Friday, April 8, 2011

And The Procrastinator's Back!!!

Hello there....if the title didn't make it clear enough...yours truly is back....don't know when I'll be hit with the next bout of Procrastinatia Absolutus...but I'll try and duck before it hits the next time...I promise...

While I was gone, lost in the land of dreams, two wonderful wonderful friends of mine decided to present me with awards...but being hit by Procrastinatia really really bad, I failed to do my bit and graciously accept the awards and pass it on....bad, bad me again....! But then, it's better late than never, they say...(don't they?) without further I go...

First, I was awarded the Blog With Substance by Pencil Girl here...

she thinks that my Blog has substance....mwuaah, mwuaah and mwuaah some more, girl....and thanks a ton for the Award...I insist that you go visit her coz she has a very entertaining blog going out there...

And then, I was awarded The Versatile Blogger award by a great friend of mine, Starlight at Crazy Thoughts who runs a blog filled with inspirational posts and creative gems.

and I was over the moon and doing the 'Skip n The Hop' quite nicely until I noticed Prince Charming looking at me with an expression which most likely seemed to mean 'She has lost it!' Thanks, Starlight, for giving me this award....*hugs* comes the rules..which is to share seven random facts about myself...I had done it earlier here, here and here....but believe me when I say that it doesn't get any easier...So, I've cheated and combined the rules for both the awards which allows me to get away with sharing only seven random facts about myself...(as though THAT makes it easy!)...So...the first random fact is that...

1. I have got a baby squirrel as a pet...I have had him for a week now and is yet to find a name for him.

2. Patience is a virtue....just not one of mine.

3. I enjoy dancing quite a lot though I'm a bit too shy to show off my dancing skills in I think that makes me a bathroom dancer!

4. I hate, hate, hate having to get onto any raised podium...under any circumstance...though, back in college, that didn't really stop me from participating in a lot of on-stage activities. "How?", you'll know soon...

5. I am a foodie...and huge foodie...who is struggling with the basics of cooking.

6. I recently heard Price Tag by Jessie J and has been humming that obsessively ever since.

7. I'm myopic and have worn spectacles for quite some time...and it was quite convenient when I had to be on stage...coz all I had to do was remove my spectacles and Ta Da!!!, nothing but blurred objects in front of me..., that I'm done with the random's time to pass on these awards...

I'd like to hand over the Blog with Substance award to the following bloggers who make me wish I could write half as good as them...the words capture not just your attention but your heart too....

Moving on, next comes The Versatile Blogger award...and as the name suggested, I had to hand over these awards to some of real versatile bloggers who'd give Mr. Chameleon a run for his money....

and may I present you with the Versatile Bloggers...

Hey....what are you doing here still? Go meet these amazing people and enjoy those great blogs. 




  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Sweetie, you deserved these (and I might add have earned them too). I missed a few of your postings because I followed two different sites to get onto a blog hop. Well, these sites EACH posted from 16 to 20 giveaways,( freebies and whatever) every day. They filled up my running blog page updates to the point that I couldn't get the new postings of the blogs I wanted to really follow. I tried to look for ways to stifle the feed but finally had to un-follow them (I HATE TO DO THAT). kt

  2. Congrats!!!
    We used to have a baby pet squirrel, we had to bottle feed it. We named him Peanut, because he absolutely loved to eat peanuts, he would de-shell them and everything. He was one of my favorite pets ever. I loved him. I hope you have fun with yours, they are so sweet! :)
    Cute, fun blog! Thanks!!

  3. Congrat!! And thank you!! :) :)
    I've been procrastinating on a lot of my reading, what with exams looming, and the A-Z challenge.. I came running back when I heard 'award' though! :P :P
    A baby squirrel??! *squeal* :D :D
    And high-five to a fellow bathroom dancing foodie who can't cook! ;D :P
    And I'm also myopic, very mildly, though.. Got glasses recently, which usually forget to wear.. :\ (We seem to have a lot in common!! :D :D )
    Have an awesome day!! :D

  4. Congratulations!
    Thank you for thinking of me.

    I am anti-squirrels right now for they are messing up my balcony garden.. digging up, eating up and giving me nasty surprises. But it is too difficult to hate a baby squirrel. Let us know what you name your little pet.

    very funny about the glasses and the stage fear. i wonder if you ever fell off the stage! even without glasses, I once got carried away and came pretty close to stepping off the dias.. heehee.. good times.

  5. I always find it funny when I try to tell a (non-blogging) friend of mine "I won a blog award!" and they just look at me like I am the biggest dork in the world once they realize that my "winning an award" doesn't involve a gala black tie event with speeches and a reason to bust out some fabulous shoes... but I love that other bloggers get it. You know?
    Congrats to you! (and all the recent recipients!) ♥

  6. Congratulations on your TWO Awards - clever clogs!! Thank you so much for thinking about me in your Awards Handover Ceremony. I shall be suitably humble when I make my acceptance speech!! Seriously though, I'm delighted to get the award, and would like to thank ... Ooops! Sorry, I was starting to get carried away there!A pet squirrel.Now that does sound interesting! I am myopic as well, and patience just does not come into my vocabulary!! Thank you again dear Cat.

  7. Well deserved awards, both of them! And thank you for passing one on to's much appreciated! I confess it will prob be a day or two till I get a post together, but I shall. Thanks again Cat. All the best. Li

  8. That is so sweet of you :) I wish to give you the same :)

  9. Thank you so much for the award. I will be accepting some time next week b/c it seems I was strcuk by the same Procrastinatia Absolutus and haven't really been alive over at You Are Loved. This will all change this week because I am back and I am so glad you are too! Thanks again, I will cherish this award :D

  10. Congrats Cat! And thank you so much for passing the award to me. I'm really honoured and happy! Will write a post about it soon :)

  11. Hey Cat, so happy to have you back on the screen. If you pop over to mine you will see that I have been way too busy since I agreed to take part in the A-Z challenge for the month of April. Hope you have a awesome weekend.

  12. Congratulations! *hugs*
    n thanx a ton! its my first award n I hav already gone all bonkers about it! *hugs again*
    I'll write my acceptance speech later when I have come back to my senses!

  13. Congratulations and thank you very much! :)

  14. Congratulations on the awards!

    OMGoodness! How did you get a squirrel as a pet? I love squirrels! That is so cool!!!!!

  15. So glad to have found your blog:)


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