Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Ponderings: Are You Scared?

Hello everyone....once again, wishing all of you an awesome Sunday. Many of you might have noticed an absence on my part since last few days...I haven't been able to visit all your blogs or give due attention to this blog, due to a few personal things that have come up. Please accept my apologies and bear with me...I will try and be back as soon as things settle down....

Coming to the Sunday question...I was wondering what to ask and was about to give up when this question crossed my mind: What is your biggest fear? 

For me, one of the biggest fears in being lonely. Not alone, but lonely...the feeling of being cut off even when a part of the crowd, the feeling that I might be forgotten. 

One of the minor fears is the fear of unexplained fear that makes me get a panic attack every time there's a power failure...and that is something I have been trying to get over.

So tell me, what's your biggest fear? The fear you wish you could leave behind as you walk forward, a fear you wish you could shed if possible, a fear you wish you could crush beneath your feet during your journey of tell me, what's your biggest fear?

Waiting to hear from you.

Signing off...



  1. Good to see you again, Cat! I see that you've reached 100 Followers. Yay! Congratulations. I do hope that things are okay with you in view of your first comments. Take care anyway. As I'm getting older, my fear is a bit dreary I'm afraid. I fear that I will lose my good health and end up being dependant on someone else. I just couldn't bear that. Oh well, on that cheerful note, I will wish you a happy Sunday! (You probably wish you hadn't asked the question now. LOL!!).

  2. I've been missing you. I hope that everything's ok and that you'll solve your problems soon.

    I have quite a few fears; I'm afraid of being lonely, one of my biggest fears is painful death and I'm afraid of snakes.

    Have a wonderful Sunday Cat!

  3. Don't worry, we'll all hang around till you come back. :) I suppose my biggest fear (since I live in the US) is that, for some reason, I might lose my health insurance and then get catastrophically ill. I'm also afraid of centipedes.
    Hope things settle down for you soon.

  4. Glad to hear from you and that you're doing well. My fear is being old and alone. I'm more afraid of that than I am of being an invalid which I also fear. It's a good question!

  5. I will happily send you a camping lantern that runs on batteries - not to make light [no pun intended] of your fear, but understanding it - it will completely light up the room you are in and make you more comfortable. I have a family member that is afraid of the dark and is happy with that light as we have power outages occasionally. I understand. You can also find hand cranked lights too.

    As for my fear - I have one. I am absolutely terrified of exposed heights. Ladders [TALL], roofs, catwalks, bridges [if I had to stand on them, car riding is okay] - I was actually hired at UPS for the Christmas season one year and they took us on a tour of the plant. The minute they walked us up three stories, on a catwalk, to overlook the plant, I begged off.

    Snakes, bugs, large dogs, etc....nothing. But don't ask me to bungee jump.

  6. We all have situations that come up so just know that we will be right here waiting for you hoping all is well with you and yours. Like a lot of others I guess my biggest fear is loosing control of my life and being dependent on someone else for my daily needs. Take care my friend and hurry back to us.

  7. M y biggest fear is that my parents may get me married to a very suitable but uncompatible guy..

  8. I hope everything turns out ok with he personal things! As for the fears, I think my one major fear is that I am wasting time doing things that arn't important, and that I will get stuck in the route of life- as soon as I graduate, I will be expected to go find a job instead of maybe traveling and getting to see how the rest of the world works. Minor fear? Cats. Terrified.

  9. Hi good to see you and no worries about visiting you will when you can. hope whatever is happening works out soon for you. hugs

  10. My fear...I am struggling hard to make my identity as an individual.In such a place like Kerala, It's very difficult to have your own identity as a woman as you are always supposed to be under somebody's shade. I absolutely fear that. I just want to be myself and not anybody else.
    I am also scared of Mathematics. It's been a nightmare since my childhood...

  11. Spiders, ewww spiders. I don't hate them I loathe them. It might be nice to be scared of them when they crawl across the floor and going into the woods when you walk through spder web, holy crap... It's awful. Im all paranoid just thinking about it now... *shudders* Good luck weeding through your deals. hope to read more from you soon!

  12. Big Fear: failure. Or maybe more that people will think I'm a failure, which may make it slightly more pathetic.

    big small fear: scary movies. Never ever.

  13. Hmmm, I'm not sure what my biggest fear is. Possibly fear of falling. You will never find me skydiving. Loss of independence would be difficult, too.

  14. One of my biggest fears has to do with the welfare of my children and/or my grandchildren. In fact I was fearless before I had children. It was then then that I realized that there were things out there that could take them away from me, forever.

    Outside of that there isn't anything else I really fear. kt

  15. Cat- Hope all is well with you. The big one, fear that is, is always death. It's an inevitable, but it's always looming there, in wait, that's kind of creepy. Then I fear for my children's safety. I'm always anxious, especially when things are jolly and good, that something bad will happen. And then, there's fear of flying. I'll do anything to get around flying, if I can! And then.... just kiddin'. I think that's enough fear for one day. ;)

  16. @Thisisme: Thank you...:) Things are well, thank you...sorry for the real late reply.

    @Starlight: Everything's well, thank you...I've missed u guys too...

    @li: I can understand...I'd be scared of that too...

    @Barb: That's one fear I have as well...

    @SkippyMom: Aww...thank you. I can understand the fear...I tend to freeze while in heights...but I do manage...

    @Odie: Thanks....and I am back...:)

    @runawaybride: I can fear that all of us India at least...

    @Trish: You'll do fine girl...I know you will.

    @becca: Yup...things are fine....*hugs*

    @Shalet: I am from Kerala and I understand where you're coming might be difficult but not hang in there...And I hated Maths too..

    @Doria: Spiders, you said...I agree, eww...

    @Dani: Yeah...scary way....and none of us are failures....we made it to the world didn't we?

    @On My Soapbox: Valid fears, I agree.

    @Kt: I understand your fear as I have seen it in my parents...and I have the same fear about my sister...

    @Jayne: Am fine, thanks. I have a friend who's terrified of flying too, u know!

  17. OK....I guess if I HAD to pick one thing it would be laughter. I love to hear people laughing (particularly children).

    other favs would be a baby's breathing as it slumbers, distant thunder, ocean waves, rain showers, and the distant sound of our annual carnival.



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