Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Un-Domestic Goddess

Based on colenic’s post here, I thought I’d write the post below:

My mom’s someone who you could call a Domestic Goddess…at least, for me she’s the ultimate Domestic Goddess… 

As a child I remember the house always, always, always being spotlessly clean, aesthetically decorated, the beds always made, clothes always folded and stacked up neatly in wardrobes,  tasty smells wafting from the kitchen…A very pleasant childhood memory.

According to me, my mom was the Super Mom...unexpected guests staying for dinner? No worries…she’d get the dinner out in no time… a New Year party to be hosted?…as easy as eating a pie, she had it all under control...she knew how to host amazing parties...

We enjoyed the party preparations just as much because we were her taste testers…a week prior to the party, every day back from school, we’d get to indulge our sweet tooth with the latest dessert she had tested in preparation for the party…you needed a picture for school, a craft project that needed some help...she'd be there, getting it done in no time.

I guess she would have hoped that both her daughters would inherit the qualities of a good home maker from her…but only a part of her hope came true…my sister is this aesthetically inclined, amazingly cooking, creative minded girl and I am…well, me!

I am someone who’d only turn around and take a good look at the home, and the clothes, the books, strewn bills, shopping bags and everything else until it’d get dangerously close to the point where I’d have to crawl from underneath them… 

Clothes out of dryer, no worries…they are excellent items to decorate the bed in the spare bedroom…I promise….did you know that piled up washed clothing look like a very colorful little hill…I guess not!

Did you also know that unfolded clothes stuffed into your wardrobe  act like an avalanche the next time you open it…you didn’t, did you? Neither did I until I decided to hunt for a dress ten minutes before I had to rush out for work. 

Also, that if you don’t taste the food you cook, you might as well be brewing a very dangerous potion of some kind (very inedible as well) that might not look all bubbling and green and slimy but will leave the tasters with a gastronomic scare for the rest of their lives. 

My curtains are uncoordinated, the beds made always end up with creases,the things arranged in the display cabinets follow no particular order or theme...unless you decided 'Chaotic' was a theme, and I have watered enough plants to death to know that I’d never be able to manage a green space for myself…

The one place I've managed to get in order so far is the cabinet where I store my books...and well, bills and other important documents....the two most important things in life... (mine, at least!)
I've tried time and again to improve, to at least act like a good home maker if not be one, but then, I've always been a terrible terrible actor...

But then, there are days when unrestrained spurts of energy coupled with the complete misapprehension that practice makes perfect forces me to run about the house, trying to dust and clean and cook and polish the door knobs till they shine... and then drop down tired once the energy is burnt out...I normally choose to  intentionally keep my eyes averted while crossing the spare bed room, get the bills stacked up and stuffed into folders, cook under Prince Charming's (who's a much reliable cook BTW) supervision....and stuff even more clothes into the wardrobe when no one's looking... (every girl has her own secrets, doesn't she!)

So then, yeah….these are the few glimpses I'd allow into this Un-Domestic Goddess’s life right now.

 If I’d be asked to rate myself on a scale of one to ten on how good a domestic goddess I am…I’d say 1…1.5 at best… 

So...I'd like to know... what would be your score???


  1. Awesome post- I completely agree and think that my score would be negative....ack- there are more important things in life right??

  2. my score will be high on the kitchen department...but cleaning up and organising clothes, etc...errr possibly minus? :D I need my own house elf!!! :D

  3. @colenic: I agree....I agree completely...:)
    @Fairy' least you don't burn all your pots and pans...which I do....need to go hunting for a house elf.... :D

  4. Hi Catepillar. It sounds as if we have the same Mother. I did somewhat inherited some of my Mother's domestic abilities. I do find that unemployment has helped me brush up on my "skills".

  5. @AA: I am hopeless when it comes to domestic abilities...but I'm glad thats not the case with you... :)

  6. I am a 3 when I try really really hard. But that doesn't happen often. Today I am about a 1.5. There are two baskets of laundry sitting in the middle of the living room and I keep re-washing the clothes that have been sitting in the washing machine for the past 2 days. And even though the duty of cooking dinner falls on my shoulders- I am AWFUL at it. Ugh!

  7. @A.Cappelli...3 is good....3 is really really good... :)

  8. used to live with a hoarder and 14 pets in a tiny apartment, so i'm anal retentive about cleanliness now--but only in my own place. it doesn't bother me too much if others are messy.

  9. I would be about a 9. I am not as fanatical about it all as my Mom was. I consider making the bed and act of futility. Everything else will be clean but the bed only closed, not made. And at things like card parties or football parties, I set out a roll of paper towels instead of napkins. Other than that, hmmm pretty much into the neat, clean, organized thing.

  10. What fun glimpses of your life you shared, I smiled throughout this lovely piece. I would probably be a five or six if I tried pretty hard but on an average day I am more like you at around 1.5. This is also a constant source of heartache for my mom. :)

  11. @Barbara: 9? you say 9? I'm jealous..

    @Shopgirl: Same mom feels that I'll never least, when you try, you're a 6...I'm worse...never crossed 5


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