Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Ponderings : The One Who Left An Impact!

Hello everyone...I hope every one's doing well and is happy and safe, wherever you are....a BIG HUG to all of you...the weekend was a little hectic and a bit too short for my liking, but I guess that's how most of the weekends feel...

Coming to the question today...I have been reading Pride and Prejudice of late and I enjoy the book, especially as I feel like I can relate to the character of Elizabeth Bennet....not to a great extent, but a this question came up in my there a character out of a book or a play or maybe, even a movie that you feel you can relate to....a character you look at and says, "that's so much like me!"....

For me, that one character which I have always found I can relate to is Jo from Little Women. I read that book for the first time when I was thirteen, I think...but from then to now, if you ask me if I have ever found a character I can relate to, it's her...and then, when I read Twilight, I sometimes can relate to the main character, Bella, especially when it comes to her lack of hand-eye co ordination and absolute inability to walk without falling occasionally. But then, the first choice.....Jo always.

So, tell me if you have a certain character which you feel is a twin self of yours, or that looked like the author was inspired to create based on you. 

Waiting impatiently for your answers...

Signing off



  1. For me the one character I identify with and think we are somewhat similar in appearance is Alex Trebek of Jeopardy. I have watched him every week day for years and if I could pattern myself after any celebrity it would be him.

  2. I've never read Little Women, Twilight or Pride and Prejudice. Boo me.. :) Hmm.. I don't know if there's a character in a book that I could totally relate to.. Maybe Mia of Princess Diaries. Not because I'm a princess, but just like her, I am very good at being invisible.. but I do meet people. It's just that I'm a wee bit shy.. lol.

    New follower, btw. Hope you will follow back. Take care! :)

  3. Interesting question. I love Erma Bombeck, have read and re-read her books many times. My first favorite book was The Wizard of Oz. The big book, not the kiddie version. I read it when I was six and have read it several times since. Maybe I relate to Dorothy. She loves her dog, she tries to fix everything and she would rather be home. Yep, I would say Dorothy.

  4. Would you believe that I've never read Little Women?! Although I've seen the film. I really must get round to reading that book. I would have loved to have been one of the Famous Five in the childrens' book series by Enid Blyton. You probably haven't heard of them over there in America, but they used to go on really cool adventures and have midnight feasts and drink ginger beer! Hee Hee!!

  5. hmm...its been quite some time I haven't visited your blog Cat but I'm happy to see you still up with your sunday conversations:)
    As for your question, that one character I relate to so much is of Malini Parker from the movie One Fine Day. I really am so so much like her:)

  6. This is a tough question. I am an avid reader and have my favorites, but honestly can't think of anyone I am like or relate to.

    I did love the Little Women series - I had the whole set, leather bound - they were fabulous.

  7. this is tough because i can always find a little of me in each main haracter of a book

    Everyday Life

  8. I agree with SkippyMom..such a tough question. I read alot of books. In every story or book I read i can relate on their characters. so sorry to say I cant think of any:(

    Btw...I'm loving Haruki murakami books

  9. I love Jo March so much too! I've read little women when I was well... I could really relate to her character, her strong spirit and her love for writing. But until today I'm still bitter why didn't she chose Laurie. aarrgh!haha

  10. Guess what, I love Jo March too! I've read little women when I was well..little!lol. I can relate with Jo so much, her strong spirit and her love for writing. But not on her choice of men. I'm still kinda bitter she denied Laurie and end up with that old guy. Arrggh! haha

  11. So many great answers, and so many great books to read....:)


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