Thursday, January 6, 2011

In The Lonely Hours Of Night

The dry glitter of stars, I see,
The diamonds, strewn in sky's garden,
Broken from the unseen thread,
Like thoughts, that move in my mind.
The moon baths me in its pale light,
The caressing touch, reminiscent-
Of my mother's touch, soothing, warm!
The wind, the cold unfeeling wind,
Blows past me, like-
The world, selfish and cold,
The world around me!
The rustling leaves, in-
The lonely hours of night,
Whisper stories unheard,
Of loss and agonies alone.
The dark night, with world
Covered in ever black shroud,
Sleeps; trial of the final one,
Whence I lay alone, mind awake.
I weigh the right and wrong,
The pain and loss,
Feeling, the pangs of agony,
Clawed in mind, afresh.
Me, the failed soldier,
A ship without mast,
Waits for the bliss of yet faraway sleep,
With hope, hopeless hope,
For the morrow, a bright happy morrow.


  1. Another great one Cat. Keep them coming girl, you are good.

  2. @Odie... that was fast...and nice...thank you so much.... :)

  3. yea we should keep on hoping (no matter how hopeless the situation may be) for a bright happy morrow. :)

  4. "With hope, hopeless hope,
    For the morrow, a bright happy morrow"
    last line shoots it all!!!
    nice work cat!!

  5. Whence I lay alone, mind awake. Gives me the chills. Great poem.

  6. Fantastic.. Many a nights I have also slept alone hoping for a better morrow.

  7. Wonderful. You're really talented!

  8. Please keep sharing. Just amazing Cat.

  9. Brilliant poem again Cat. You are a star! Really enjoy reading them.

  10. "The lonely hours of night,
    Whisper stories unheard..." reminds me of the nights (not very long ago) spent awake nursing and soothing a newborn. There are things that I would hear, or see or feel and I would think, "You all are fast asleep and you are missing this!"
    Another beautful poem! You are truly talented.

  11. Thank you, every one, for the kind words and y'all

  12. This is amazing,really beautifully written.

  13. That was great, it made me shiver in fear and tremble with hope at the same time. Well done.

  14. Love this!

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    Much love.

  15. I've been wandering aimlessly, and here I am.

    This lovely poem is almost written for me!

  16. This is a wonderful poem, you have a lot of talent!

  17. Thanks to everyone for dropping in and sharing those wonderful words...your comments mean a lot to me...Happy Friday...


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