Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What to write?

I know I sat down to write a new post but I suddenly feel stuck...I don't know what to write and I'm just gazing at the screen, realizing that I'm in a stupor kind of stage, well...at least my brain is...I know that there are things I'd like to write about...heck, there are even a bunch of very witty one liners which I had come up with and forgotten promptly.

I know that I have been very excited about owning this blog...I also realize that I enjoy getting comments on my posts from people out there...it makes me feel like I'm almost having a chat with a few long lost friends...when I see I have people who have decided to take time to read through the blog and follow it, it makes me feel giddy with happiness...and I'm addicted to the use of Stats button and keep going back to check the page views.... it always make me happy.... 

So, I'd like to thank every one who has taken the time to read, comment and follow the blog. You have no clue how much of an inspiration and encouragement it has been to me....

But then, suddenly I get this strange feeling...I start wondering if I am really any good....I read through various blogs and think to myself.."I'm not even half as good as them"...I suddenly feel insecure....and upset that I cannot write well...and feel all gloomy. I feel like a hypocrite who's trying to pose as someone who she really isn't. I start wondering what's wrong with me and feel quite disturbed all of a sudden...I'm getting restless and realize that my mind is wandering yet again...

It's probably the sleep...rather, the lack of it...I'm normally not someone who prefers to share the more intense feelings I get inside my head but then today, I just feel like writing for the heck of it. 

So then, here's what I'm going to do... I'm goin to sign off and go get some sleep and hope that when I wake up, I will be as chirpy as a canary and feel all happy and sun shine-y and will be fun to be around.

And thank you again...for bearing with my rambling...



  1. I like to read your blog, and I think you're a good writer!
    Though I have to admit that sometimes while reading other peoples blogs I think my writing sucks. We all have different styles and I'm not native speaker, but I'm trying to improve myself.

    You shouldn't give up and be so negative, there are people out there, who enjoys reading your blog :)

  2. at some point in time (even these days) i have felt the same thing, one moment you feel so happy and proud of yourself because you're enjoying what you're doing and you get recognition and all that jazz, the next minute you begin to feel frustrated, insecurities swallowing you whole. well honey that's a normal feeling (don't trust me coz sometimes i think i'm not the slightest normal. lol) just always remember that you are doing this for yourself, writing or just plain ranting for your own amusement and to hell with the world. you will feel happier and it would reflect on your words and i think people will even like you better. ( i think this is me giving advice to me.lol)

    btw it's SALAMAT in Filipino. :)

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  4. hey, i was browsing through my blog until i found my way to the first post. I must've read it a hundred times before( i do that to keep me going on this blogging thingy) i thought of you while reading it the 101st time.lol. so you might wanna see this? sorta expounds my comment above. :)

  5. Ahhhh you've captured exactly how I'm feeling this week about blogging. Taking a few days of a blogging break. Not sure what to write about next.

  6. @Starlight...Thank you so very much....makes me feel better..*hugs back*
    @Maria...I am going to take that advice you know....
    @Annah....you've got some blog going out there...:)
    Thank you, every one.... am feeling much better, but need to get more sleep...sleep....sleep....sleep....

  7. My approach to blogging: I find a dark corner, close my eyes, and let my fingers do the talking; which at this point they completely take over the mind. My mind gets lost quite a bit during the day and I am more of an introvert so I carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere I go so that I can jot things down and blog later. Hope you get your much needed rest.

  8. when you compare yourself to others, you lose sight of what makes you who you are. The fact that people are reading/commenting on your blog means you have something of interest to say that others are appreciating and relating to.... INCLUDING feeling insecure about your writing. So from what I can see.... you are right on the mark! :) As many said above, feeling insecure is normal... just be careful not to lose yourself in pointless comparison to others.

  9. Thank you, Jobonster and Asian Angel for your words of encouragement and advice. and I think carrying the notebook and pen is a good idea...should try that.... :)


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