Friday, January 7, 2011

Mental Block, Day Dreams and Colors

I have been struggling with posting something looks like I want to write, but when I do sit down to pen my thoughts, it feels like I've no idea what I wanted to's the time I took to sit down and sign in to Blogger, the words evaporated...!

I know that I have these ideas but I just cannot write...I don't know started happening after this one time, when in a fit of anger, I said that I was going to quit blogging...from that point to now, it's been difficult to get anything written...I've thought of taking a break, but a part of me doesn't want to let I'm here...still!!!

Here I sit, trying to say something meaningful and failing miserably at, what I'm going to do is log out and step out, get myself a cup of coffee and do some day dreaming...yet another one of my favorite hobbies...I hope I'll have an interesting tale to share when I come back...

Happy Friday, every's something for you (I made this collage of sorts long time back)...I hope the day will be happy, bright and fun filled for all of you...




  1. To answer your question above this box "we love you" and for someone who can't think what to write you sure give us some very good ones. We don't expect you to win the gold with every post girl, we just like knowing you are here and part of the family. Smiles to you from chilly NC.

  2. Happy Friday! With post's like your wonderful poem yesterday you're allowed a day off :)

  3. @ Odie: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....*hugs*

    @Louba: Thanks...mwuaaaah!

  4. It is a difficult task- trying to write something meaningful, moving, funny, whatever- every day. But you do it well. And, sometimes it is best to just step away for a moment. Like love- inspiration, words that don't "evaporate" find you when you aren't looking for them. Enjoy your Friday.

    By the way, lovely collage. Is that beach glass? We have jars and jars filled with it from our time at my parents' cottage. So pretty to look at; but I never know what to do with it. The real fun is in searching for it along the shore, I suppose.

  5. Hey Cate..take a break. Go out. Watch things. Feel life. It'll help fill this boring white space and m sure you'll come up wid flying colors:)

  6. Hi Cat. I love that collage of yours - wonderful colours. I get much the same with the blogging, I'm afraid. I post every day, but it's silly to think that we can come up with an awesome post every single day. Have a break for a couple of days, and, hopefully your creative juices will come back to you.

  7. Cat, don't stop blogging please. I really enjoy reading your posts and it seems to me that I'm not the only one.
    You don't have to post something every day, do it every couple of days and don't put pressure on yourself.

  8. I think this happens to everyone. I know it happens to me often. It's ok. Take the day or even the whole weekend off. We'll be here when you get back!

  9. love the collage! it is difficult to think of meaningful stuff to write about. some days i think if i write another word about ron and his illnesses i'm going to vomit - and then i realize that you all probably feel the same about it. lol! that's ok... whatever we decide to write about (or not) we just have to remember that it's an outlet, a means of letting frustrations leave us or a way to maintain sanity (that's me).

  10. @A Cappelli: I gets a little difficult...and yep, that's beach glass...I've seen websites which has jewellery made using it...:)

    @Aayushi: Yup...going to have a good weekend... :)

    @Barbara: *hugs*

    @Thisisme:Thank you...and I know...silly me... :))

    @Starlight: Oh no, I'm not quitting....I've got some amazing friends here including you.... *hugs*

    @JM: Thanks a ton!

    @Teresa: Thank you...I agree with you...

  11. I was going to guess beach glass too - very pretty.

    Every post doesn't have to be a home run - it is your blog after all - so write what you feel. That is what it is all about.

    Your on our blog rolls - we'll come back, no worries.

    And I agree with the commentator that said you deserve a day off after that lovely poem yesterday. :)

  12. You need to do what's right for you. For me I publicise when I am taking a break and then I stay clear of blogging and immerse myself in other stuff, it really helps me to write and enjoy blogging. But everyone is different. Like I say, you need to do what is right for you. :-)

  13. @Happy Frog: Thanks...I think I'm going to go out and have a fun weekend...I guess that should help... :)

  14. omigod i couldn't think you would quit blogging. DON'T! i feel the same way you do and i even post less. it's exasperating sometimes when i really want to blog just to keep up in this 'universe' but the more i force myself the more i become at loss for words.. then i remember that i'm merely blogging for my amusement and being amused with myself shouldn't be anywhere close to the word pressure so i relax. and just let everything flow.

    it's just so amazing the other people out there would care to read me. when somebody relates to what i'm going through or echoes my thoughts, it puts a smile on my face and encourages me to keep on going.

    you have to know that there are people who support you here.. and i'm just one of the many.

  15. Happy Friday to you too. I agree. Creativity needs a day off.

  16. @Maria: Thank...*hug*..and nope, I don't plan to was just something I thought to myself when I got really really angry at a particular someone...ahem ahem...

    @Dad: High five.....:)

    @Copyboy: Yup...planning to take the weekend off...

  17. Just to let you know, I have a blog award for you over at mine

  18. I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and welcoming me to the blogging world. That said...You can't leave yet because I just got here! :)

  19. i was just wandering in the b logger's villa when i stopped to see what this mental blockage is, and thought of telling you that i may be new to blog world but have been writing since long and this black out always comes in a writers life =) when words seize to flow and only thing stays in mind is the picture knitted by thoughts.So focus on that and some day you you will be writing again very fluently with a hope to stop again ;) . good luck =)

  20. It's good to know you are not quitting!Love to have you around,thank you for all the comments on my blog,and for sending others over.

  21. @The Blogger: Wow....thank you so much!!

    @Katie: The pleasure was all mine...and nope, not going anywhere... :)

    @Humaira: Thank you for that great advice....:)

    @dailybread: Thank you...:)

  22. I get mental blocks to from time to time. Or write a post and decide I hate it and delete it. Oh, and I take a long time writing my posts. Basically I am posting mess :)

    P.S. Toodles is one of my favorite words :)

  23. There you go! Remembering something which lit up something inside of you, like making your beautiful collage, always brings back inspiration. Your blog is lovely. Keep at it!

  24. @Life of color: You sound just like me... :)

    @Bth: Thanks....thanks for visiting my blog... :)


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