Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Music To Your Ears

Hello everyone...I am back, and ain't I glad I am...when I said a few personal things came up, I didn't stop to think about the ambiguity of the apologies....everything is fine at my end of the world...I had my parents visiting us the last week and got a little busy spending time with them and chaperoning them around the city. It was easily one of the weeks that will easily make it to the top ten list. 

But now that they have gone back, I am missing them a LOT...and have been miserable, sulky and acting like a spoilt brat...Prince Charming has been quite accommodating and has been putting up with my mood swings quite well....Well, I'm digressing from the topic I believe...

So here's the question for this Sunday...what's that one sound you'd say is music to your ears...

For me, right now, I'd say it's the noisiness of a house full of people...the clatter and the chatter and the sounds of a house with people who love you...

I'd also add to the list the sound of raindrops hitting earth, the sounds of birds chirping, the sound of waves hitting the shore, the sound of a baby laughing, the sound of a loved one at the other end of the line...So many sounds that make me thankful to be here and be alive. 

So that's it from me this Sunday, my friends.

 Waiting expectantly for your answers...

Signing Off



  1. The chirrrr of locusts in summer, the muffled silence of a fresh snowfall, the sound of church bells, the low of cattle in the distance on summer nights, and yes, the sound of a loved one's voice on the phone. That was a very pleasant topic for Sunday, thanks! (And glad you're back, and that all is well.)

  2. So glad that everything is okay with you, and good to have you back!! I love to hear my grandchildren laughing, the sound of my daughters chatting when they have enjoyed a meal and a glass of wine, and waves lapping the shore. Will that do for starters?!

  3. I, too, like the sound of a house full of (happy) people. I especially like it if I go upstairs for a moment- out of the way of the direct noise- and listen. What I usually pick up on is not the words within a conversation- but the punctuation of laughter. Love how that travels upstairs and really fills the house with happy vibes.

  4. I am so glad that you are well, that is good to hear. In answer to you question I think the sound of happy laughter and also the sound of gentle rain falling when I can look at it but do not have to go out is music to my ears. Good question.

  5. welcome back and glad all is ok

  6. So happy that you're back :) To answer your question, the sound of laughter. That and my baby niece's excited squeals. It's like a million drops of sunshine splashing on every piece of me.

  7. me, honestly speaking, I love to dance along with d voice of the guy I love..he's in a different city n its only phone calls that we that is the best music at the end of the day:)

  8. For me it is the sound of water moving down a stream running over rocks. That sound makes me feel so good.

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  10. I know exactly what you mean with the sound of a house full of people you love! My family, and extended family is quite large, so at any major holiday (ie, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, a Graduation, some random birthday, etc) there are at least 30+ people buzzing around our house, and it is at these bizarre and crazy events that I am just supremely happy.

    I love the sound of family. :)

  11. Sometimes I just love the sound of silence. The early morning when the house is quiet and I am the only one awake. Perhaps broken by birdsong.
    I guess because I am always surrounded by noise at other times of the day

  12. Florence and the machine... Ahhhhhhh.... Makes me want to turn it on as loud as it can go right now, but of course my daughter, as well as the neighbors, might not approve... :(

  13. I'd have to say my sound would be seagulls and waves hitting the shoreline... it just says home to me :D

  14. Cat- Glad you are back and listening to happy sounds. I'm loving the morning birds these days - even if our weather forecast is, yes, another Noreaster! I will turn out to be bust. I just know it. (I can hope, hey?) Lately I've hearing a lot of tween whining, as two major school projects were due at the same time, and we've had sketchy internet service. Alas, as of last night, both have been completed, and I hope we can return to the normal giggles, snorts and smiley faces. :)
    Be well!

  15. Welcome back:) I miss your blog!

  16. Normally a lurker, but glad you're back!


  17. hey caterpillar! so you've been away from blogging too? oh well same here!hehe. as always i enjoy reading your posts. it's like catching up with a close friend.

    i'm glad you're able to have a reunion with your parents and i understand how much you must miss them now, i feel the same to my parents..

  18. Thank you, and thank again...for the comments and the warm welcome....

  19. Yeppers - missed you girlie! :) Glad all is well in caterpillar land.

    As for sounds - I like the sound of rain. Hard rain, but especially rain on a tin roof. Puts me to sleep.

    I love the sound of my husband's voice. Always.

    The sound of the kids on the school playground at recess behind my house, everyday. I miss it in the summertime.

    and laughter. Laughter is the best.

  20. The sounds of the birdies outside my window, when they're chattering about breakfast, while I drink my coffee.
    The sound of the wind in the trees and the clinking of my wind chimes.
    The sounds of my 3 teenage sons talking and laughing.
    Mellow music while I paint.
    My husband telling me he loves me.
    Many, many sounds.


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