Sunday, January 16, 2011

Six Word Sunday : A Trip To The Sister's

Here's the six words for the day...

At Sister's, Chat, Cooking, Fun, Happy...

Yup...that sums it up....Happy Sunday everyone....!


  1. Wish I was at mine too.

    [Six word response!] :D

  2. Cat those were very good words and I can sense the love and fun that took place. Hope you have an awesome sunday as well.

  3. Beautiful six words, Cat! They say it all. What more could you want?!

  4. Here are my six words: I am very jealous of you.

    I miss my sister so much. It stinks that she lives so far away. You're lucky that you can spend some quality time with your sister. Enjoy!

  5. Aw. So sweet. Feel the same way about my sisters. :)

  6. Hey A Big Thank You for the Award!Muah! Muah!
    P.S. Sorry I'm a bit late...

  7. Cute. That's exactly what I'd say about a trip to the sisters.

  8. @SkippyMom: :D

    @Starlight: Thanks...I had a great time

    @Odie: Thanks...I had a great Sunday...hope yours was a good weekend too...

    @Thisisme: I agree....:)

    @A Cappelli: I agree with's so hard to find some time with my sister...with our own responsibilities keeping us busy most of the time...

    @becca: Yup, it was a great day... :)

    @Dad: I'm more than glad to take you along....:)

    @Louba: Yup...was an amazing day...

    @Happy Frog: was a great weekend...

    @Jayne: Aww...I know....I often wonder what I'd do without my sister

    @Runawaybride:'re welcome... :)

    @Shopgirl: :)

  9. Hi Caterpillar, I left you something on my blog. Please come and visit.

  10. You make it look so easy, but a post like that would take me HOURS to write! Good for you!

  11. @Asian Angel: That was a real big surprise...:D

    @Maria: :)

    @Sandra: hehehe...


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