Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simple Pleasures of Life

There are some things that put a smile on your face however tough the day seem to be....
there are a few things that adds colour to the gloomiest day and makes you happy....for me, these are those things...

A call from an old friend who you haven't heard from in a long time. A call that brings back  memories from good ol' times.

The smell of coffee. The smell itself is so invigorating that it adds a spring to my step.

 A baby who smiles at yme. Also, when a baby chooses to clasp my finger with those little hands. It's a joy to know that he or she likes me enough to do that.

Blowing bubbles. The more the bubbles, the merrier it becomes. Bubbles in different sizes, in groups and alone, floating around, the faint colours almost no-cost way for instant happiness.

 Hearing an old favorite song on the radio and humming along with it. Each song takes me along with it, to the first time I heard it and the memories associated to the age I was of when I first heard it.

Listening to it raining outside. The sound makes me nostalgic, sensitive, romantic even. The smell of first rain as well...the strong, musky smell tells me its the beginning of cooler (of course, messier too) times to come.

Rolling down the window while on a car ride and letting the wind blow on my face and play with my hair. (Sometimes, I feel that my dog and I enjoy the same things in life!)

Reading a book I had read a long time ago all over again. I know it's crazy, but then I do it anyway because these books takes me along into their world and I get all perky and happy just reading them again.

Throwing my head back and laughing at yet another joke. I consider the ability to laugh about something, laugh at myself and generally just laugh, a blessing. Having a family and friends who manage to find something funny to laugh about in any situation, however difficult it seems, has helped me take life a little less seriously.

Finding a floating milkweed seed. When I find one, I almost jump in delight and end up playing with it, blowing on it,  letting it fly and float down into my hands, keeping at it for a long time before sending it away on its way.

There are so many little things that make you grateful to be in this world....these are a few of mine.... And I'd like to know what are yours... Do tell me what are the simple pleasures in life for you.... the little things that light you up....the little things that matter to you....


  1. Great post and definitely a post I will enjoy working on. Sometimes you just have to slow down and "take life in".

  2. Lovely blog I like it!
    I love to read this kind of blogs because in them I see that people still cherish things which can't be bought.

  3. Thank you Sandy and Starlight...

    @Sandy: I'll surely come read.... :)

    @Starlight: You said it right....these little luxuries can never be bought.... :)

  4. Bubbles and coffee. Those make me smile without fail. :-)

  5. Bubbles are only topped for me by blowing up balloons - it is impossible to be grumpy while blowing balloons. Proper coffee, a favourite book and chatting to my sisters also go to the top of my list.

  6. @Louba: I'm scared of blowing balloons...yeah, I'm a scaredy-cat,I know... :)

  7. Love this post. I agree that being able to laugh at yourself is a great gift ( it took me many many years to allow myself to receive that offering). A little thing that lights up my life is being able to share music with my teenage son. We have similar tastes (or we, at least tolerate each other's choices in music). It's a great way to bond- to have a conversation without needing to really speak.

  8. Just the other day my husband and I played "Pooh Sticks", from Winnie the Pooh--again. Every time we cross running water on foot, the whole world stops and there is nothing more than us, the sounds of nature, and our twigs in the water and watching them float....


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