Friday, November 19, 2010


I was tagged by a friend, Maria to do these questions….

Ha! Easy peasy….I thought, till I sat down to answer them…and Oh Dear God! , Wasn’t it difficult or what! After much pondering and wondering,  here are the answers I came up with...

1.Why did you create the blog?

Hmm….let’s see…this blog was created accidentally… (Honestly!)…All this curious caterpillar wanted to check was if this blog name was available... as I have said here. Before I knew, I had clicked my way into a new blog. This is not my first attempt at blogging…but this is the first blog I have been religiously updating on a regular basis…I consider this my journal where I can write about what keeps me happy, what makes me sad, things that matter to me and things I’d never be able to be convince myself about…in short, I look at my blog as my secret place to escape into…

And now that I’ve started, I guess I’m addicted…every day, I wake up wondering what to blog about, how to go about it, wondering if I’ve got any comments,…oh yeah, officially addicted to blogging!!!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

I follow blogs which are funny, thought provoking and positive in turn....I read blogs which tell me a little more about the writer, the day to day happenings, the latest craft project they worked on, the new recipe they tried…let’s just say, most of the blogs I come across.

3. Favorite makeup brand?

I’m not someone who uses a lot of make up….but I guess, right now, it's L’oreal stuff I have with me…

4. Favorite clothing brand?

Not a follower of brands when it comes to clothes…when it comes to anything, I guess. As long as I feel I'd be comfortable in a particular dress, I’ll pick it up, brand or no brand. 

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

Hmm… I guess that would be my moisturizer, lip balm, eye liner and kohl.

6. Your favorite color?

I’ve always liked sky blue and green…and these days, I’ve developed affinity for white as well.

7. Your perfume?

Not really a perfume girl either…I know, I know…boring!

I remember a vanilla based perfume my dad gifted my mom once. We were kids back then and Mom would spray a bit on us  while going out on special occasions… (if we were on our best behaviour…which was rare!). I have no clue what the name of that perfume is…I normally use deodorants which are either citrus-y or mildly floral.

8. Your favorite film?

Hmm…lots of them actually… Blind Side, Freedom Writers, Amelie…The Terminal…Forrest Gump, Patch Adams, Front of the Class, Erin Brockovich…Harry Potter series…Shrek…Madagascar, How to train Your Dragon, Beauty and the Beast… so many of them!!!

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

Country I’d like to visit… I’ve always wanted to go to Venice, so Italy I guess….

and Switzerland…I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful country and the chocolates…do I need to even say anything about the chocolates!!!

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself:

This is difficult… What was your reaction to being tagged to answer these questions?

I was really really happy, coz this is the first time I’m being tagged…but when it came to the questions…My mind went BLANK….BLANK…..BLANK….BLANK.

I wanted to write stuff that’s witty and nice and promoting World Peace,  but I’ve barely managed to scrape through…

However, in spite of the BLANK BLANK syndrome, I really enjoyed answering these questions. I'd have loved to tag a lot many more of you out there but then checked myself in time coz I know that that's not going to be easy... So then, here's the list I came up with... guys, consider yourself tagged.....!!!

Asian Angel

Have fun!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading this answers and getting to know you better.
    And I know how hard it is to answer those questions - been there done that. And choosing people to tag... Even harder.
    But you've made a good job :)

  2. @Starlight: Thank you.... :) and I tell you, it was no easy feat... :)

  3. Hi Catepillar,
    Here it is. The last one was the hardest.


  4. Liked reading your answers! And was very surprised to find myself tagged...I'll have to figure out how to jump-start my brain today and get them answered....

  5. Congrats on your award. It was fun to get to know you!

    "Thank you" for your sweet birthday message too. It's lovely to meet you!

    I hope your weekend is fabulous!

    Best wishes always,

  6. yipeee you answered! true it was not easy for me too. actually i chose the photos first before sitting down to contemplate on my answers!lol. but you did a real goodjob. i enjoy reading your answers.. and thanks for taking time to do this post. :)

  7. @Maria... Thank you...and no worries... :))

  8. @Caterpillar - I know how these questions can be quite hard. I was also tagged by Maria (thank you again!) and here are my answers in case, you're interesting:

  9. Love it!! These are a great way to get to know more about those people that you read all the time!!


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