Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Talks

Hello people….okay….here’s the news…I’ve officially got a mini celebrity at home since last one week….He’s super duper cute and is quite a charmer who has wound us all around his little finger quite effortlessly. This guy’s definitely topped my ‘All time favorite’ chart and is giving Rob Pattinson a run for his money…

And to answer your questions….it’s my ten months old nephew I’m talking about. My sister in law and hubby is visiting us and my nephew, Happy Baby is keeping me thoroughly engaged and entertained. And since he’s the ‘guy in demand’, I asked him if he’d do an interview for my blog, and being the li’l gentleman he is, he graciously agreed.

Now, I understand that his language might a little difficult to understand…so I’ve taken the liberty of translating it for all of you…so then, without further delay, let's move on to the excerpt…

Me: Welcome to M&C and thank you for your time, Happy Baby… as your name suggests, you are mostly a happy, smiling baby. With days as eventful and active as yours, it might not be an easy thing…so how do you manage to be so happy and smiling all the time…

His answer was something that sounded like this: “Taaat taaat taat….bbrrrr……gaaagaaaaaaa……taaaaat…..mmmmmmm”

And the translation…”It’s not at all difficult really…I mean, I am happy when I meet someone I like, I’m happy if you take me out, I’m happy if I see bubbles blown…and I’m happy when I play…so being happy is not really rocket science…all it takes is a willingness to be happy…”

…Once done with his answer, he looked at me and rolled his eyes for a good measure as though to say…”really, didn’t you know that already?”

Choosing to ignore that, I pressed on…

Me: “Wow…that’s incredible…does it ever get boring for you…I mean do you ever end up having nothing to do on some days, Happy Baby?

The answer came with a big grin and went “Ggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa…..taaat….taaaat….taaat….unnnnnhhhhhh….aaaaaaa…..aaaaa…..”…

Translation: Are you kidding me? The whole place is a play ground for me…I’m fairly new here and everything is a wonder. Even my fingers and toes amaze me…they wriggle, you know that? I am surprised when I see something new…sometimes I tend to get scared too, but mostly I’m surprised. I have a sense of wonder that helps keep me entertained… …I invent fun games, I go exploring rooms… I can occupy myself with things as small as a thread or a piece of cotton.I guess having an imagination helps!

Me: I see...great observation. Now, how do you make sure people take you seriously...don't get me's just that communication can get a tad bit complicated, don't you feel?

Happy Baby didn't give me an answer to that immediately...instead, he just looked away and cried...until his Mommy came and scooped him up and took him away to feed him...once he was full, he was smiling again, and was back to answer my questions...

"Taaat, taaat, aaaaaa.........mmmmm.......brrrrrr....", he told me with a mischievous smile pasted on his face.

Translation: "You see how it's done? It's simple...I am what you'd call forthright...If I don't like something, I cry...or don't bother playing with it again...if I like, I smile, and don't really make a fuss. I like to keep things uncomplicated; you see...I cannot really act happy when I'm sad, sad when I'm angry and angry when I'm happy. I've seen a few of the so called 'adults' do that...and frankly, I don't get it."

 Me: Yeah, we well....ahem, tend to do that...some times. Back to you, so how does the future look for you....must be real exciting, isn't it?

At this, Happy Baby gave me a quizzical though I was a total nut...and then with an exasperated sigh went on to explain that...."bwwaaaaabaaa......baaabaaaa.....gggggga....mmm....bbaaabb baaabb"

Translated, it meant "who cares what the future is all about? I'm living one day at a time, and I'm enjoying that. I don't think I want to start worrying about what would happen to me twenty years from now...I think I'm happy living in the 'Now' rather than worry about the 'Tomorrow'. I don't want to walk around with the frowning, stressed look all of you grown ups way!”

Ouch...that hurt...well, I knew he had a point and chose not to argue...Before he could go on and on about the topic, I flung the next question at him…

Me: That’s a great outlook…so Happy Baby, why don’t you tell me how a regular day looks for you?

At this, he looked thoughtful for a minute and then went… 


Translation: Well…every day is a busy one for me...from the moment I wake up to the time I sleep, there’s so much to learn. I got to learn to walk, to use my fingers to grasp things, try and learn how to talk…I am getting better at that one now…I see and hear new things every day…I enjoy tasting things, a few without Mommy’s permission of course…and I like to hold things and play with them…yeah, I’m learning a lot…”and he gave me another one of his cute grins…awww, this guy was fast becoming my favorite…! 

My next question for him was this: 

Me: Okay…since you told me that you learn new stuff every day, tell me one thing you’ll never forget…

Without missing a beat, he answered my question with “taatt bwwaaaaab bwaab bwaab…gaaannnggghhh”

Translation: If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s not to make the same mistakes again. If I’ve burnt myself once, I know that I don’t want to go grab that candle again. If I’ve hit my head under the table, I definitely don’t want to do the same thing again…so yeah, it would be not to make the same mistakes again…

Me: Okay…anyone thing that you've realized that's important?

Happy Baby went with a "taat taaat aaaaaaaaaaaa......unnnggh.....mmmmm" which when translated meant "I've learnt that it takes practice to make it perfect. didn't expect me to start walking in a day, didn't you? It's a lot of hard work, but then if you keep at it, you'll get better n better...".

Sensing that Baby was getting a little restless there, I thought that it would be better to wind up the tête-à-tête. So I thanked Happy Baby and asked him if he had any tips for us in the Blog World...

All he said was a "muummmm baaawb mummmmmm"...

Translation: Stay active, be young at heart and keep smiling and Life will take care of you for you…

And with that, he gave me one of his wide smile and crawled away in search of his new adventure. 

So that was my chat with our little super star, Happy Baby. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. So till the next time...




  1. What a wonderful post, I love it.

  2. great conversation with happy baby. he sounds like he is right on top of things and thoroughly enjoying his time with you.

  3. happy baby sounds like he has a good handle on life. great post!

  4. What a smart boy. I can see why he's stolen your heart!

  5. Cat - this is just brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it. YAY!

    You guys should talk more often. You obviously get a long very well. Much love. :D

  6. This post = amazing. We could definitely learn a lot from babies and how they live. Such a cool perspective given in this post, love it!

  7. LOVE this. happy baby reminds us that things are so simple. happiness is so simple to achieve but we grown-ups choose to complicate things.

  8. Happy Baby though is only 9 months old has a great insight.

  9. Cat you really hit a homer with this one girl. Great post my friend.

  10. I love this post! Happy Baby certainly has given me a new perspective on life. And now, thanks to your translation, I will be able to better communicate with my 11 month old.

  11. Be active, stay young, and keep smiling. Waow! your little nephew is some wise little guy. Lovely post - I adore babies and their wisdom!!

  12. Thanks everyone....will definitely pass on the message to Happy Baby...maybe, he'd do another interview for me.... :D

  13. MmMmMmMm Rob Pattinson. To the point, what an awesome post. I like your take on this. Have fun with Happy Baby!


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