Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Office Affair

Every day, I visit him at office at least once….and lingers on for a few moments…His quiet, composed presence is comforting and he, for me, is a blessing in disguise.

Most of the days, I go visit him at least once…if I don’t manage to, it leaves me upset and yearning.  On every visit, he never fails to excite me and puts me in a good mood.
On days I I walk into the office with heavy steps, sleep deprived and tired… my only consolation is the knowledge of his comforting presence in office. On such days, the frequency of these visits increase considerably. You would see me rushing to his side every two hours… If I try to cut down on these trips, I end up behaving like an addict pining for his favorite drug cocktail.  I would, kick, punch and put a hole in the head of anyone who’d try to keep me away from my beloved on these days. On days I don’t find him in his usual place, I return depressed and annoyed, eagerly waiting for his return.

I know that I’m infatuated with him, bordering on the lines of obsession, and just as any other infatuation, this fling would have its own consequences. But right now, I do not care about the aftermath and want to savor the moment.

Every time I think about him, it makes me smile…every time I’m around him, I’m cheerful and pleased and every time he goes missing, I’m upset beyond explanation… His gifts to me smell heavenly and taste like nectar…

Oh, what'd I do without dear, beloved coffee machine...the companion who transforms my office days from uneventful to jazzy...not just with the coffee, but with the chats, gossips and discussions with friends I manage to squeeze into these precious moments of indulgence in the middle of busy, busy days...


  1. LOL! I was totally falling for your story, too!

  2. LoL, I thought you're really have an affair :)

  3. @Starlight: lol... i guess I got a kick out of writing this post... :)

  4. This was funny. A good read, thanks.

  5. Very cute story. I'm so understanding of the love affair. I cannot live without my 'lover' as well. haha.

  6. Very nice. Better than what I wrote.

    Nice blog you have and it would be a pleasure to read regularly.

  7. @Ramesh: Thank you so much for that encouraging comment...:)


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