggest dream you really really want to come true? The one thing that has been at the back of your mind since forever, a need you feel building everyday like embers fanned into a fire, something that can be rightfully called a burning desire....
For me, I realized some time back that it was the desire, or rather the need, to be a published author some day. There are multiple drafts, outlines and beginnings that I have written and then stored away, my tardiness and insecurity playing an equal role in stopping me from continuing with what I started...but some day, I know I will be able to make my dream come true...some day. 

Okay, enough said about's your chance to tell me now...

Looking forward to your answers....

Signing off



  1. Number one on my list is a deep dark secret :) But publishing a book is a close second! As long as those embers glow, you'll keep working for it, and I think you'll succeed. Insecurity seems to be a very common enemy among the writing crowd.

  2. To see my littlest gr@du@te from high school & her sister gr@du@te from college.
    Four ye@rs is @ll I need, still I m@y not get it. I wish you success with your book. Truly. :)

  3. @Li: Thank's a relief to know I am not the only one who has insecurities about the writing skills.

    @SkippyMom: I am sure you'll see both our daughters graduating, just as you wish for them....and thanks for your wishes...:)

  4. I want to see my children happy and settled. Perhaps dance with my boys at thier weddings and hold a new born grandchild.
    I want to grow old with my husband, retire and travel this country.

    Keep working towards your dream. I know you can achieve it

  5. I want to go home on my hometown and have my own coffee shop and travel.

  6. Hi Caterpillar,

    Oh I do really miss reading your posts. Just like you I've been doing some freelance work these days. And just like you I wish to write a book one day and get published too! *wishful thinking* and also I want to travel the world and ofcourse write about my adventures. Though our dreams are just too big, we should hold on to them and do something to make them come true. It's kinda hard and scary at first..well that's why I'm doing baby steps to achieve my dreams.

    Hope you could come and visit my new blog. *blush*

    Much love,
    Maria aka Andresa :)

  7. I definitely want to finish/publish a book, stop crushing on girls I can't have, and feel better about myself. Not necessarily in that order.


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