Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Green Eyed Monster

The green eyed monster, the three eyed monster,
Jabs through my heart, my mind, flashing eyes, color of jade.
I struggle, I scream, writhe in pain,
He torments, sniggers, pulls hard on the mental chords.
The victim, wide eyed, looks on at me,
As a faltering smile, I stick, quite not reaching my eye.
My heart whispers, reeking in pain,
“Hold on, be good”, - the snap of a whip,
Cracks, the monster looks, sneering, jeering.
I feel the poison filling, seeping in my veins,
Hatred fills my heart, as my nails dig into my palms.
My victim, “The Envied”, moves on, unharmed,
As my heart, shattered, a cobweb, quivers with pain.
I pick up pieces, a puzzle, my thoughts,
In vain I try, to hold them, lock them in place.
Ragged breath, the bitter taste, I swallow,
As I see, hatred killing “the hunted” in my mind’s eye,
- My heart and my soul dying along.
The monster whispers, “You are mine, now and forever”...
My soul, shriveled, lifeless cries out aloud.
Then, a soothing touch, I feel on my heart,
“The angel, Selfless Love, smiles, holds my hand.
“Release me, I beg, my heart pleads,
“You will be fine”, the voice, tinkling music, whispers...
A fragrant zephyr washes over me,
A golden glow, now my armour, engulfs me, baths me free.
I smile, the warmth seeping in, binding my heart with it,
And I see, the green eyed monster, the three eyed monster melting away.
I smile at victim, a friend in making, hunted no more,
The angel, my beacon of light; weapon against my foe, the green eyed monster.


  1. Nice poem..
    LOve the line "I smile at victim, a friend in making, hunted no more"

  2. You paint such a vivid picture with your words. Lovely, as always.

  3. Lovely words and I really enjoyed it. Something a bit different from you, Cat!

  4. I have tried to understand. I understand a bit and would try to understand more! hehe

  5. @becca: Thank you..:)

    @runawaybride: Thanks again

    @Odie: I'm glad you liked it

    @A Cappeli: Aww....thanks

    @Thisisme: Thanks...I tried something different

    @Nadh: :D My sister says the same thing at times...she says that my writings are complicated....

  6. Very Interesting. A mini battle of good and evil.

  7. WOW, caterpillar. Amazing piece here. Love this.

  8. Thank you everyone for the support.....Love y'all...:)

  9. I really like this. I love anything that references battling oneself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you now.


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