Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Ponderings!

Just got back from Bryan Adams' Show which happened in my city...the feeling is was a dream come true for Prince was it for me...It would be an understatement to say that I'm on Cloud Nine...!

It's Valentine's Day Happy Happy Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely people out there...!

So the question for this Sunday then? Who was your first Valentine?

What about me, you ask? Well, Valentine's Day was not a popular concept around here before a few years and so was the idea of confessing your love on Valentine's Day. My earliest memory of Valentine's Day is reading about it somewhere...and spending Valentine's Day in the company of my friends...! My first Valentine's Day was a bracelet my best friend gifted a weird twist of fate, that friend ended up being my Prince Charming...

So what's your story for me this time?

Am all ears...




  1. My first valentine was the first girl I was ever serious about and is now a customer that my service technicians do repair work for. Sometimes I would go to her office to deliver supplies or pick up work she had done for us and her mother would be sitting there at the front desk greeting customers in her 80's. She passed recently and that was a loss to a lot of people. I will always remember the times I had with that friend even though we are both married to different people now.

  2. I can't remember my first valentine experience but I did enjoy your post!

  3. Red roses delivered to me when I was 15
    Still have the card and one of them pressed. OMG that was so long ago. So lovely tho

  4. I have absolutely no idea who my first valentine was. Sad, but true. However, now I have a "forever valentine". :-)

  5. @Odie: It's nice to know that you guys are friends...

    @Happy Frog: Thanks...:)

    @Mynx: Awwww.....that's so sweet...

    @On My Soapbox: That's awesome! Have fun... :)

  6. That is so cute.. Your first valentine being your Prince Charming...

  7. I don't do Valentine's day. It may sound a bit harsh but this day annoys me. I tell people that I love them every day and I don't need a commercialized day for doing so.

  8. I'm not fond of Vday either. My ex hubby called it singles awareness day today, made me giggle, have shared that a few times so far! I guess the first one ican remember is when my ex hubby sent me purple roses in HS... I guess... Love the post!

  9. how wonderful i would love to go see Bryan Adams he is a talented man

  10. Sounds like a nice pre-valentine concert.. good way to remember vday with a bracelet that ended up tying you to prince charming.. :)

  11. Happy Valentine's! looks like you had a lovely one! i spent mine, running around doing errands..hehehe. and i don't have any romantic memory of valentine's day ever..well except in college i got hearts and chocolates and roses but all of them were from friends!haha.

  12. My first valentine drove two hundred miles overnight to leave a toy tiger holding roses in its paws outside my front door. My dad stood on them when he went to work!
    I can't believe I've been visiting and I've not been following this blog. I went to sign in and found I hadn't joined your followers (old age has got me at last) I've rectified the situation and am now officially follower number 73.

  13. @runawaybride: He wasn't really my Valentine at that point....:)

    @Starlight: That's true in a don't have to wait for a particular day to express your love...

    @Doria: Purple roses...? wow...

    @Becca: I agree...he is a talented man..and cute too...(sigh)

    @suchismita: was awesome...

    @Maria: My V Day was spent at office...but I had fun the previous day...

    @Facing50: Aww....that was so sweet of him...Thank you for following me....*hugs*


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