Friday, January 14, 2011

Stylish....Who Me???

Friends, Bloggers, Country Men ( And Women...ahem...of Blogger Land of course!)...Here's a bit of surprising news....I've been bestowed with the Stylish Blogger Award by The Enigmatic, Masked Blogger. Thank You times three, Enigmatic, Masked Blogger. I'm thrilled and amazed and has apparently landed on Cloud Nine.

 In the real world, I wouldn't exactly be the first person to pop into your mind when you heard 'Stylish' , but then I guess I don't quite mind being diva-esque in the virtual world and throw some kisses in the air. Now, though I'd like to go on and on and on some more about this Diva thing, I think it would be better to accept the award gracefully, follow the rules and pass it without further ado, here we go...

 In order to accept this award, I have to

 1. Thank and link back to the person who gave this award to you - Check

 2. Share 7 things about yourself - Oh Dear, here we go again...

Hmm, it's not getting any easier, I tell little things, seven little things....c'mon's just seven things...okay, here's one...

a.) I enjoy rains a lot. So much that while back in college, I'd never carry an umbrella with me during the monsoons. I like to walk in the drizzle...and I like to watch when it rains. I like how the sky is overcast and the weather is cool when it rains. I think of it as romantic in some way.

b.) There was this one time when I wrote something snide about someone into a chat window and sent it...only to realize that in a fit of anger, I had sent the message to the person I had written it about.

c.) As a kid, I used to hate Maths. I sucked at the subject and had no hopes of ever being the next Newton. Anything to do with numbers gave me a panic attack. I enjoy playing Sudoku now.

d.) I'm a huge fan of Animation and cartoon movies. Shrek, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella are my all time favorites.

e.) I used to attend violin classes for 4 years until one day I impulsively quit out of stubbornness, or rather pigheadedness.

f.) I cannot really say a 'No' most of the time...even to door to door sales people. I have been trying to get over this weakness for some time and have had sporadic success so far.

g.) I kept telling Prince Charming that I've got a crush on Hugh Jackman just to get him all worked up, and now have ended up officially having a huge crush on him.

So now that I'm done with sharing 7 random facts about me, let's move on to the next rule.

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers - Not really easy but easier than the previous here are my set of Stylish Bloggers...

Runaway Bride at Chronicles of an Arranged Indian Marriage

Dani at Fading Margins

I feel 15 was too small a number and wish I could give to a few more people...but then, rules are rules, right? So Congratulations, guys...!

Now why don't you all go over and meet these awesome bloggers...go on, don't be shy... 

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award - Check

Thanks to my traitor system, it has taken me a long, loooong time to inform every one about the award, but I've finally managed to inform most of case you didn't get my message, I apologize...

It's almost Friday, and it's a three day weekend for me...amn't I pleased or til the next time...

Signing off...



  1. love the award - love the things you wrote. i, too love the rain as long it's not a cold rain. but, i don't mind a walk in a soft downpour. the smell in the air afterwards is awesome.

  2. @Odie: Thank sweet of you... :)

    @Teresa: I agree with you...the smell is heavenly....

  3. Congrats, you deserve the award, I'm really happy for you.

    And a huge thank you for passing the award to me, it's a very nice surprise and a huge honour. Thank you very very much!

  4. Aaaww..such a sweetie. Thanks Cat! Maybe I can do more justice to this award than the honest scrap thing...not sure I filled those requirements.

    Everyone's welcome to come over for the giveaway!

  5. Thank you so much, I'm really surprised to be called Stylish :P... I'm anything but in real life or on my blog, still I aren't going to say no :D.

  6. Well done you!! Well and truly deserved! I hated maths as well, but I'm afraid I don't like rain very much!!

  7. Congratulations and thanks so much for passing this on! I'm a big fan of animations too

  8. Caterpillar - Thanks so much for thinking of me. My colleagues have been asking me forever whether I would ever start a fashion blog, as originally they thought that's what I would write about. Hm, this award seem like a good start. You never know.

  9. Thank you for thinking of me to pass this award on to. I appreciate all of your support. Have to get busy working on my post! ***jumps up and down excited***

  10. @Starlight: Congratulations girl!*hug*

    @Dani: You're welcome....:D

    @Bubbles: Same here....if you'd meet me in'd call me anti-stylish... :D

    @JM: Pleasure was all mine... :)

    @Thisisme: That's one thing common now....hating Maths... :)

    @Louba: Pleasure was all mine... :)

    @Shopgirl: You go girl!!!

    @Barbara: It's so exciting isn't it...I haven't been able to stop smiling.... :))

  11. Congrats on the award....well deserved....I too am looking forward to a long weekend...I am actually sneaking out a bit early's a pj weekend and I can't wait!!

  12. O Cat! Dats sooo lovely...feels lyk m on d ninth cloud aftr receiving my FIRST EVER AWARD!!!
    thnx soo much:D

  13. Congratulations on the award. I love the rain I like it when its pouring and beating on the windows, and I'm inside; nice and warm. Thank you for visiting my site and all your comments.

  14. Congrats and well deserved ;)
    I love rain too. I often get chastised for not wearing a raincoat or using an umbrella...just something about the feeling of washing away the old and making things new. <3 it!
    I'm so jealous about your violin lessons...I've always wanted to take some but $$$ never seems to be around for the lessons.
    I love it when you post random facts. Yours always make me smile.
    Congrats again!!!

  15. Awww, thank you so much, caterpillar! I will try to get my post up about it this weekend. Thanks again, and congrats to you as well!! :]

  16. Congrats on a well deserved award.

  17. Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it along to me!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  18. Congrtulations to you too Cat!!
    see this:

  19. MAC - congratulations. It's always a sweet surprise to be recognized like this. Good for you! ;)

  20. @Colenic: Thanks..don't we all loooove weekends or what.

    @Aayushi: You're welcome.... :)

    @Bothered:'ve got an amazing blog... :)

    @She looks like a haddock: Aww,thanks. We have things in common, don't we. I always feel stupid to have quit the violin classes...:(

    @Christine: Thank you and Congratulations to you too... :)

    @Copyboy: Thank you, thank you, thank you... :)

    @Life of color: Congrats to you too...and have fun..:)

    @Aayushi: :D

    @Jayne: Yep, it sure is....thanks... :)

  21. Congatulations on your award..I love your blog!

  22. Well done - you throughly deserve it and anyone who can recite some of the speech from Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' and does Sudokos gets a mega vote from me. Enjoyed reading about you. It's always nice to learn something about the blogger behind the blog.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  23. @SunnyToast: Thanks a ton...

    @Facing50Blog: Thanks Carol...You have fun over the weekend too... :)

  24. Thanks for the award and for including me amongst such a cool list of diverse bloggers. I enjoyed reading your list of 7 things. I've done the wrong e-mail to the wrong recipient thing too. Ouch, that sucks when it happens.
    Have a great weekend! - G

  25. @Georgina:You're welcome... and I agree wrong email to wrong person definitely sucks....Happy weekend...:)

  26. Another good one!
    My favorite by far ="...sent the message to the person I had written it about." Sounds like something I would do!

    And join the line of thousands of women who have a crush on Hugh Jackman. kt


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