Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful, fabulous, amazing women out there...Your friendship and words mean a lot to me and I'm truly thankful for having all of you in my life. 

Here's a card I got Prince Charming to make for me, which I'm sharing with all of you...

Here's a poem I had written some time back which I'm posting today...in celebration of this special day.

Let Me Be Free

  Let me be free, Cries a voice within,
Mind in shackles, numb with pain.
Encaged in convictions, hands bound tight,
Not by self, but by strangers around, might.
Born in the form on Venus, I were,
A shame to the parents, waiting for an heir.
A burden I was bound to be,
“A curse”, they said, unheard of pleas.
A Son, they hoped for, to hold high, the name,
To bring home, pride, elation and fame.
Alas, born was a daughter, what a shame!
To send her away, decked, end of the game.
A daughter, mother and wife, just, they said I was to be,
A girl, to think otherwise, a shame it’d be.
Woman, a toy to play with, they say and then leer.
My pleas, ruthless, arrogate, they jeer.
Coy, demure, humble; a picture perfect frame,
Have been made, my race for, so they claim.
Pawned for a game, traded for penny,
A victim forever; assaults, abuse many.
“No! ” I cry out, in my new found voice.
Not just that, Woman, icon of strength and poise.
A daughter, wife and mother, I would be,
Yet my dreams, fulfilled, I wanted to see.
To live my dreams, to reach for the stars,
To hold my head high, to walk without fears.
A daughter who serves, a sister who loves,
A wife who cares, a mother who bears.
Women, many roles played in life,
Bestower of love, the family – crux, she strives.
Smiling through the tears, forgiving the worst,
Woman she is, you can trust.
Bound in shackles, yet I smile.
A woman I am, in tears, I will smile.
A bearer, carer, achiever, I, forever will be,
Woman I am, let me be free.


  1. You have put into words the feelings of women everywhere- and what poignant words they are.
    My wishes are reflected in your words as well, so I'll just simply say Happy Womens Day! :) :)

  2. bravo what a wonderful poem

  3. I wish you the same! Your poem gives voice to women everywhere,we who are the (often) silent underpinnings of civilization.

  4. Beautiful poem! Happy Women's Day.

  5. Perfect, happy women's day.

  6. Perfect post for International Women's Day. And what a lovely card and words. Your poem is inspirational. As PencilGirl said on my Blog today, "we rock"!!

  7. What a great poem. Happy Women's Day!

  8. LOve the poem. Happy Womens Day!

  9. Great poem and a perfect day to share it.

  10. Cat - fantastic poem! Made me smile. :D
    Happy Women's Day to you, too. I'll be acknowledging the award you gave me in my post today. Thanks again, my dear blogging (and poetic) friend. ;)

  11. There is an International lWoman's Day? Didn't know, but plan to celebrate it by taking the rest of the day off (should have checked your blog earlier).

    And, thank you for sharing your wonderful poem. Yep, that's us!


  12. Your poem was certainly thought-provoking and perfect for today, the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. We have come a long way but there is still a long way to go!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  13. That was such a beautifully written and honest representation of Woman. It was, for me, the definition of poetry.

  14. I didn't realise International Women's day is celebrating it's 100th anniversary. Hope you enjoyed it where you are. x

  15. Wow! Absolutely, wow! I must say that I am no poet and many times I don't even understand it. But that one was powerful to me, hon. Thank you so much for sharing that! I was the last ditch effort at a boy so it had many meanings for me. Loved it! I actually have tears in my eyes, if that means anything.

    By the way, how I wasn't a follower before now, I'll never know. I guess I screwed that up, too! :)


  16. Wow, what a powerful poem! It touched me deeply. Thanks for sharing it. <3

  17. A double shot of specialness!

  18. @PencilGirl: Thank you girl, wishing you the same...:)

    @becca: thanks...:)

    @Li: Thank you....

    @Mad Fat Girl: Wishing you a Happy Women's Day too...though a little late...

    @Louba: Wishing you the same...:)

    @Thisisme: I agree....we rock!!!

    Jumble Mash: Thank you...wishing you the same....

    @Doria: Thank you....wishing you a Happy Women's Day too

    @Bouncin' Barb: Wasn't it the perfect day...thought so too...

    @Jayne: Thanks...glad you liked the poem

    @Kt: Hope you had a good day off...and yep, that's us for sure...

    @Natasha: I agree with you...we have a long way to go....have a good weekend.

    @Nari: Thank you...that's such a nice comment

    @Happy Frog: Yup...it was good...though a few men cannot take it that there's a Women's Day...

    @EmptyNester: Thank you...*hugs*

    @Krissy: Believe me Krissy, when I say that yours was a very touching comment...thank you

    @Sharon: Thank you...glad to know you liked it.

    @Julie: Thanks...:)

    @Copyboy: Yup, Yup...:)


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