Saturday, March 5, 2011

And The Truth Is....!

Hello again…I had mentioned four lies and one truth in my previous post as a part of handing over the Memetastic Award and I see that there has been a lot of deliberation as to which one is the truth…So without further delay, let me enlighten you with the truth, as well as the lies, or the half truths….

1. I enjoy watching horror movies….Not! I am someone’s who’s scared of darkness…and also someone who can conjure up the worst of scenarios and images in my head while alone…now, put them both together…you think I’d dare to watch a horror movie ever…? No ways! However, I have read horror novels, and my husband does enjoys regaling us with “it really happened” horror stories while we have friends over…and guess who stays awake all night worried about the shadows playing across the wall and the windows creaking in the breeze...yeah, that'd be me.

2. Giving away my gold chain to a stranger: True. I remember that I was around seven years old. I was playing with my cousin outside our house when this friendly stranger walked up to us. He asked us about our names, the school we went to and such other things. And then, he asked me casually if I would let him take a look at my chain.  I gave him my chain…and he put it in his pocket and walked away. We didn’t know how to react and so chose to continue with our games. Later, when my mom realized that I didn’t have my chain with me and the elders started to search for it, I remembered that I had given my chain to the stranger and told so to my mom. My parents were shocked and amused at the way I explained the situation to them…and ever since then, I’ve been the butt of jokes that start with “What’s your name?” coz apparently that was the stranger’s first question to me.

3. Roller coaster rides? No, thank you. I’ve never really enjoyed heights or roller coaster rides. Sure, I’ve got on a few rides along with my it an attempt to look brave, and I know this…the feeling I get when the train does a downward plunge, like my heart is going to jump up my throat…not nice. And the way my face freezes in the middle of a scream and won't unfreeze for a long time…not nice at all.

4. I wasn’t a nerd while in school. I was the care free, careless student who couldn’t care what test she had until she stepped into the class on the day of the test. I became one when I got into college. And yes, the reputation has stuck with me from then on.

5. And the last one….well, seems like most of you did know that this is not true. And guess what, you’re right. I started wearing glasses when I was around thirteen and now, it’s the first thing I grab off my bedside table when I wake up every day.

Also, a few of you did guess which one was a true fact, so Yayy!!! to all of you…you guys are Sherlock Holmes material....

Now that I've confessed the truth, it's time for me to do some blog hopping. Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

On that note, Signing Off



  1. Isn't it amazing how people will not let you forget certain events. Hope you had fun blog hopping and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. :) Glad someone else hates scary movies. I thought I was the only living person who's never enjoyed "Nightmare On Elm Street", "Halloween", or various other slasher movies. have to admit, your lies were well written! Happy blog hopping.

  3. o sure u're a creative lier!!
    but guess wat...i luv horror movies n its me who scares d hell outf my brother who spends d whole nit dreaming shadows n ghosts n muttering all dat in his sleep:P
    n congrats for these awards..u well deserve them!!

  4. You got me!!! I thought #1 for sure. haha. Good job!

  5. Should have went with my gut on this one Ha Ha, talked myself out of the gold chain and right onto the roller coaster.

    This was so much fun :)

  6. I don't like roller coasters either, but I'm the only one in our family. The others LOVE them. I'm glad all the stranger took was the gold chain!

  7. this is funny. we're the same about watching horror movies, i hate watching it coz i get scared really bad. thanks for stopping by at my blog


  8. I hate scary movies, too. If I'm going to be sitting still for ~90 minutes, I sure as heck better be entertained or made happy or something positive.

  9. Thank you for the award. I couldn't do another post, but I did put your award at the top of my blog. I really appreciate it. It's cool looking to. I guessed that you would give away your chain. Hopefully the man needed it for a good purpose. Take care.

  10. Well done for those who guessed right! I was sure it would be number 1. Have a great weekend.

  11. HA! I knew you didn't like horror films! I'll be posting mine soon... :)

  12. Very creative, well done! I was a bit creeped out about the guy asking you all those questions and then stealing your gold chain. x

  13. @Odie: I agree...they never let you forget... :(

    @Li: I understand, and agree...can't stand any of those...and thanks...:)

    @Aayushi: I feel bad for your brother...:)

    @Bouncin' Barb: :)

    @Jimmy: It was fun to read everyone's response...though making up those lies were difficult...:)

    @Teresa: Oh yes, you're a good sleuth indeed...

    @EmptyNester: I agree, that's what my Mom said later on that eventful day as well...

    @chefmadness: I'm with you...I'm with you...

    @On My Soapbox: I true...

    @Bothered: Yeah, let's hope the guy needed it for a good purpose...

    @Thisisme: Thanks, hope you're having a good weekend too...

    @Jayne: :) Waiting to read your post

    @Happy Frog: Thank you...I was supposed to freak out too...but didn't....I told ya my emotions work in reverse...


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